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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Here comes another haul! I’m now supposed to be on a spending ban so this may be my last haul for a while. Oh who am I kidding? I always give in to temptation! Anyway let’s get into it.

First up are these shorts from House of Dereon. I actually thought they were red on the website and immediately jumped on them without reading the description. It turns out they’re a “hibiscus” colour (whatever happened to just pink?) but I love them all the same. They have little bronze, gold and silver rectangular sequin type things (I’m stumped for a word here) on both the front and back to jazz it up.

They’re fairly short but that is my personal preference when it comes to shorts. Why long shorts were invented I’ll never know. I do wish I bought these in a UK size 6 rather than an 8 as they almost fell down during the photo taking session. That would’ve been a pleasant picture.

The Zara skirt was purchased as a result of a sunbeamsjess video. I swear that girl’s haul videos are dangerous for ye olde bank account. She showed the skirt in a video and I immediately purchased it. Feel free to admire my incredible willpower.

The skirt is thick, soft and so comfortable. It’s short but not to the point where you’ll show your butt if you bend over. The colour and the floral print are a little girly for my taste hence why I’m rocking a Ramones top with it. I’ll probably throw on a leather jacket, white top and black heels whenever I wear this just to downplay the girliness.

The amount of bodysuits I’ve looked at in the past few months has been ridiculous. Practically every single one I came across was both backless and incredibly low cut in the front and to be honest, that’s a little too much for my taste. As soon as I found this slightly more conservative bodysuit on I immediately snapped it up.

I love the look of the back of it and I especially love the fact it’s not ridiculously low cut in the front. Annoyingly I need some “censored” tape at times as it really does show off the girls a little too much. Don’t go braless in this if you’re nipples tend to stand to attention unless you really like showing them off to the world.

Busted! This was totally taken on a different day.

Last but not least is a playsuit also from This was bought on a whim and I’m still unsure about it. I don’t think the cut of it really suits me and dear god does it show my butt off and not in a good way. The bottom of it constantly rides up which means my “smile lines” are often on show. I’m either going to have to rock tights with them or show everyone standing behind me a little bit of my butt.

Well that’s it. Hopefully I can resist the urge to buy more clothes but I’m sure my bank card will find a way of crawling into my hands. I’m sure one more pair of shoes can’t hurt though…right?

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