A Simple Obsession

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Simple has been my skin’s best friend for the last 7 years and I don’t see that friendship ending anytime soon. I’ve acquired a fair few Simple products so I’ve decided to share my obsession with you.

I do apologise for the not so great quality pictures. The weather and I aren't getting on much these days.

I should probably clarify that this post is not sponsored by Simple although it sure looks that way.

Simple Cleansing Wipes:

I’ve used the exfoliator and the oil balancing version of these rather brilliant cleansing wipes but I always return to the original. They’re gentle enough to not irritate your skin but also remove the most stubborn of make up (Candy Yum Yum I’m looking at you). I’ve tried other make up wipes but nothing has come close to these ones. Go Simple!

Simple Nourishing Eye Make Up Remover Cream:

This is the latest addition to my Simple collection and I just don’t get it. It removes my eye make up like an absolute dream but it’s a frigging cream you use right on your eyelids. That’s just asking for tears and burning eyes. The first few times I used this ended with me blinking like a mad woman as I tried to remove the foggy haze that was affecting my eyesight. Yep I was stupid enough to shove the cream right in my eyes but it still removed my eye make up so there’s the silver lining.

Simple Soothing Eye Balm:

Now this is a cream I am happy to put near my eyes (that’s near them not in them). It’s very light and soaks into the skin quickly. When I remember to apply this I squeeze out a tiny blob onto my ring finger and lightly tap it onto the skin around my eyes. I’m not sure if it’s making any difference to my skin but it’s great for cooling my eyes down after I’ve destroyed them with an eye make up remover cream.

Simple Cleansing Lotion:

I’ll be straight with you this just sits in a drawer waiting patiently to be used. I’ve abandoned it due to the fact I’ve found better alternatives and I wasn’t liking the feeling of having a cleansing cream applied to my skin right before my moisturiser; it made my skin feel like it was drowning. I probably will go back to it one day but for now it’s just chilling with a bunch of other products. At least it’s in good company.

Simple Body Wash:

This is the only shower gel I will use (aside from the occasional Lush one) as I know it doesn’t affect my eczema ridden skin. It does a great job of cleaning me up, has an extremely subtle scent and lasts for a decent length of time. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve repurchased this.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner:

This has yet to be used as it was purchased to replace my other soon to be finished Simple toner. This is a bit of a fail as I can’t really tell you much about it just yet. The bottle is green though so that’s fun.

Simple Pore Minimising Facial Toner:

This is the soon to be finished toner that has already been replaced. It has a gel like consistency but it soaks into the skin quickly and does a great job at cooling the skin. It did minimise my pores but only just. It’s probably not something I’ll repurchase until I have tried other toners but I have no real issues with it. How many times did I just say "it" there?

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser:

This is something I use when my skin is behaving which it is currently not doing. It’s a great everyday moisturiser but unfortunately it doesn’t hold up too well on extremely dry patches. It’s quite a thick moisturiser but isn’t too heavy and is easy to rub into the skin. I do wish it was better at controlling really stubborn dry skin but at least it manages to keep those dry patches at bay once they’ve finally decided to leave my face.

So there is my Simple obsession. Why I bothered to put “Simple” in the name of all the products is beyond me, I think I just wanted to remind you what brand I was talking about (as if you couldn’t tell).

I honestly cannot recommend Simple enough. It's a great brand for all skin types and there is a wide range of products so you're definitely spoiled for choice. This is really starting to read like a sponsored post so I'm going to end it here.

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