Dune Black Peep Toe Lace Up Ankle Boots

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I did it! I went a whole 4 months without buying one pair of shoes. How I managed it is beyond me but I shall do a little dance in celebration. Cue the music.

4 months may have passed since my last shoe purchase but that doesn’t mean I didn’t look. I was eying up various pairs of shoes (mainly ones I couldn’t afford, thank you Christian Louboutin) on a regular basis and had to practically scribble over my card number to stop myself from buying every single pair. I finally caved and ended my unofficial shoe ban during a House of Fraser sale. I must’ve scrolled through hundreds of pairs of shoes on that damn website!

Dune is a major weakness of mine. If there’s any form of sale on Dune then you bet your backside that I’ll be looking at it. My latest addition to my shoe collection are these black peep toe ankle boots from Head Over Heels by Dune. Ah heaven.

These were purchased online so I didn’t get a good look at them before they made their way to me. Admittedly the picture on the website didn’t really win me over and I highly doubt the ones I have provided are winning you over. They’re an incredibly difficult pair of shoes to photograph! I was essentially taking a gamble when I purchased them but as soon as I opened the box I fell in love.

They may be peep toe ankle boots but they have a rather delightful twist. As you can see the middle part of the shoe has been cut away so part of your feet makes an appearance underneath the laces. This may not be a great thing for all the feet haters out there but I am rather in love with the look. The laces did have me a bit worried at first as I thought they would dig into the exposed part of my feet but that has yet to happen.

Sorry feet haters.

The heel height is 4 ½ inches (when I first tried them on I actually said I felt a little low down, I’ve been living in 5 inch heels for too long) and they’re incredibly comfortable. They did rub ever so slightly when I first tried them on but I believe that was due to the fact they hadn’t been broken in yet. I did also almost slip and fall on my butt while walking out of my bedroom but I don't believe I've mastered the art of walking just yet.

I’m so glad these were the shoes that I broke my unofficial shoe ban with. They’re simple and classic but still have an edge to them. Something tells me I’m going to get a lot of use out of them. I better remember to paint my toenails!

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