Little LUSH Haul

Thursday, 27 March 2014

I’ve been a little obsessed with LUSH recently but annoyingly the majority of things I want are the bath bombs and I am without a bath. I’m going to have to go over to someone else’s house just so I can use their bath. Would that be weird?

I decided to not go crazy in LUSH mainly because I wanted to be able to buy a ridiculous amount of sandwiches so I only picked up 2 things:

After failing to find a drugstore moisturiser with almond oil in it I turned to LUSH and they did not disappoint. I opted into Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner as it sounded rather magical. This is meant to be used once you’ve just hopped out of the shower and have yet to find a towel to dry yourself with.

I didn’t actually read the instructions prior to using it and applied it to dry skin before going to bed. You’d think “body conditioner” would tell me that it’s to be used like a hair conditioner but nope, my brain doesn’t work that way.

I also picked up a massage bar because well, why not? I’ve yet to actually use it mainly because I’m not overly keen on the smell. It’s been stinking out my room ever since I let it in to my house and I’m not really feeling it. I plan on using it before I go to bed so if it does leave a scent behind on my skin I can wash it off in the morning.

There are so many other things I want from LUSH at the moment but I’m going to stop myself from buying them before my entire house smells delicious. I’m still tempted into getting a bath bomb though. Maybe I could use it in a large puddle…

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MAC Flat Out Fabulous Review

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MAC and I have been getting on like a house on fire recently so it was only a matter of time before I added another one of their lipsticks to my collection. I’ve loved the Retro Matte collection since purchasing Dangerous so it was a pleasant surprise when Flat Out Fabulous turned out to be part of it.

I really love MAC for bright lipsticks so I knew I would love Flat Out Fabulous. It’s an obnoxiously bright almost fuchsia like shade with purple tones running through it. It’s an incredibly bold shade and definitely makes a statement.

I do find that Retro Matte lipsticks are a little more difficult to apply than any other MAC collection and Flat Out Fabulous is no exception. I try to apply this straight from the bullet but I find it drags across my lips rather than gliding smoothly. A brush is definitely a better way to apply this.

The lasting power of Flat Out Fabulous is rather fabulous (I’m sorry). Usually I find my lipstick all over my glass, my fork and occasionally my food but Flat Out Fabulous predominately stays put. There is a little bit of transfer when drinking out of cups/glasses but it’s nothing major. If you refuse to eat or drink it will last all day. Please don’t do that though, that’s how you end up with kidney stones and a rumbling stomach.

Matte shades tend to dry out my lips but I haven’t had a problem with Flat Out Fabulous and I haven’t had to apply lip balm throughout the day. It doesn’t look all that great when you apply it to dry, flaky lips but in all fairness, what lipstick does?

I did originally think this shade was far too bright for my pale skin and black hair but I’m starting to think it really works. I could be completely delusional though but I fail to accept the fact bright shades are rather daunting on me.

If you’re looking for a great bright lipstick you need Flat Out Fabulous in your life. I think it would work for the majority of skintones and works well as both a subtle stain and a bold, in your face shade. It’s getting close to replacing Impassioned as my favourite lipstick.

I shall now proceed to drool over all of the MAC lipsticks I currently don’t own and cry over their perfection. Is this the sign of a lipstick addict?

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Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I’ve been having a not so secret love affair with Jeffrey Campbell for 16 months now and it’s still going strong. I currently own 3 pairs of Litas, 1 pair of Jazzed Lo trainers and 1 pair of the Zoom wedges. I constantly find myself looking for new pairs to lust over so here comes the wishlist.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Battle Spike High Heel

How brilliant would these be for warding off those sleaze balls that seem to swarm me on a night out? One swift kick in their nether regions and they’ll have some serious problems. The spikes add a little something to the classic black pumps and definitely makes the shoe that much more interesting.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Adelyn Pump

In case you couldn’t tell from my first pick I love black and gold together. The Adelyn Pumps are a lot safer than the Battle Spike High Heels but they’re equally as interesting. They have the ability to jazz up a simple little black dress and the height of the heel isn’t too terrifying.

3. Jeffrey Campbell Curie Mule

Usually this wouldn’t be my style of shoe but the crinkled silver foil effect really works for me. The shoes remind me a little of the 90s with just a bit more sparkle. Actually, what am I saying? I sparkled all the way through the 90s. I’m bringing my childhood back in heel form.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Mala Hi Top

Who doesn’t love an excessive amount of chains? I really need to invest in suitable shoes for winter (despite the fact it’s over) but I’m always drawn to heels. Hopefully the gold chains all over these shoes will have me ignoring the heels and going straight for them. I just want my wannabe 50 Cent thing to progress onto my shoes.

5. Jeffrey Campbell Lita – Tiger

Litas are by far the comfiest shoes I have ever worn and I’m including both heels and flats in that statement. Having animals plastered on your clothing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I think it looks great although I don’t believe I’ve ever seen animals being used on shoes (aside from material that is). I can’t say no to a pair of Litas and I definitely can’t say no to a tiger that looks like it’s about to kill me. Nice tiger.

I was hoping this post would fulfil my Jeffrey Campbell cravings but if anything it just made them worse. Annoyingly the majority of these shoes only seem to be available in America so I’m going to have to move there to make my addiction easier or cough up the money for the postage and packaging charges. Is there any kind American out there who would let me live with them? I’ll let you borrow my shoes…

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Bedroom Wishlist #1

Thursday, 20 March 2014

I’m getting ready to move into my new room (6 months after I was originally told I would be getting it) so I’ve been hunting for some perfect bedroom pieces. I’m going to require a lot of storage facilities as I have somehow accumulated a lot of things in my 21 years of life but I’ve chosen to not bore you with them. Well, I did put in one storage related thing but beds are always fun so it’s justified. Anyway, here comes the wishlist.

1. I’ve always wanted a rather grand looking mirror but the size of my soon to be old room never allowed it. If I had moved into my new room last year I would’ve chosen this mirror in silver but I’m now a gold fiend. I’m not entirely sure if the place I want to put this mirror (or something like it) will be big enough though. Why can we not extend the size of rooms as easily as you can on the Sims?

2. I have absolutely no idea why I’ve always wanted a decorative ladder but I have and it’s a little odd. I probably won’t have the space for this once all of my furniture and mounds of crap go into my new room though. I would end up using it to hold my jewellery so it’d just look like a giant, sparkly mess anyway.

3. This bedding may be too much for my room but it’s just so damn beautiful I don’t mind if it overpowers the place. This isn’t the original bedding I wanted but it fits in a lot better with my new room’s d├ęcor so I’m happy. Hopefully I’ll remember to purchase it and won’t just settle for plain, old white bedding.

4. The first thing I decided on when I was told I’d be moving rooms was what kind of bed I want. I’d like an ottoman just so I could keep my bags in the storage space. Black leather is my preferred option but I’ll settle for wood if I can’t find the one I desire.

5. I love having little prints like this around my room and this is a good motivational one for me. I am switching between having a print like this or a beautiful watercolour painting of Paris I found online somewhere so this could be a difficult decision. This is what happens when you’re attracted to typography and traditional art.

I get really excited about furniture so when the time comes to buy my drawers, bed, shoe storage type thing etc I’ll explode from happiness. I can’t wait to start purchasing some of the things on my wishlist and I really can’t wait to jazz up the disgusting sink in my new room. Seriously, why on earth would I want a sink in my room? The mind boggles.

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Aussie Haul

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My beloved Tresemme shampoo was about to run out so I had an angry wander down my favourite aisle in Sainsburys and was met with deals galore.

I originally planned on buying another Tresemme shampoo but the only deal on Tresemme was for the massive bottles that are actually too big for my little hands. I decided that, as I couldn’t hold the big Tresemme bottles without hurting myself I would go for the 3 for £10 deal on Aussie.

I picked up the Mega Shampoo first. The only shampoo I’ve tried by Aussie was the Colour Mate shampoo which was ok but nothing to write home about. I hoped that the Mega Shampoo would be better and this time I may actually send a letter home about it. Why I would bother to do that is beyond me but everyone likes receiving letters about shampoo right?

It’s the first shampoo that’s actually allowed me to go for 2 days without having to wash my hair. My hair looks real greasy real fast so being able to go 2 days without washing it is a big deal. I’m not overly crazy about the scent though. I can’t really explain it but it smells a little artificial to me.

Next in the 3 for £10 was the Miracle Recharge spray. I’m currently using my beloved Tresemme (can you tell what my favourite hair care brand is?) heat defence spray so I haven’t used this yet. I think I’ve used this before and wasn’t overly impressed with it but I could be mistaken. The packaging is throwing me off.

Last but not least is the Miracle Hair Insurance spray. I’ve used it a couple of times but I’m not entirely sure if it’s made any difference to my hair. I’ll need to use it for a few more weeks to determine whether the spray is making a difference or not. Damn I wish I had easy to manage hair.

I actually had a hard time choosing 2 out of 3 products as, although I like Aussie I find a lot of their products do something but never the thing they claim to do. Hopefully the Mega Shampoo is a sign that my luck has changed with Aussie. Fingers crossed!

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Next Haul

Sunday, 16 March 2014

During my last visit to Next I was given a wee card to fill out that would earn me an email with a code for £10 off. I received a “final chance to use the code” email last week but I can’t recall ever receiving the email for my first chance to use the code. Nice one.

Anyway I hopped on over to the Next website and had wee look around. A lot of things caught my eye but I eventually narrowed it down to just 2 things.

I went for this skirt without actually reading the description of it. I thought it was just a white cotton skirt when in reality it’s a white pleather skirt. I’m cool with pleather but I was incredibly confused when I opened the package and discovered it was a completely different material from what I originally thought.

I was about to buy the skirt in a UK size 6 but opted for a UK size 8 at the last minute and thank god I did as it’s absolutely tiny. I have to wear it quite high so it’ll fit but that just means it hits higher on my leg so I’m not complaining. Did that just make me sound like a hoe?

The next thing I bought was this charcoal grey shirt. I could’ve sworn this was black and way shorter on the website but maybe I’m tripping.

As you can see from the picture it’s rather sheer so if you’re not overly comfortable showing your underwear (or lack of underwear, I don’t know what you do with your lady lumps) a top to wear underneath will be needed. I’m kind of annoyed at how long it is as it’s longer than most of my dresses (sounding like a hoe again). I think I’ll tuck the front into my jeans a little so it doesn’t completely swamp me.

Basically my entire order confused me but big up to Next for next day delivery if you order before 10pm. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to plead with the sun to show itself so I can wear my new skirt without freezing to death.

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Shearer Candles

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I caved and bought some candles. I’m a real blogger now!

I’ve always liked the idea of candles but, as I went from one tiny bedroom to a slightly bigger but still tiny bedroom I never had the space to have a lit candle anywhere. I’m also horrific at lighting candles (and matches in general) so all of the candles I have owned in my 21 years of life have never been lit.

That is about to change though as I am hopefully moving into a much bigger bedroom by the end of April and have purchased 2 candles in anticipation.

They are both by Shearer Candles and are probably the most boring scents you could ever buy. What can I say? I’m a traditionalist.

I purchased the Red Red Rose candle for one reason and one reason only: it’s part of Shearer Candles Highland Collection. I may not be the most Scottish human going but throw a Scottish theme at me and I’ll be all over it. I haven’t lit it yet but every time I remove the lid to smell it I’m reminded of bathroom air fresheners. Hopefully it’ll smell miles better than a bathroom air freshener once lit but for now I am worried.

The other candle I purchased is Black Vanilla. I couldn’t have played it safer if I tried. I like vanilla scents but do find them to be a little sickly at times. Fortunately this isn’t overwhelming in the tin so I’m hoping it will give off a subtle vanilla scent once lit. It doesn’t smell like a bathroom air freshener either so there’s an added bonus.

Hopefully everything will stay on schedule for me moving into my new room and I’ll have actually learnt to light a candle without burning myself by then. The Juicy Couture candle snuff I bought years ago may finally get to see the light of day (assuming I remember to use these candles).

If you don’t hear from me from April onwards it’s because I’ve accidentally burned my house down. Please pray that that doesn’t happen.

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MAC Haul

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I try to not make purchases from the MAC website too often as it’s so easy to spend hundreds without even realising. I was in dire need of the Brush Cleanser so I finally allowed myself to make a purchase and ended up adding 2 unplanned things to my basket. It’s too hard to resist!

I am the worst when it comes to cleaning my make up brushes. I will wipe my eyeshadow brushes on my make up wipe at night and occasionally wash my foundation brush but that’s as far as I get. I purchased the Brush Cleanser in hopes it’ll make me wash my brushes more often. I’ve used this twice so far and I’m fairly impressed with how well it cleans my brushes. Hopefully I’ll remember to keep cleaning them.

I am usually an Urban Decay girl when it comes to eyeshadows and typically stay away from MAC; £37 for a palette of 12 eyeshadows is a much better deal than £12.50 for one measly eyeshadow. Saying that though I obviously purchased an eyeshadow so I must’ve found some sort of way to justify the price.

Cranberry has been on my wishlist for absolutely ages. I’ve been seeing YouTuber after YouTuber wearing it or showing it in a haul video and I had to keep on fighting temptation. It’s such a gorgeous plum shade that fits in perfectly with my little squad of eyeshadows. I’m actually regretting taking so long to buy it!

Whenever I make a purchase from either the MAC website or the MAC counter I have to buy a lipstick. I now own every MAC lipstick that was on my wishlist so I had the pleasure of hunting through their extensive choice in shades. Annoyingly I actually kept on clicking on the shades I already own as they were the ones that appealed to me most. Genius I know.

Flat Out Fabulous is part of the Retro Matte collection and it is a stunning shade. It’s an almost fuchsia pink with purple undertones that is probably too much for my incredibly pale skin but I’ll continue to rock it anyway. I need to go through the lipsticks again and make a new wishlist. Sorry bank account.

I’m going to have to hide my bank card to stop myself from buying more things from MAC but I want it all. I do actually need some new make up brushes…oh god it’s happening again. Help!

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H&M Haul: Part 1

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My latest spending ban ended on February 26th after I could no longer fight against Amazon and H&M. I purchased 4 things from H&M but I have only received 2 so far. I have to wait until the beginning of April for 1 item and won’t receive my final item until May. Why H&M continue to sell items on their website that aren’t even available yet is beyond me but I wish they would stop.

The thing that popped into my basket first was this:

This is currently listed under the “Jumpers & Cardigans” section on the website although I have absolutely no idea why as it’s far too thin to be a jumper. It’s basically a long sleeved top with sheer sleeves and a sheer panel across the chest. I bought this in hopes it would keep me warm but I’m more than happy to have it as just a thin top. It’s really soft and comfortable and will come in handy during the few days I can go jacket free in the summer.

I originally saw the next item that landed in my basket in the H&M catalogue and went hunting for it on the website.

It makes me feel like a sailor but, as I haven’t been out to sea since I was in Barbados, I’m a poor excuse for a sailor. I also accidentally kicked a large fish during that voyage. Whoops.

I’m adamant the black detailing was actually blue in the catalogue but I could be imagining things. It may actually be an incredibly dark navy blue, I’m just not sure. I swear I’m not colour blind, I’m just not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The shape is a little boxy but not to the point where you completely lose your shape and it feels really soft. There are also enough gold buttons on this to cover up my girls but only just. If the top button was moved down a little further I would make the town perverts rather happy. Come to think of it, they’re more than happy looking at girls regardless of what they’re wearing. What was I talking about again?

I’m rather happy with the 2 items I’ve received so far but I can’t wait for the other 2 purchases to get here. Excuse me while I impatiently twiddle my thumbs in anticipation for May.

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Wreck This Journal

Thursday, 6 March 2014

I remember finding the Wreck This Journal on Amazon years ago and having the overwhelming urge to purchase it. As I was on a paper round salary I couldn’t really afford to just blow £6 on a book that requires you to shower with it so I fought my urge. I fought it so hard I completely forgot all about the Wreck This Journal until recently.

My biggest issue with being creative is I try to be perfect which is beyond out of my reach artistically. I can’t let loose when it comes to drawing or painting and I find creating any form of art stressful yet relaxing. I bought Wreck This Journal in hopes it’ll help with my need for perfection and my inability to loosen up.

I actually struggled just with writing my name on the first page so this is going to be difficult. I did manage to complete the “Write One Word Over And Over” page but that may have something to do with the fact I used an Eminem song for it. Maybe I should “borrow” Eminem for whenever I attempt something creative. I wonder what his hourly rate is…

Guaranteed that I’ll hate my wreckage once it’s finished but that’s just how I work. Here goes nothing!

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Lush Sympathy For The Skin Review

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I mentioned Sympathy for the Skin my February Favourites and then realised I hadn’t written a proper review for it. I’ve been having a major brain fart for the past 2 weeks so I’m going to let myself off.

Sympathy for the Skin has a light, creamy texture that soaks into the skin quickly. A tiny little scoop of the lotion will be able to cover whatever body part you wish to moisturise. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy nor does it leave you at danger of sliding all over the place should you fall over at any point (is it just me who has this fear?).

I wouldn’t use this on my face mainly because it’s the wrong consistency for it. It’s quite similar to yoghurt (consistency wise that is, don’t actually eat it) so it’s easy to rub into your skin and it won’t drip all over the place.

It has a subtle vanilla meets sandalwood scent that isn’t overpowering and fades over time. The smell doesn’t affect anything else you may apply to your skin (e.g. perfume, body lotion, bacon) and it can be easily covered up with a body lotion or perfume should you not be a fan of vanilla.

The ingredients in Sympathy for the Skin may be perfect for all of you eczema sufferers. It contains bananas mixed with almond oil, cocoa butter and vanilla pod infusion. It also contains sandalwood which works wonders for dry skin.

I use this all over my body but focus specifically on my neck and on my inner elbow as that’s where my eczema flare ups tend to occur. So far my neck has been eczema free since using this despite the fact I’ve been eating a lot of dairy which is my eczema trigger. I currently have a patch of eczema on my inner left elbow which is starting to die down dramatically. My skin hasn’t been itchy nor has it felt like it’s on fire since I started using Sympathy for the Skin.

Basically Sympathy for the Skin is perfect. I genuinely can’t find anything wrong with it and I’ll be running to Lush when my tub runs out. I love it so much I’d actually consider giving the creator of Sympathy for the Skin my last Rolo.

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February 2014 Favourites

Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's time for my February Favourites! I feel like I should've included scarves and gloves in this as February froze my butt off.

1. Lush Sympathy For The Skin:

Admittedly I never used to understand the hype around Lush. I used to detest being able to smell the store 3 streets away and was never impressed with their products. That all changed after I received a Lush gift set from my brother for Christmas. I’ve loved their products since December 25th and didn’t even hesitate to try Sympathy for the Skin.

It’s a light, non-greasy moisturiser that leaves behind a faint vanilla with a hint of sandalwood scent. My skin soaks it up quickly and it’s helped dramatically with eczema flare ups. It leaves my skin feeling soft and a little definitely goes a long way. Woo for Lush!

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette:

I love this little thing! Urban Decay is my favourite brand for eyeshadows so when this palette was released I was a happy little bunny and my happiness increased when an adorable human in my life bought it for me. I’ve used it practically every day for the last 3 weeks and I’m still going strong. It’s great for carrying around and although there are only 6 eyeshadows the looks you can create are endless. Do you think it would say yes if I asked it to marry me?

3. Avon Pink Crush:

I can’t remember if this is part of an Avon collection so Pink Crush (which is its actual name) will have to do. This is one of those “my lips but better” lipsticks and like the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette I’ve been using it practically every day for the last 3 weeks (with one or two days of MAC Impassioned thrown in for good measure). I can go around 8 hours without having to reapply it and it doesn’t dry out my dry as a desert lips. It’s an all-round wind.

4. Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation:

This foundation may make the wearer look like a giant glitter ball when standing in direct sunlight but I love it regardless. I stopped wearing this foundation just because of the glitter ball effect but as the sun hasn’t been out for a while I decided to slap it on my face.

I had forgotten how great a foundation this is. I wouldn’t say it makes me look more awake (nothing makes me look more awake) but it provides my preferred coverage and it looks good for most of the day. I’ll probably retire it again once the sun decides to hit Scotland but it does the job for now.

5. Ellis Tuesday

This blog and Ellis, the lovely girl behind it, are responsible for my ever growing Soap & Glory wishlist. I swear every single thing that Ellis posts about ends up on one of my many wishlists and have to stop myself from buying everything she recommends. Ellis’ taste in films is also rather fabulous not mention she’s a raging Forever 21 fiend. If you don’t check out her blog I’ll throw pineapple chunks at you. Seriously, I have them ready to go and I’m too full to eat them.

Well that’s February’s favourites done and dusted, who wants to watch Space Jam in celebration with me? Don’t all rush at once.

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