Unspoken Consent

Thursday, 29 May 2014

While the whole of Twitter discusses and argues over the #YesAllWomen trend I’m sat here pondering something else. For the last few days all I’ve seen on the internet is that men should be taught not to rape (although why they should be taught common sense I do not know) but there’s another thing I wish guys (and girls, let’s not be sexist here) were taught. It’s something that’s popped up in my life on a regular basis and it’s something I feel needs to be addressed.

Ever since the first time I slept in the same bed as a man I found their wandering hands in places I didn’t want them. Sure I was cool with having sex and doing everything that lead up to it but I didn’t want it for every minute I lay next to them. I didn’t want their hands exploring my baby making area when all I wanted to do was sleep or even eat. Saying no and pushing their hands away never worked though. “No” would be met with “why?” and “I don’t feel like it” was never an adequate answer. Keeping my legs closed and refusing entry wouldn’t stop them either. For as long as I was in bed with them my body was theirs for the taking.

This happened with one night stands and with boyfriends. One guy would even make whining noises until I would get annoyed and tell him to just get on with it. My reluctance to have their hands on me never even slowed them down. As soon as they thought I had given them the green light they were on me like flies on faeces (nice analogy there).

I was never raped by these guys. Well, I wouldn’t say I was if we’re using the conventional definition of rape. They never once managed to have full on sex with me, that I did manage to stop but everything up to sex was allowed in their heads. I never had the desire to crawl all over their body parts when they clearly didn’t want me to so I don’t know what made my lack of consent so desirable to them.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just get out of bed and walk out of the door and to tell you the truth I’m wondering the same thing too. More often or not I wasn’t even close to home while staying at these people’s houses. Sometimes I was in a different town but I was usually in a different country altogether. I didn’t have the money to get home earlier than scheduled nor could I stay elsewhere for the night so I just made do. It wasn’t ideal but it’s stupidly all I had.

I had plenty sex education related lessons while at school but I can’t recall anyone talking about consent. It seems to be an unspoken thing that we should all know and understand yet don’t. While everyone is crying for men to be taught not to rape I’m sitting here wondering why we’re not taught about consent period. As far as I’m concerned someone saying no, slapping your hands away or tensing up and being obviously uncomfortable when you’re trying to give them sexual favours means stop, it does not mean keep trying to do things until they finally get fed up and let you.

I don’t know what causes people to believe that the person lying next to them is willing to engage in sexual play even when it’s clear they don’t want to but I’m no psychologist. I’m just a 21 year old girl who is fed up with people not understanding the meaning of or just ignoring “no” altogether. If we’re going to demand that men are taught not to rape then I’m going to demand the ins and outs of consent are drilled into every single person’s brain and yes, that includes females too.

P.S I didn’t mean to only throw guys under the bus in this post, it’s just as a heterosexual female my only experiences are with the male persuasion.

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Back To Books

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

As a child I was an avid reader. My head was constantly buried in a book and I read anything I could get my hands on (including many cereal boxes). I read and reread all of the Harry Potter books while on holiday, I devoured Lord of the Rings and I owned every Jacqueline Wilson book going. I would even lock myself in the bathroom just to read a chapter or two of a book without anyone disturbing me.

My interest in reading dwindled by the time I hit my teenage years. I happily read every book the teachers gave me at primary school but at high school it was different. Reading books was all fine and dandy but having to write essays and completely dissect each novel I read sucked all of the fun out of it. I was reading for grades, not for fun.

Once I escaped school (i.e. was kicked out) I swore to myself I would start reading again and I managed it for one whole summer. I tried again a few months ago but gave up after 3 books. I’m now attempting it again and I’m determined to get through more than 3 books before giving up and it’s starting with these 2 purchases:

I’ve read a fair few autobiographies in my time but nothing appeals to me more than Guy Martin’s autobiography. Anyone who knows me will know I absolutely love this man but there’s more to my desire to read this book than sheer admiration. I grew up surrounded by motorbikes. I look forward to the British Superbikes at my local racing circuit every year and I am literally counting down the days to the Isle of Man TT.

Guy Martin’s autobiography is all motorbikes (with a failed orgy thrown in for good measure) and I am lapping it all up. I’m about a third of the way through right now so the review will be coming soon. I swear I won’t make the review entirely about motorbikes.

Blogger and I still aren't getting along so you're going to have to click on the image to actually read the text. Fail!

Tamara Mellon’s autobiography may be the bipolar opposite to Guy Martin’s but shoes is another love of mine so they somewhat go hand in hand. Tamara Mellon’s name jumped out at me while I was standing in Waterstones and after a giddy moment and a quick explanation as to who she is to the people I was with, I bought it. I haven’t started it just yet as I’m not convinced my brain can handle 2 books at once anymore but I’m rather excited to do so.

I’m hoping my enthusiasm for Guy Martin’s autobiography will still be around for Tamara Mellon’s and when I finally decide to read a fictional book. I have an incredibly short attention span so this could go horribly wrong very quickly. Wish me luck!

P.S When did hardbacks start costing £20? £40 for 2 average sized books is a little extreme is it not? How old am I sounding right now!

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A Simple Obsession

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Simple has been my skin’s best friend for the last 7 years and I don’t see that friendship ending anytime soon. I’ve acquired a fair few Simple products so I’ve decided to share my obsession with you.

I do apologise for the not so great quality pictures. The weather and I aren't getting on much these days.

I should probably clarify that this post is not sponsored by Simple although it sure looks that way.

Simple Cleansing Wipes:

I’ve used the exfoliator and the oil balancing version of these rather brilliant cleansing wipes but I always return to the original. They’re gentle enough to not irritate your skin but also remove the most stubborn of make up (Candy Yum Yum I’m looking at you). I’ve tried other make up wipes but nothing has come close to these ones. Go Simple!

Simple Nourishing Eye Make Up Remover Cream:

This is the latest addition to my Simple collection and I just don’t get it. It removes my eye make up like an absolute dream but it’s a frigging cream you use right on your eyelids. That’s just asking for tears and burning eyes. The first few times I used this ended with me blinking like a mad woman as I tried to remove the foggy haze that was affecting my eyesight. Yep I was stupid enough to shove the cream right in my eyes but it still removed my eye make up so there’s the silver lining.

Simple Soothing Eye Balm:

Now this is a cream I am happy to put near my eyes (that’s near them not in them). It’s very light and soaks into the skin quickly. When I remember to apply this I squeeze out a tiny blob onto my ring finger and lightly tap it onto the skin around my eyes. I’m not sure if it’s making any difference to my skin but it’s great for cooling my eyes down after I’ve destroyed them with an eye make up remover cream.

Simple Cleansing Lotion:

I’ll be straight with you this just sits in a drawer waiting patiently to be used. I’ve abandoned it due to the fact I’ve found better alternatives and I wasn’t liking the feeling of having a cleansing cream applied to my skin right before my moisturiser; it made my skin feel like it was drowning. I probably will go back to it one day but for now it’s just chilling with a bunch of other products. At least it’s in good company.

Simple Body Wash:

This is the only shower gel I will use (aside from the occasional Lush one) as I know it doesn’t affect my eczema ridden skin. It does a great job of cleaning me up, has an extremely subtle scent and lasts for a decent length of time. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve repurchased this.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner:

This has yet to be used as it was purchased to replace my other soon to be finished Simple toner. This is a bit of a fail as I can’t really tell you much about it just yet. The bottle is green though so that’s fun.

Simple Pore Minimising Facial Toner:

This is the soon to be finished toner that has already been replaced. It has a gel like consistency but it soaks into the skin quickly and does a great job at cooling the skin. It did minimise my pores but only just. It’s probably not something I’ll repurchase until I have tried other toners but I have no real issues with it. How many times did I just say "it" there?

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser:

This is something I use when my skin is behaving which it is currently not doing. It’s a great everyday moisturiser but unfortunately it doesn’t hold up too well on extremely dry patches. It’s quite a thick moisturiser but isn’t too heavy and is easy to rub into the skin. I do wish it was better at controlling really stubborn dry skin but at least it manages to keep those dry patches at bay once they’ve finally decided to leave my face.

So there is my Simple obsession. Why I bothered to put “Simple” in the name of all the products is beyond me, I think I just wanted to remind you what brand I was talking about (as if you couldn’t tell).

I honestly cannot recommend Simple enough. It's a great brand for all skin types and there is a wide range of products so you're definitely spoiled for choice. This is really starting to read like a sponsored post so I'm going to end it here.

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Lush Imperialis Review

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Look who’s doing another review on a Lush product! Is there a rehab for a Lush addiction as I think I may need to pay it a visit?

While I was wandering around the Lush store a few weeks ago I decided to pick up a new facial moisturiser because, well, why not? I say I decided but what actually happened was I saw Imperialis and somehow ended up buying it. I’m convinced it jumped onto the checkout itself and I somehow ended up paying for it. Anyway…

The tub for Imperialis is the generic Lush tub but annoyingly the product does occasionally manage to seep out even with the lid pressed on ridiculously hard. The consistency of the moisturiser is incredibly runny so it has a tendency to go absolutely everywhere. Keeping this tub upright is an absolute must.

I tend to favour thicker, heavier moisturisers so I was a little apprehensive about Imperialis when I opened the tub and saw the moisturiser practically swimming around. It hasn’t managed to convert me to runnier moisturisers but man is it easy to blend into the skin. It’s also very light and, like practically every other Lush product I’ve used, a little goes a long way.

The smell isn’t my favourite thing in the world but it is subtle enough to not be detectable once on the skin. I’d love to describe the scent to you but in all honesty, I’m terrible at doing such a thing. It has a scent to it, that’s the best I can do.

My skin has been perfect for testing out Imperialis’ moisturising abilities. I’ve had an incredibly stubborn patch of dry skin right next to my nose for a few weeks now and none of my other moisturisers can handle it. I’ve been applying a good amount of Imperialis to the dry patch of skin every morning and night and I’m both impressed and unimpressed with its performance. Makes sense right?

Sometimes my skin will look and feel a lot less dry after using Imperialis whereas other times it will be itchier and flakier than ever. I believe the dry skin on my face is a result of an eczema flare up but Imperialis is rather unpredictable when it comes to taking care of it. The rest of the skin on my face (aside from the few patches of dry skin on my forehead) look and feel as good as ever so I can’t fault Imperialis as an everyday moisturiser.

I'm afraid you're going to have to click on this picture to actually read the ingredients. Blogger isn't feeling me at the moment.

Overall my feelings towards Imperialis are fairly lukewarm. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever tried but at the same time it’s far from being the worst. The price is a little off putting (it's £12.95 for a 45g tub)especially considering the fact it didn’t completely wow me. If the packaging was more secure and the price was a little lower I would probably repurchase Imperialis as an everyday moisturiser but until those 2 things happen I won’t be doing so.

If you’re lucky enough to have decent skin that doesn’t decide to randomly dry out then I would recommend Imperialis but, if you’re like me and were cursed with eczema, I’d tell you to find something else.

"Tell me how ugly I am but that you'll always love me."

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Clothes Haul

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Here comes another haul! I’m now supposed to be on a spending ban so this may be my last haul for a while. Oh who am I kidding? I always give in to temptation! Anyway let’s get into it.

First up are these shorts from House of Dereon. I actually thought they were red on the website and immediately jumped on them without reading the description. It turns out they’re a “hibiscus” colour (whatever happened to just pink?) but I love them all the same. They have little bronze, gold and silver rectangular sequin type things (I’m stumped for a word here) on both the front and back to jazz it up.

They’re fairly short but that is my personal preference when it comes to shorts. Why long shorts were invented I’ll never know. I do wish I bought these in a UK size 6 rather than an 8 as they almost fell down during the photo taking session. That would’ve been a pleasant picture.

The Zara skirt was purchased as a result of a sunbeamsjess video. I swear that girl’s haul videos are dangerous for ye olde bank account. She showed the skirt in a video and I immediately purchased it. Feel free to admire my incredible willpower.

The skirt is thick, soft and so comfortable. It’s short but not to the point where you’ll show your butt if you bend over. The colour and the floral print are a little girly for my taste hence why I’m rocking a Ramones top with it. I’ll probably throw on a leather jacket, white top and black heels whenever I wear this just to downplay the girliness.

The amount of bodysuits I’ve looked at in the past few months has been ridiculous. Practically every single one I came across was both backless and incredibly low cut in the front and to be honest, that’s a little too much for my taste. As soon as I found this slightly more conservative bodysuit on Boohoo.com I immediately snapped it up.

I love the look of the back of it and I especially love the fact it’s not ridiculously low cut in the front. Annoyingly I need some “censored” tape at times as it really does show off the girls a little too much. Don’t go braless in this if you’re nipples tend to stand to attention unless you really like showing them off to the world.

Busted! This was totally taken on a different day.

Last but not least is a playsuit also from Boohoo.com. This was bought on a whim and I’m still unsure about it. I don’t think the cut of it really suits me and dear god does it show my butt off and not in a good way. The bottom of it constantly rides up which means my “smile lines” are often on show. I’m either going to have to rock tights with them or show everyone standing behind me a little bit of my butt.

Well that’s it. Hopefully I can resist the urge to buy more clothes but I’m sure my bank card will find a way of crawling into my hands. I’m sure one more pair of shoes can’t hurt though…right?

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Lush Dream Cream Review

Thursday, 15 May 2014

It’s time for another review of a moisturiser from Lush! I’ve heard great things about Dream Cream and have been intrigued by it for a long time. I remember being told by a woman in Lush that it’s really helped her eczema so as soon as my tub of Sympathy for the Skin ran out I immediately jumped on Dream Cream.

This simple cream works like a dream on upset skin: cooling and soothing ingredients like oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil calm down hot and itchy skin, as well as a blend of essential oils help to nurture skin: redness-reducing rose absolute, anti-inflammatory chamomile blue, antibacterial and antiseptic tea tree and conditioning lavender.

I went for the Self Preserving version so it’s free of any nasty gunk and I’m sure one of the employees at the Lush store I was in said it was thicker than the original version. There are some great ingredients (oat milk and cocoa butter being the main ones) in Dream Cream that usually assist me in my fight against eczema so I had high hopes for it.

I had gone moisturiser free and had devoured cheese (my delightful eczema trigger) and a lot of alcohol prior to using Dream Cream for the first time so I was giving it the ultimate test. Everything was fine and dandy after I had applied Dream Cream all over the place but then I fell asleep. I was a few hours into a jolly good slumber when I woke up to my legs burning. I actually checked to make sure they weren’t on fire as they were so damn hot. Why my legs would be on fire I do not know but my mind is a bit odd that way.

I don’t know if the cream caused this to happen but the burning was a result of me scratching a good chunk of my thighs to death. When I finally fell back asleep my calves met the same fate. This continued for the next 3 nights and each time I had used Dream Cream beforehand.

Fortunately I haven’t scratched the living daylights out of my skin after using Dream Cream since but I now have another issue. The skin on my left inner elbow burns on a regular basis whenever I apply the cream. It’s uncomfortable and it takes everything I have and more to not scratch but in the morning my skin has improved. My legs have also been clear of any dry patches and the scratches are now starting to fade (they’re taking their time as they were rather huge scratches). I also have fewer dry patches on my stomach and my neck is free of eczema.

I can’t say the redness has been taken out of any of the patches of skin that are currently affected by eczema. If anything my skin gets redder once Dream Cream has been applied to it but it calms down fairly quickly.

The cream is incredibly thick but it’s quick and easy to rub in and my skin has usually soaked it up by the time I’ve located my pyjamas. It has a subtle lavender scent to it (which apparently helps people sleep, why am I not one of these people?) that isn’t detectable once on the skin. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the smell but that’s just personal preference.

I’ve been using Dream Cream for close to 3 weeks now and my tub is still practically full. A little goes a long way with this cream which means it’s perfect for popping into a significantly smaller tub for a night away from home. It is £11.50 for a 240g tub so it’s on the pricier side of the moisturiser scale but as it will last for absolutely ages it’s completely worth it.

I wouldn’t say this is my favourite cream for when it comes to eczema but as an everyday moisturiser I’m all for it. Some people have had amazing experiences with Dream Cream when it comes to skin issues but unfortunately I’m not one of those people. My experience is average at best but I’m still glad I purchased it as it works perfectly for smaller patches of regular dry skin. I would recommend it to all you non eczema sufferers but I’m still not convinced by it when it comes to an eczema battle.

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H&M Haul: Part Two

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Remember back in March when I did a H&M Haul Part One? Well, look who’s finally doing part two of that haul! Admittedly the rest of my order actually arrived a few weeks after my original haul post and I conveniently forgot to write part two. I am one hell of a blogger!

I do apologise for how annoyed and demented I look in these photos; my face permanently looks this way. You’re also getting to see a bit of new, uncarpeted room so be excited!

I had been eyeing up these imitation leather trousers for a while and eventually added them to my basket without noticing. I can’t be the only person who buys things without actually realising can I?

Like every single pair of trousers that I’ve ever owned these are a little too long for me so I will need to get them turned up. Short people problems! I absolutely love them though but I do wish the zip on the side wasn’t there. It’s far too obvious, looks a little out of place and doesn’t even zip right to the top when I'm wearing them despite the fact the trousers fit perfectly. Bleh!

So this white blouse had me drooling and there’s a reason why. It’s practically the same as an Episode blouse that also had me drooling long before I even thought about purchasing the H&M one. You can never too many things that make you drool though right? Well, maybe you can over indulge in pop tarts but you know what I mean.

It’s a little sheer but not to the point where you need to start worrying about the fact the entire world just saw your nip slip. It doesn’t show your underwear (unless you’re wearing bright pink undies) but it does show the outline of your body if that makes sense. You can jazz up the sleeves by attaching the little piece of fabric hiding in the sleeves to a gold blobby thing on the outside of the sleeve. Well that was an excellent description.

How cool are my plug socket and random wire whose function I do not know?!

How much do you like my little pose? I was trying to be fun and interesting but I kind of look like I'm trying to stop myself from falling over. These shorts were purchased long after my original H&M order was made but I didn’t want to leave them out so here they are. I like my shorts to be short which they are and I like to be able to bend down in them without showing everyone my butt which I can almost do in these. I’m awfully precise when it comes to shorts.

Well that's this haul finally done and dusted. Now to stop myself from buying more things...

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Talking Helps (Allegedly)

Friday, 9 May 2014

I’ve always been told that talking about things helps. How it helps I do not know and how I’m supposed to talk about these things is beyond me. I’ve programmed myself to be emotionally and mentally tough and to not rely on anyone. This is probably due to the fact when I was at school I didn’t really have anyone to turn to in a time of need. I had friends but to be perfectly honest, we only hung out with each other because we basically had to. I would never go to my parents about anything as, although I think my mum would like us to be, we’re not that kind of family.

There have been a fair amount of major events in my life (a few of which have happened in the last few months) but I’ve dealt with them in my usual way; I ignored the emotional and mental side and just got on with it. I should’ve learnt my lesson when I was 10 years old and randomly started crying at a party. I was crying about my dad’s motorbike accident that almost claimed his life 4 years prior to my mini meltdown. I guess I was too na├»ve to realise that this is would what happen every time I bottled things up for days, weeks, months and even years on end.

Fast forward 11 years and here I am writing what is probably a load of crap to you right now. For the past 2 weeks I’ve felt “off”. I’ve felt absolutely miserable and I don’t know why. I’ve been paranoid about things and have almost started crying over tiny, insignificant moments. It came to blows on Wednesday morning when I found myself almost crying into my keyboard at work for no real reason. I swiftly did the unthinkable in my world and made an appointment to see my doctor for the same day. Much like my emotions I ignore physical pain so I rarely go to the doctors. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.

I spent every minute up until it was time to leave for my appointment almost crying. I managed to suck it up and hold it together but I came dangerously close to crying at work for the second time since I started. As soon as I walked into the doctor’s room I was practically in tears. I explained to her what was wrong and that I just wanted to make sure there was nothing major going on inside of me. She refrained from diagnosing me right there and then but I may as well be honest with you since I’m writing this, she reckons I am suffering from depression and anxiety but will confirm it at my next appointment.

I’m not sure how to deal with the almost diagnosis. I don’t know how to handle any form of emotion whether it’s my own or someone else’s so this is completely new to me. It’s something I want to tackle head on as I don’t enjoy feeling this way but I just don’t know how. Admitting that there’s something going on inside me is I guess the first step to recovery but I don’t know what the next step is. I feel like I’m playing stepping stones on Takeshi’s Castle and if I step on the wrong one I’ll sink and bang my head off of something. That was an odd analogy.

Well this has been a rather self-indulgent post. I’m sorry this post has been a little out of the ordinary for my blog. I hope I can look back at this post at some point in my life and smile about the time the robot that I am malfunctioned. Until then I will just do what my doctor told me and patiently wait for my full diagnosis. If you never hear from me again it’s because I’ve followed the “exercise more” orders from my doctor and I’m lying in a field trying to recover from a 30 second run as a result.

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Dune Black Peep Toe Lace Up Ankle Boots

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I did it! I went a whole 4 months without buying one pair of shoes. How I managed it is beyond me but I shall do a little dance in celebration. Cue the music.

4 months may have passed since my last shoe purchase but that doesn’t mean I didn’t look. I was eying up various pairs of shoes (mainly ones I couldn’t afford, thank you Christian Louboutin) on a regular basis and had to practically scribble over my card number to stop myself from buying every single pair. I finally caved and ended my unofficial shoe ban during a House of Fraser sale. I must’ve scrolled through hundreds of pairs of shoes on that damn website!

Dune is a major weakness of mine. If there’s any form of sale on Dune then you bet your backside that I’ll be looking at it. My latest addition to my shoe collection are these black peep toe ankle boots from Head Over Heels by Dune. Ah heaven.

These were purchased online so I didn’t get a good look at them before they made their way to me. Admittedly the picture on the website didn’t really win me over and I highly doubt the ones I have provided are winning you over. They’re an incredibly difficult pair of shoes to photograph! I was essentially taking a gamble when I purchased them but as soon as I opened the box I fell in love.

They may be peep toe ankle boots but they have a rather delightful twist. As you can see the middle part of the shoe has been cut away so part of your feet makes an appearance underneath the laces. This may not be a great thing for all the feet haters out there but I am rather in love with the look. The laces did have me a bit worried at first as I thought they would dig into the exposed part of my feet but that has yet to happen.

Sorry feet haters.

The heel height is 4 ½ inches (when I first tried them on I actually said I felt a little low down, I’ve been living in 5 inch heels for too long) and they’re incredibly comfortable. They did rub ever so slightly when I first tried them on but I believe that was due to the fact they hadn’t been broken in yet. I did also almost slip and fall on my butt while walking out of my bedroom but I don't believe I've mastered the art of walking just yet.

I’m so glad these were the shoes that I broke my unofficial shoe ban with. They’re simple and classic but still have an edge to them. Something tells me I’m going to get a lot of use out of them. I better remember to paint my toenails!

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Lush Haul

Monday, 5 May 2014

Last Sunday I made the hour long drive (I say I made the drive but really I sat in the back while someone else drove) to see Frank Skinner at The Kings Theatre - who was jolly good might I add - but a religious raving idiot with a microphone forced me into Lush. Ok, I intended on making a trip to Lush anyway but the store was a good escape from the annoying preacher.

Before I continue I should probably clarify that I don’t hate religion, I just hate idiots standing on a box screaming contradicting quotes from the Bible into a microphone. Anyway, on to the smelly haul.

There are some bath products in my haul which are unfortunately not for me. I am one of those bath deprived humans whose only form of salvation is to sit down in the shower; perhaps I shall buy a stool to sit upon.

First up is the rather delightful smelling bath bomb that is Honey Bee. I believe this is supposed to a bit more yellow in colour rather than the sad soggy cardboard shade that this one is. The person this is for is a little obsessed with honey scents (and Lush in general) so I’m sure it will go down well.

The Brightside bubble bar (coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine, no? ok) looks a little like a rather random print I created while mucking around with oil paint one day. I am going to assume the creator of Brightside saw my fabulous print and decided to create it in the form of a bubble bar. Again, this is not for me but the citrus scent of it is absolutely gorgeous! I may just buy one for myself and break into a house with a bath to use it.

Strawberry Feels Forever is one of Lush’s many massage bars and damn does it smell good. I already have a massage bar from Lush and, although it works wonderfully, the smell is rather off putting. Hopefully Strawberry Feels Forever will work perfectly and smell just as good while on the skin.

The solid deodorant was a free gift from the Lush store and I honestly have no idea which one it is on the website. I was informed that it’s great for sensitive skin but I have yet to use it so I cannot confirm or deny the statement of the woman whose hair I wanted to stroke. Why on earth does the deodorant have a face on it?

After trying Olive Branch over the festive period I decided to pick up another shower gel from Lush. I wasn’t paying much attention when I picked up Flying Fox as it is a honey based scent which I’m not a huge fan of. I haven’t used it yet but the smell from the bottle is a little overwhelming. I’m hoping it will be much more subtle when I finally use it otherwise I’ll be passing it over to my honey loving friend along with their bath bomb.

I don’t think my obsession with moisturisers, particularly Lush ones, is a secret. I have already tried Sympathy for the Skin and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner so I opted into Dream Cream for a little change. I have been using it every day since purchasing it so a review will be coming soon. This is the self -preserving version which I think is thicker than the original but I could be completely wrong.

Last but not least is Imperialis. My regular face moisturiser just wasn’t cutting it when it came to a rather stubborn dry patch of skin on my cheek so I figured Lush would be able to help. Like Dream Cream I have been using this every day since purchasing it so a review is imminent.

So that’s that. I now have a rather sore head from photographing all of these products as the smell is a little too much so I’m just going to stick my head out of the window for a while. See you in the next post!

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