Lush Imperialis Review

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Look who’s doing another review on a Lush product! Is there a rehab for a Lush addiction as I think I may need to pay it a visit?

While I was wandering around the Lush store a few weeks ago I decided to pick up a new facial moisturiser because, well, why not? I say I decided but what actually happened was I saw Imperialis and somehow ended up buying it. I’m convinced it jumped onto the checkout itself and I somehow ended up paying for it. Anyway…

The tub for Imperialis is the generic Lush tub but annoyingly the product does occasionally manage to seep out even with the lid pressed on ridiculously hard. The consistency of the moisturiser is incredibly runny so it has a tendency to go absolutely everywhere. Keeping this tub upright is an absolute must.

I tend to favour thicker, heavier moisturisers so I was a little apprehensive about Imperialis when I opened the tub and saw the moisturiser practically swimming around. It hasn’t managed to convert me to runnier moisturisers but man is it easy to blend into the skin. It’s also very light and, like practically every other Lush product I’ve used, a little goes a long way.

The smell isn’t my favourite thing in the world but it is subtle enough to not be detectable once on the skin. I’d love to describe the scent to you but in all honesty, I’m terrible at doing such a thing. It has a scent to it, that’s the best I can do.

My skin has been perfect for testing out Imperialis’ moisturising abilities. I’ve had an incredibly stubborn patch of dry skin right next to my nose for a few weeks now and none of my other moisturisers can handle it. I’ve been applying a good amount of Imperialis to the dry patch of skin every morning and night and I’m both impressed and unimpressed with its performance. Makes sense right?

Sometimes my skin will look and feel a lot less dry after using Imperialis whereas other times it will be itchier and flakier than ever. I believe the dry skin on my face is a result of an eczema flare up but Imperialis is rather unpredictable when it comes to taking care of it. The rest of the skin on my face (aside from the few patches of dry skin on my forehead) look and feel as good as ever so I can’t fault Imperialis as an everyday moisturiser.

I'm afraid you're going to have to click on this picture to actually read the ingredients. Blogger isn't feeling me at the moment.

Overall my feelings towards Imperialis are fairly lukewarm. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever tried but at the same time it’s far from being the worst. The price is a little off putting (it's £12.95 for a 45g tub)especially considering the fact it didn’t completely wow me. If the packaging was more secure and the price was a little lower I would probably repurchase Imperialis as an everyday moisturiser but until those 2 things happen I won’t be doing so.

If you’re lucky enough to have decent skin that doesn’t decide to randomly dry out then I would recommend Imperialis but, if you’re like me and were cursed with eczema, I’d tell you to find something else.

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