April Favourites

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It’s that time of the month again. No not that your dirty little human, I mean it’s time for my monthly favourites. I think 2 of my favourites are rather obvious but hopefully you didn’t guess that the other 3 would be chilling in this post.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette:

*Homer Simpson style drooling*. How did I go so long without having this palette in my life? It’s perfect, like actually perfect. I honestly thought rose gold eyeshadows wouldn’t really suit me but this palette is so versatile I think it could suit any skintone. I’ve used it every single day since purchasing it and it’s definitely replaced the original Naked palette as my favourite. Big up Urban Decay!

NARS Heat Wave Lipstick:

Oh hey Heat Wave, what’s up?! I love, love, love this lipstick even if it’s not really meant for my skintone. It’s a beautiful orangey red that glides on smoothly and stays put all day. It’s not too creamy or too drying either. I just wish my skintone suited it a bit more but hey, I’m going to rock it anyway.

MAC Blot Powder:

My skin doesn’t seem to know whether it’s coming or going anymore. It’s been both incredibly dry yet incredibly oily so I need a powder that keeps the oil at bay and doesn’t highlight my dry patches. Enter MAC Blot Powder.

I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to powders. I used Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder for years so MAC Blot Powder is still fairly new to me. It is keeping my skin under control oil wise and is doing a great job at not bringing attention to my annoying dry skin. I honestly wish I tried this sooner as the Rimmel London “awfully long name for a powder” stopped working for me about a year before I finally launched it in the bin. What can I say? I’m dedicated to my beloved products even when we do fall out.

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose:

The Nivea Lip Butter has been a God send recently. Although I drink a lot of water I also wear lipstick everyday so my lips need a good dose of lip balm on a regular basis. I do have a few other lip balms kicking about in my collection but none of them are as good as the Nivea Lip Butter. I apply it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and my lips have been a lot less dry and flaky as a result.

Usually raspberry scents make me feel sick (I basically recreate that episode of Hannah Montana with the raspberry scented perfume, why do I remember this?) but this is nice and subtle so the sicky feeling is kept at bay. I’m going to be rather gutted when I lose this lip balm. Seriously, why do lip balms go walkabouts so often?

The Blind Side:

I was destined to like this film right from the getgo. Show me a film starring Sandra Bullock and I’ll be all over it but throw in American football and I’ll watch it religiously. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched The Blind Side. It’s just one of those films that you can’t help but watch again and again.

It’s based on the life of Michael Oher (former Ravens offensive tackle, current Titans offensive tackle) and how he came to be in the NFL. Sandra Bullock plays Leanne Tuohy, a rich, Christian woman who welcomes Michael Oher into her home and family while he is still a teenager. The Tuohy’s help Michael reach both his athletic and academic potential which in turn leads to him getting a football scholarship at Ole Miss.

The film focuses primarily on his life with the Tuohys. It refrains from delving too deeply into his past and it barely touches on the fact he grew up with a lot of siblings and drug addict of a mother in the projects of Tennessee. I think the film could do with a few more flashbacks so the viewer can understand how bad Michael Oher’s upbringing actually was but aside from that, the film is incredible.

If you haven’t seen The Blind Side yet you really need to and also pick up Michael Oher’s book ‘I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness To The Blind Side And Beyond’, it’s more about his upbringing than his life with the Tuohys.

That's it for another month. I think I might buy a calendar so I actually know when the end of the month is. Oh who am I kidding? I still have my 2013 calendars up.

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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

Monday, 28 April 2014

Boy am I late to the scene with this review. I deprived myself of the beauty that is the Naked 3 palette for far too long and I’m now making up for it by drooling over it every chance I get. You’re probably already friendly with the Naked 3 palette but I couldn’t resist adding another review to the already extensive list. Baa, I’m a sheep.

The Naked 3 palette comes complete with 12 eyeshadows, sachets of Urban Decay primers and a double ended brush. The primers are a nice touch but admittedly (trying to not sound ungrateful here) I preferred it when Urban Decay actually provided mini bottles of the primer rather than sachets.

The brush is also rather delightful. Usually I don’t bother using the applicators that come with palettes but this one is fairly decent. It’s large enough to pack all of the colour onto your lids fairly quickly as well as blending the eyeshadow but it’s also great for getting into the smaller regions of your eyes. I don’t tend to use it when applying anything from the Naked 3 palette but it’s still a handy brush to have.

When I first heard that the Naked 3 palette was going to consist of rose gold toned eyeshadows I was a little apprehensive. Rose gold watches yes, rose gold eyeshadows no. My opinion did a complete 180 when I finally laid eyes on the palette. I didn’t think all 12 eyeshadows would be so wearable or work for the majority, if not all, skintones but Urban Decay proved me wrong. Each eyeshadow is easy to work with and can be used either on their own or as part of a full blown eyeshadow look.

From left to right: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz and Trick.

From left to right: Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.

The pigmentation of every single eyeshadow is incredible and there is very little fall out. I typically apply my make up at 8am and remove it around midnight (y’know, after I’ve napped while wearing it and smeared it all over my face when rubbing my eyes) and I’ve yet to see any of the eyeshadows crease.

I always use the Urban Decay Primer Potion prior to applying the eyeshadow but if you’re lucky enough to not have oily eyelids you could get away without a primer. Granted the eyeshadows won’t stay in place for 16 hours (or survive eye rubbing) but they’ll still look good for the majority of the day.

Urban Decay always impress me with their products but the Naked 3 palette has completely blown me away. Urban Decay really listened to us greedy consumers and gave us exactly what we wanted in this palette. Damn I hate those perfect little humans! If you haven’t got the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette yet but have been eyeing it up then buy it right now! Seriously, you won’t regret it. It’s honestly the best palette I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

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Nars Heat Wave Review

Friday, 25 April 2014

Once upon a time I was organised. I had many lists on my phone, one of which was an extensive wishlist full of things I could only dream of; at this point in time I was a poor college student who was too lazy to get a job. That wishlist is still as extensive as ever but Nars Heat Wave has finally been ticked off of it.

Heat Wave is the definition of a perfect lipstick to a matte, bold lover like me. It’s a gorgeous shade of orangey-red and it has a semi matte finish. The packaging is right up my street too. Show me a sleek, black lipstick tube and I’ll show you the money for it.

I was a little worried when it came to the formula as this is the first ever Nars lipstick I’ve tried and I didn’t know what to expect. My fears were all for nothing as the formula is incredible. The lipstick glides on smoothly without being overly creamy, it’s not moisturising (something I oddly prefer in a lipstick) but it’s not drying either and once it’s on your lips, it stays put. It actually took me 3 cotton wool balls soaked in Bioderma to actually remove all traces of Heat Wave from my lips.

Heat Wave fades nicely over time and can easily be played up for a really bold look or toned down to be more of a stain. I do prefer to apply this with a brush as my hands are far too shaky and would just create a giant mess should I apply it straight from the bullet. Applying it with a brush does mean that I have to build up the colour but it also gives me the opportunity to make it as bold or as pale as possible.

Annoyingly I didn’t pay much attention to my other lipsticks before purchasing Heat Wave as I already have this shade in the form of 3 other lipsticks. The stupid thing is (yes it gets even sillier) I made the exact same mistake when I bought MAC Dangerous. I’m doing well.

Left to right: Nrs Heat Wave, MAC Lady Danger, MAC Dangerous and Avon Jungle Fever.

MAC Lady Danger, MAC Dangerous and Avon Jungle Fever are all great dupes for Heat Wave. I personally do favour Heat Wave over the other 3 but I am a right idiot for spending £19 on something I technically already have. I get a lot out of use out of them all so surely there’s some form of justification in my idiocy.

I regret taking so long to purchase Heat Wave. It is honestly one of the best lipsticks I have ever used and I think I may become a Nars fiend as soon as I get over my MAC addiction. If you’re looking for an orangey-red lipstick then Heat Wave is your girl…or boy, do lipsticks have genders? Wait, what?

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Fashion Haul

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Online shopping is just too easy. I get to sit on my butt and watch Man Vs Food while making purchase after purchase; whoever invented it is both a genius and the devil. I haven’t received everything I’ve bought yet but I decided to show you what has appeared at my door so far.

I’d like to apologise for the lack of pictures of me (or a rather fetching mannequin) actually wearing the clothes. I’m in the process of battling an eczema flare up that not even my Lush moisturisers can handle and it’s awfully unsightly. It was either I photograph myself wearing the clothes and photoshop the hell out of them or do it the way I did.

House of Dereon Jeans:

I’m getting a little bored of black skinny jeans so I immediately jumped on these bad boys. They are a little too long for me so I’ll need to get them turned up a few inches but I love them all the same. They’re a nice change from my regular all black attire and have injected the tiniest bit of colour into my wardrobe. Too bad they didn’t turn me into Beyonce like I hoped they would.

Episode Blouse:

I can’t even tell you how many times I eyed this baby up on the House of Fraser website. I ummed and aahed over it for a long time and eventually decided to wait for it to go on sale. It was originally £45 and I got it on sale for £39 so there wasn't much of a saving but I literally couldn’t wait to buy it any longer. I got it in a XS and it fits rather nicely. Annoyingly I actually bought an incredibly similar item from H&M for a fraction of the price. Boo!

Jane Norman Top:

Jane Norman and I used to be best buddies back in the day but then the store near me closed down and we stopped hanging out so much as a result. I do hit up my girl whenever there’s a sale on and this top was a part of one of her many, many sales. I wasn’t really feeling anything when scrolling through all of the items but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. It’s a simple, lightweight top that I love wearing with skinny jeans, a leather jacket and Jeffrey Campbell’s.

Why on earth did I just talk about Jane Norman like we're actually friends? What on earth is on my sandwich?

Jane Norman Shorts:

The first ever shorts I bought with my own money were from Jane Norman so I figured my first ever high waisted shorts should be from Jane Norman too. I find Jane Norman sizes to run quite small so, although I would usually go for a UK size 6, I went for an 8 and had a mild panic when I received them. I say their sizes run small but holy Christmas are these tiny. I literally could not get them on the first time I tried and it was a rather disappointing moment. I did have another go and got them on just fine so I must’ve been having a chubby day the first time around.

This does flare out at the bottom but annoyingly the straps in the back somehow stop that from happening when the dress is on a hanger.

Fashion Union Cinderella Cross Back Cami Swing Dress in White (that’s a mouthful):

Blame Rebecca for this purchase! I saw her rocking this dress in an OOTD post and just had to have it. Annoyingly I went on Fashion Union about 5 times to search for this dress and could never find it. Luck hit me right in the face on the day of the Grand National (it didn’t hit when it came to the actual races though) as I finally stumbled across the dress right when it went on sale. Happy days! I purchased it in a UK size 6, waited impatiently for a week for it to arrive and was met with frigging side boob when I finally got to try it on. Fortunately the straps can be adjusted which has helped cover up my girls significantly but there is still a tiny bit of side boob on show.

Like the white one, this is supposed to flare out a little but the straps are stopping that from happening.

Fashion Union Cinderella Cross Back Cami Swing Dress in Black:

I purchased the black version of the dress right when it went on sale too so I got both of the dresses for the price of one. I got this one in a UK size 8 and there is no side boob as a result. I do prefer the fit of the UK size 6 though but in all honesty, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the 6 and the 8.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to feature all of these items in Outfit of the Day posts so you can actually see them on. I’ve just got to stop eating dairy for my eczema to calm down before I can do that. Damn I really want a pizza. Help!

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Four Of A Kind

Monday, 21 April 2014

While having a wee read of Zoe’s blog zoea2812.blogspot.co.uk I stumbled across her “Four of a Kind” post and instantly loved the idea. Basically this post is going to involve things I have 4 or more of. I have no idea as to whether it’s restricted to just make up or not so I may be breaking the rules by including perfume. I’m such a rebel.

MAC Lipsticks:

I swear MAC lipsticks are like tattoos, once you have one you just want more. MAC has been my go to brand recently and I constantly find myself drooling over the lipsticks. My collection is fairly modest at the moment but there are only so many times I can stop myself from buying more. I don’t really need to tell you how good MAC is for lipsticks so I shall move on before I start drooling.

Barry M Nail Polishes:

Painting my nails on a regular basis is something I both love and loathe so I have a fair few Barry M nail polishes in my collection. I was completely blown away by the quality of Barry M nail polishes when I first started using them as I didn’t expect much for £2.99. The amount of shades and finishes they offer now does lure me in far too often but I’ve been a good girl and have stopped myself from buying every single polish. I’ve probably jinxed this.

Marc Jacobs Perfumes:

I couldn’t even consider doing this post without including my beloved Marc Jacobs perfume. My parents started me off on this obsession by giving me Daisy for Christmas in the year it was first released. Every new release has me a little giddy and I practically lost my mind in Sephora when Oh Lola hit the shelves. Seriously, it wasn’t pretty.

Daisy, Lola and Oh Lola are all floral based perfumes (just in case you couldn’t tell from the bottles) whereas Dot and Honey are more on the fruity side. The only issue I have with Marc Jacobs perfume is the bottle; Dot, Honey and Oh Lola are all a little too tacky bottle wise for my liking. Aside from the packaging I honestly think Mac Jacobs perfumes are perfect.

The original Naked palette and the Purple Velvet palette have seen better days.

Urban Decay Palettes:

The Naked palette was my first introduction to Urban Decay and we’ve been firm friends ever since. Going from the above palettes I obviously favour their more neutral shades but the pigmentation of their brighter shades is just ridiculous. There is a beautiful blue that lies within the Purple Velvet palette and, although it looks completely wrong on me, it’s so bright and bold that I can’t help but smear it all over my face. I may have been a little intoxicated when I was given the Purple Velvet palette…

I decided to be ever so witty and just include 4 of my 4 things. I don’t know how you read my blog without thinking I’m some form of genius!

This is technically a tag but rather than tag anyone I’m just going to demand you do this. Please leave the link to your Four of a Kind post in the comments so I can check it out. Later xx

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Beauty Haul

Friday, 18 April 2014

Yesterday I looked at my bank balance and convinced myself that someone has been using my bank account. Today I remembered that person was me and I actually had a haul post to write. A few of these things were purchased out of need, others were purchased due to plain old desire and greed but hey, I’m weak!

The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was always destined to be mine but I stopped myself from purchasing it for far too long. I wanted to use up more of the original Naked palette before introducing the rather stunning Naked 3 palette into my life. I did hit pan on one eyeshadow in the original Naked palette and that was all the justification I needed. My willpower is incredible…

Nars Heatwave has been on my wishlist for a long, long time but I very stupidly didn’t pay attention to my other lipsticks before buying this. I already have this shade in the form of 3 other lipsticks. Clearly I am obsessed with this colour but I am a little annoyed at myself for throwing £19 at something I basically already have. The way I will justify this purchase is by saying that the other 3 lipsticks I have in this shade are all of very different finishes and formulas so it could be a lot worse. Perhaps I need help.

The only product I’ve used by Benefit to date is the Dandelion blusher. I’ve always been tempted by so many of their products but I always put them back down whenever I’m at a Benefit counter. This peach shadowliner was really bought on a whim and I’m still confused as to how and why I purchased it. I’ve never had any need or want for peach eyeliner but here I am the proud owner of one. Hopefully this will not progress into a love affair with Benefit as my bank account will crumble under the weight of it.

Lipliner has become my new best friend and Rimmel London is my go to brand for them. Eastend Snob is not the best one I’ve used by them formula wise but its perfect shade wise. I do find it to be a little waxy but it goes with the majority of my pink lipsticks so I’ll just overlook the waxiness.

Can you tell what my favourite skincare brand is? I’ve been using Simple’s cleansing wipes for years now and have slowly started to introduce their other products into my daily skincare routine. Whenever there is a 3 for 2 on skincare products I always buy at least one Simple item as I know they’ll never wreak havoc on my skin. The toner is a repurchase as are (obviously) the cleansing wipes but the eye make up remover cream is new to me.

I’ve always tried to avoid high end skincare items as I never find them to be of the same quality as the more drugstore brands but I just couldn’t resist Dolce & Gabanna this time. I went for the Clarifying Lotion because I wanted it. It doesn’t get shallower than that folks. The bottle and the lovely gold box it came in just screams luxury to me and I can’t help but feel a little bad about confining it to a drawer. I’m normal I swear.

Neutrogena and I are acquaintances but have yet to become firm friends. I’ve always overlooked it as a brand but I decided it’s about time we got to know each other. I went for the Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash because erm well, it’s pink. Logical.

The Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion that I very stupidly forgot to photograph again after the group shot is a firm favourite of mine. This is now my 4th bottle but in all honesty I didn’t actually want to repurchase it just yet. I’ve wanted to try out other cleansers for a while but when it came to actually choosing one there wasn’t any to umm and aah over. This is what you get for doing your desperate search for a cleanser in Sainsbury’s.

Now if you don't mind I am going to stare at the prettiness of the Dolce & Gabanna Clarifying Lotion and ponder how I ended up with the Benefit shadowliner. Toodles xx

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It’s time for another empties post. I swear the box that contains my empties isn’t actually getting any emptier with each one of these I do. Irony at its finest.

1. Solait Tinted Bronzing Lotion

Admittedly this has been chilling in my empties box for quite some time. I haven’t faked tanned in months (potentially over a year) and it wasn’t actually me who finished this. Despite my lack of fake tanning I absolutely love the Solait Tinted Bronzing Lotion. When I was a fake tan enthusiast I tried so many brands and was so many different shades of orange it was worrying but this was the best by miles. It left me with a subtle tan that didn’t smell disgusting or flake off weirdly. I do have another bottle of this lying in a drawer and will probably break it out again in the summer.

2. Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel

This was the first shower gel I ever tried by Lush and it won’t be the last. The consistency is fairly runny and I was in danger of losing a lot of it to the plug hole but that’s the only downside of this shower gel. It has a rather lovely woody mixed with citrus scent that I literally couldn’t get enough of. Despite its runny consistency you do get a great lather out of it and cleans you up rather well. I’d definitely repurchase this but I want to try a few other Lush shower gels before doing so.

3. Aussie Take The Heat Spray

I bought the Aussie Take the Heat spray after deciding to abandon my beloved Tresemme heat defence spray and I somewhat regret it. It did the job but it didn’t even come close to my usual Tresemme spray. I did like the subtle almost fudge like scent but I wasn’t in any hurry to buy it. I say I wasn’t as I accidentally repurchased it without even realising. Aussie threw me off by changing the packaging.

4. Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser

I wanted a thick moisturiser and boy did I find one. The Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser is potentially the thickest moisturiser I have ever used and it took some elbow grease to rub into my skin. It wasn’t the greatest thing ever when it came to actually moisturising my skin but it did the job. It smelled absolutely awful though. It reminded me of prescription steroid creams that doctors always throw at eczema sufferers. I won’t be repurchasing this.

5. Nature’s Expert Cocoa Butter & Almond Body Lotion

I found this lurking in my bathroom cupboard and decided to try it because it contained almonds. It has (I don’t know whether to talk about these things in past or present tense) a fairly thick consistency that soaks into the skin quickly and easily. I was hoping that, as it contains almonds, it would help with eczema flare ups but sadly it did no such thing. It is a good moisturiser but I won’t be repurchasing it.

Well that’s removed a few products from my empties box but it’s still overflowing. Excuse me while I stare in utter confusion at it.

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Spring Tag

Monday, 14 April 2014

Just as I was thinking about doing a Spring Tag the lovely Maja tagged me to do one. Admittedly I got rather excited about it, answered half of the questions and then got distracted by nachos and forgot all about it. I finally remembered and it is still spring so all is not lost. If nachos weren't so damn tasty I would've put this up last month. I actually have nachos in the oven as I write this so let's hope I remember to hit publish this time. Er where was I again?

1. Favourite spring nail polish?

I’m assuming a spring nail polish is a pastel shade but I hate pastel so I’m going for Topshop Pool Party.

2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?

Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color in Punch Drunk. I used to detest orange on my lips but this is so obnoxiously bright I just can’t get enough of it.

3. Show us your favourite spring dress!

Spring dress? What are you talking about? I live in Scotland, you can’t wear a dress in spring.

4. What’s your favourite flower?

Lilies and roses. I can’t choose between the two! Is it weird that these are typically used for funerals?

I didn't have a picture of a rose so here's a doodle I did of one.

5. Favourite spring scarf/accessory?

This may be because I’m now driving and am forever being blinded by the sun but sunglasses are becoming my favourite accessory for spring. Weirdly I don’t even have a pair of sunglasses. My answer makes sense…

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year?

Well this is awkward as I’m not the biggest fan of this year’s spring trends or any year for that matter. They’re always far too similar and girly for my liking. If black and spikes were spring trends I’d be a happy little human.

7. Favourite spring candle?

Again this is awkward as I don’t use candles yet. I did do a post on 2 Shearer candles I purchased but those are for when I move into my new room as there’ll be less of a chance of me setting the place on fire in there.

8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?

I don’t really keep scents for certain seasons but I’ll go for Marc Jacobs Daisy for this one. How obvious an answer is that?


9. What is spring like where you live?

I live in the hills of Scotland so spring is one never ending downpour. Occasionally the sun does fight against the rain and makes an appearance but we still have to wander about with our umbrellas just in case.

10. What’s your favourite thing about spring?

Little lambs running through the fields. They are so adorable; I just can’t get enough of them.

11. Are you a spring cleaner?

I try to be but I can't keep anything clean no matter how much I try. Mess is attracted to me.

Well that's all folks. I tag every single human who reads this post and invite you to share my nachos with me. I say share, you can sit quietly while I eat them all.

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Personal Update

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Admittedly I’m not the most open of people so writing a personal post is a little daunting to me but hey, everyone has to step out of their comfort zone once in a while right?

I have been through a few life changes recently so I guess there’s no better time to update you with it all than now.

The first and what I would consider to be the biggest change is my brother and I no longer live on the same continent as each other. He moved to Australia 2 weeks ago now and I’m happy to say he’s having a grand old time.


I didn’t think the move would hit me as hard as it did. My brother moved out of the family home in October last year so I thought him being in Australia wouldn’t be a big adjustment but I was wrong.

If you don’t know me in real life then you won’t know that I’m typically an emotionless robot. I rarely cry so when the tears started rolling after my brother text me goodbye I was rather surprised at myself especially since I did it in front of people I’ve known for 6 weeks. To put my no crying thing into perspective there are people who have been in my life for 17 years who have never seen me cry. I told you I am an emotionless robot.

The second change was losing my old job and having to find a new one. Legally I cannot divulge any information on my previous employment other than it was a family owned franchise that went horribly wrong. Annoyingly we’re bound to a legal contract that states we cannot talk about the company which is a shame as I have a lot of negative things to say about it.

It was just one major suck fest and it taught me that I really do have the ability to hate people. I know hate is a strong word but it’s an easy thing to do when the people you hate practically flushed your livelihood down the toilet without a second thought.


I was fortunate enough to land a job after 3 weeks of sitting on the unemployed bench. I was worried about finding a job in the sector I work in as the majority of vacancies advertised were for someone with 2 years+ experience whereas I had 18 months experience at that point. I got really lucky in landing my current job and I’m forever grateful that luck was on my side for a change.

The next change was the inevitable demise of my 2 year relationship. You may or may not know that I was in a long distance relationship and managed it quite well for a long period of time but alas life got in the way. He’s currently in his last year of university and I am tied to the holiday request system like every other normal working person out there so our time is limited. We both decided to call it quits and still remain friends. I am adamant that long distance relationships can work but ours wasn’t meant to be.

There is one more change in my life but I don’t want to discuss it just yet. I can’t stop smiling whenever I think about it so at least you know it’s not a bad thing. Maybe one day I’ll share it with you but for now I’m keeping this thing to my selfish self. Ooh mysterious!

That's all the major things. I could update you on my latest crisp addiction or how many times I burn my tongue on beans but I'm not entirely sure they're on the same scale as the things I just discussed. I think we'll leave it here for today.

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March Favourites

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I tried to post this last Tuesday but life kind of got away from me. I don’t know how some bloggers manage to balance a full time job, a social life and blogging but I am officially failing miserably. Listen to me play my tiny violin.

Judging from my reviews recently I think my March favourites are going to be fairly obvious but hey ho, I’ve been overly happy with the things I purchased last month.

1. MAC Flat Out Fabulous:

I haven’t had the chance to wear this nearly as much as I would like to but I fall in love with it even more whenever I do wear it. It’s the perfect fuchsia meets purple shade and its matte which makes it even better for me. It doesn’t dry out my lips and it looks great for most of the day. If I could wear this every minute of every day I would!

2. MAC Cranberry:

Why oh why did I take so long to purchase this? It’s one of the best eyeshadows I own and I literally can’t get enough of it. Cranberry is a difficult shade to pull off but if you manage to get it right it looks absolutely incredible. It works for both day and night (if you’re one of those people who limit looks to certain times of day) and there’s no fading or creasing. Win!

3. Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner:

Lush and I have been getting on like a house on fire recently and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is the latest addition to my modest collection. It’s helped dramatically with my eczema and has left my skin feeling baby soft. I’ve been using this for around a month now but I’ve barely made a dent in the amount of product there is in the tub. This is going to last me for ages.

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy

My love affair with Marc Jacobs started with Daisy and our relationship is still going strong. I don’t believe in keeping scents for certain seasons or times of day so I tend to wear this whenever but it’s definitely a spring and summer scent. It’s fresh and light and it smells oh so good. I love the subtleness of the scent and whenever I get a whiff of it I instantly perk up.

5. Friends

C’mon, who doesn’t love Friends? We got rid of Sky 2 months ago so I lost Comedy Central which meant I lost Friends. I was actually a little bummed out about it until I remembered I have the majority of the seasons on DVD. I prefer the earlier seasons to the newer ones and usually have a few episodes on while I’m getting ready in the morning - the fact I just said I have a few episodes on tells you how long I take to get ready.

I’m still picking up on some of the jokes I missed when I was younger. I never realised how risqué it was at times. This is what happens when you watch a show aimed at people who have already gone through puberty when you’re only 7.

I think it's time for me to choose another season of Friends to watch. I'm in great danger of watching every episode to the death again. I just want to be Phoebe!

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Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner Review

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I used to never understand the appeal of Lush. I hated being able to smell the stores when I was 4 streets away from them, I didn’t like the majority of their products and their prices always seemed a little daft to me. Fast forward a few years later and I’m madly in love with them.

When it came to choosing a new almond oil infused moisturiser I immediately turned to Lush and I was spoilt for choice. I’d been using Sympathy for the Skin for a while and although I really liked it I wanted something different. Enter Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner!

Learn from my mistake and always read the instructions no matter how straightforward something may seem. I didn’t bother reading the instruction of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner prior to using it and applied it to dry skin. You’re actually supposed to apply this to wet skin (after you’ve had a shower or a bath, not when you’ve been stranded in the rain without an umbrella) before rinsing it off like a hair conditioner.

I had no issue with applying it to dry skin but it definitely works better on wet skin. I don’t bother rinsing it off as I don’t really have the brain capacity to remember to do that but there have been no problems as a result.

It’s incredibly easy to apply but I do find the applying to wet skin aspect a little messy at times as the product has gone flying off of me and hit the wall and floor that's probably just being an absolute mess magnet though. A little does go a long way but it’s helped along dramatically by the water chilling on my skin.

The effect it has had on my skin has made the £15.95 price tag worth it. You may or may not be aware of the fact that I’m an eczema sufferer so I’m always hunting for a moisturiser to either help during a flare up or to actually keep flare ups at bay. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner has been incredible during flare ups and actually keeping them away. My eczema breakouts usually occur on my neck and inner elbows and I will get dry patches of skin on my stomach but my skin has been pretty damn good recently.

I haven’t had a flare up on my neck and my stomach has been free of dry skin. There is still a patch of eczema on my left inner elbow but that has calmed down dramatically since using this. If I stopped eating so much dairy (my delightful trigger) it would probably disappear quickly but you try being a fussy vegetarian with an addiction to cheese and onion sandwiches.

Admittedly I’m not overly keen on the scent. It’s supposed to smell like rose jam but the scent doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever. Fortunately it’s not all that detectable and it doesn’t seem to affect any perfume I apply to my skin.

I honestly can’t get enough of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I’m starting to wonder how I ever dealt with eczema flare ups without it; it’s left my skin feeling baby soft and looking great. What makes it even better is I’ve been using it every day for almost a month now and I’ve barely used any of it. If you struggle with eczema or just want a great moisturiser in general I’d highly recommend Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It’s a little pricey but it’s so worth it!

I dub thee the perfect moisturiser (just ignore the bit about how I dislike the scent).

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MAC Cranberry Review

Thursday, 3 April 2014

As much as I love MAC as a brand I rarely have the desire to part with £12.50 for an eyeshadow so when I started drooling over Cranberry I knew it was love. I don’t know what drew me to Cranberry but I just had to have it. I did try to find some cheaper dupes but luck and I don’t really get along so I eventually handed MAC my money and impatiently waited for it to fall through my letterbox.

I think Cranberry could be quite intimidating to some depending on your typical eye make up. It's not quite a purple or a brown or even a red, it sits comfortably in between them all which makes it a little daunting. I used to create impossibly bright looks in my “scene” (eurgh) days and I have had a few disasters with a red eyeshadow from a Kat Von D palette so I was all for the reddish tinge of Cranberry. It’s not the easiest of eyeshadows to pull off but if you get it right it looks absolutely incredible.

In true MAC eyeshadow fashion (unless you’re using Pink Venus) the pigmentation of Cranberry is fantastic. I find it lasts the whole day and well into the next morning (I didn’t fall asleep with my make up on, I swear!) with a primer. There was a fair bit of creasing without a primer but I was cursed with oily eyelids so it’s hardly Cranberry or MAC’s fault.

I haven’t had the opportunity to play around with Cranberry when it comes to colour combinations but I have seen some amazing tutorials on YouTube using it. I always wear Cranberry on its own and I believe it looks incredible. It is easy to go over the top with it though so a lot of blending is involved whenever I apply Cranberry in the morning. Fortunately Cranberry is incredibly easy to blend and there’s no fall out whatsoever. Bonus!

Cranberry is one of those eyeshadows that you need in your collection. It’s as close to perfect as you can get eyeshadow wise and it fits in perfectly with both my neutral and my bolder eyeshadows. I’m still not overly happy about paying £12.50 for it but if you can get past the price tag I urge you to purchase Cranberry. I can’t wait for the day when I finally wake up early enough to actually play around with Cranberry in a proper eye make up look. Now if only I would pay attention to my alarm…

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