H&M Haul: Part Two

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Remember back in March when I did a H&M Haul Part One? Well, look who’s finally doing part two of that haul! Admittedly the rest of my order actually arrived a few weeks after my original haul post and I conveniently forgot to write part two. I am one hell of a blogger!

I do apologise for how annoyed and demented I look in these photos; my face permanently looks this way. You’re also getting to see a bit of new, uncarpeted room so be excited!

I had been eyeing up these imitation leather trousers for a while and eventually added them to my basket without noticing. I can’t be the only person who buys things without actually realising can I?

Like every single pair of trousers that I’ve ever owned these are a little too long for me so I will need to get them turned up. Short people problems! I absolutely love them though but I do wish the zip on the side wasn’t there. It’s far too obvious, looks a little out of place and doesn’t even zip right to the top when I'm wearing them despite the fact the trousers fit perfectly. Bleh!

So this white blouse had me drooling and there’s a reason why. It’s practically the same as an Episode blouse that also had me drooling long before I even thought about purchasing the H&M one. You can never too many things that make you drool though right? Well, maybe you can over indulge in pop tarts but you know what I mean.

It’s a little sheer but not to the point where you need to start worrying about the fact the entire world just saw your nip slip. It doesn’t show your underwear (unless you’re wearing bright pink undies) but it does show the outline of your body if that makes sense. You can jazz up the sleeves by attaching the little piece of fabric hiding in the sleeves to a gold blobby thing on the outside of the sleeve. Well that was an excellent description.

How cool are my plug socket and random wire whose function I do not know?!

How much do you like my little pose? I was trying to be fun and interesting but I kind of look like I'm trying to stop myself from falling over. These shorts were purchased long after my original H&M order was made but I didn’t want to leave them out so here they are. I like my shorts to be short which they are and I like to be able to bend down in them without showing everyone my butt which I can almost do in these. I’m awfully precise when it comes to shorts.

Well that's this haul finally done and dusted. Now to stop myself from buying more things...

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