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Monday, 5 May 2014

Last Sunday I made the hour long drive (I say I made the drive but really I sat in the back while someone else drove) to see Frank Skinner at The Kings Theatre - who was jolly good might I add - but a religious raving idiot with a microphone forced me into Lush. Ok, I intended on making a trip to Lush anyway but the store was a good escape from the annoying preacher.

Before I continue I should probably clarify that I don’t hate religion, I just hate idiots standing on a box screaming contradicting quotes from the Bible into a microphone. Anyway, on to the smelly haul.

There are some bath products in my haul which are unfortunately not for me. I am one of those bath deprived humans whose only form of salvation is to sit down in the shower; perhaps I shall buy a stool to sit upon.

First up is the rather delightful smelling bath bomb that is Honey Bee. I believe this is supposed to a bit more yellow in colour rather than the sad soggy cardboard shade that this one is. The person this is for is a little obsessed with honey scents (and Lush in general) so I’m sure it will go down well.

The Brightside bubble bar (coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine, no? ok) looks a little like a rather random print I created while mucking around with oil paint one day. I am going to assume the creator of Brightside saw my fabulous print and decided to create it in the form of a bubble bar. Again, this is not for me but the citrus scent of it is absolutely gorgeous! I may just buy one for myself and break into a house with a bath to use it.

Strawberry Feels Forever is one of Lush’s many massage bars and damn does it smell good. I already have a massage bar from Lush and, although it works wonderfully, the smell is rather off putting. Hopefully Strawberry Feels Forever will work perfectly and smell just as good while on the skin.

The solid deodorant was a free gift from the Lush store and I honestly have no idea which one it is on the website. I was informed that it’s great for sensitive skin but I have yet to use it so I cannot confirm or deny the statement of the woman whose hair I wanted to stroke. Why on earth does the deodorant have a face on it?

After trying Olive Branch over the festive period I decided to pick up another shower gel from Lush. I wasn’t paying much attention when I picked up Flying Fox as it is a honey based scent which I’m not a huge fan of. I haven’t used it yet but the smell from the bottle is a little overwhelming. I’m hoping it will be much more subtle when I finally use it otherwise I’ll be passing it over to my honey loving friend along with their bath bomb.

I don’t think my obsession with moisturisers, particularly Lush ones, is a secret. I have already tried Sympathy for the Skin and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner so I opted into Dream Cream for a little change. I have been using it every day since purchasing it so a review will be coming soon. This is the self -preserving version which I think is thicker than the original but I could be completely wrong.

Last but not least is Imperialis. My regular face moisturiser just wasn’t cutting it when it came to a rather stubborn dry patch of skin on my cheek so I figured Lush would be able to help. Like Dream Cream I have been using this every day since purchasing it so a review is imminent.

So that’s that. I now have a rather sore head from photographing all of these products as the smell is a little too much so I’m just going to stick my head out of the window for a while. See you in the next post!

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