A Dundonian Weekend

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Last month was my better half’s 23rd birthday and needless to say I was completely stumped as to what to get him. Originally I was going to get him something practical and incredibly boring before deciding I would get him a cute little kitten. The kitten idea went out the window when I couldn’t find the perfect cat. I wanted to get him a fluffy ginger cat but such a thing just didn’t exist in a region within sensible driving distance at the time. Eventually I settled on a weekend away and started hunting for a nice hotel.

I somehow ended the search in Dundee and in all honesty, I’m still confused as to how that happened. Dundee really isn’t my idea of a desirable city to stay in for a weekend but I couldn’t resist the apartment. I ended up renting an apartment in Westport Serviced Apartments for 2 nights which I think worked out rather well.

The apartment we rented was delightfully lovely. It came with one bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. There was also a rather spacious airing cupboard that made an excellent hiding place.

My male human's hoody is not included with the apartment.

I had originally requested an apartment with a balcony but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. We were staying on the floor that was above the apartments with a balcony but it was hardly a major issue especially since Scotland has cooled down dramatically recently. Our room overlooked the River Tay in the distance which made for a stunning view so long as you didn’t look down. The view of a main road and a coffee and cocktail bar below us isn’t the prettiest of sights.

Apologies for the fact this was clearly taken through a window. Annoyingly it didn't open even remotely far enough for me to take a picture of the view without it being in the way.

I’m not going to lie, we didn’t do too much over the weekend. We took advantage of the apartment as much as we could and only left to nip to the Tesco that’s literally 15 steps away from the apartment complex and to go to dinner. We’ve both been to Dundee multiple times so there wasn’t much exploring for us to do. Being adorable in the apartment was all we needed. Dear god we’re cheesy.

Here's some bathroom decor for you.

The Westport Serviced Apartments are pretty much perfect but they seemed to have gotten rid of the rooftop bar that is still advertised on booking.com and have now made a bar in the reception area. The promise of a rooftop bar didn’t draw me in but I can guarantee it will be a cold day in hell before I even consider drinking in a reception area, even if there is a small bar and some rather comfy looking seats. They also take the full payment for the apartment straight away despite the fact it was originally advertised that a deposit will be taken upon check in and the full balance will be taken upon check out. It isn’t a huge issue but it does kind of bother me when I have to pay for a place to stay for a few nights before I’ve even been handed the keys.

All in all it was a great weekend and the apartment was incredible. If you’re looking for a nice place to stay for a weekend and can handle “what the hell” looks from your friends/colleagues/dog when you say you’re going away to Dundee then I would highly recommend Westport Apartments. Just don’t use the shower right after your better half has been in otherwise you’ll be washing in ice cold water.

P.S I apologise for the quality of the photos. I only had my phone with me and he had been getting used for photos all day at work so was rather tired. Why I'm talking about my phone like he's a real person is beyond me.

Depression: Just Get On With It

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

“I’ve had depression but I just got on with it”.

The above is not something I wanted to hear after admitting to the torment that was going on inside my head. I stupidly sought support, encouragement and reassurance from someone I barely knew out of sheer desperation and it sits high on the list of biggest mistakes of my life. It’s the above sentence that made me feel stupid, it made me feel like I had no right to give in to my emotional and mental distress and above all, it made me feel weak.

If you occasionally pop onto my blog for a nosy around you may be aware that I decided to get a professional opinion on whether I had depression or not a few months ago. I had been feeling incredibly down for a while but couldn’t understand why. I couldn’t fake any form of happiness, I was constantly trying to silence voices in my head and I was forever almost bursting into tears for no reason. I knew something was wrong and decided, against my own will, that I needed to know what was going on. I hid it from everyone I could but it all eventually came tumbling out to the complete wrong person.

There were so many people I didn’t want knowing how I was feeling. There was no reason for me to hide it from them as I knew they’d be supportive but I didn’t want them to think differently of me. I was honestly scared of them judging me so I just kept it all to myself. I made a mistake though as the 2 people I tried to hide it from the most turned out to be the biggest form of support for me.

The 2 people in question are some of the strongest people I know. One of them gave life to me and has been through far more than any mother, wife, daughter and sister should. She told me about her experience with depression and I’m not convinced she ever would have done had I not been open with her. My mum has always been someone I can go to in a time of need but this was something I didn’t want to burden her with. Not telling her straight away and trying to deal with it myself was another mistake I made during this time.

The other person is someone who has become very important to me and their revelation helped me so much. They were the last person who I expected to have had depression and the fact they could be so open with me encouraged me to face what was going on in my mind. I tried to hide everything from them but they knew, they picked up on it instantly and I’m so thankful that they did.

If it wasn’t for my mum and the other human in question I probably would’ve just ignored what was going on with me. I would’ve let the first person’s statement stick to me like glue and would've just let whatever was happening in my mind eat me alive. I refuse to show any sign of weakness and as soon as those words came out of their mouth, I immediately associated depression with weakness. Their words however, are the words of someone who has more than likely never had depression. They are the words of someone who I have come to realise is not a good person and are not something to be believed. You can’t just “get on” with depression; if you could we wouldn’t all be reeling from the shock of Robin Williams’ suicide.

Depression is not something to be taken lightly, it is not something to be brushed off and it is not something you tell people to get over. Depression is a serious mental illness that can have devastating consequences. It shouldn’t be ignored and it should definitely not be glamorised (you got that Tumblr?). If you think you’re suffering from depression I urge you to seek professional help immediately. If there is someone in your life who you can trust then tell them what you think is going on and if you meet some ignorance along the way don’t ever listen to it. What you’re feeling is valid and no one and I mean no one can ever take that away from you.

I never returned to the doctors for my full diagnosis and I maintain the fact I do not have depression but going through what I did has given me a new insight into depression. I can’t relate completely to anyone suffering from it and I won’t pretend to but you’re not alone and I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel but you have to keep living and keep fighting to get there.

I’m not the best motivational or inspirational person going so I’m going to end this here. It’s been a very self-indulgent post but I’ve honestly been thinking about the opening line for months now and it actually feels quite good to write it all down. Thank you for reading and I’m sending everyone who is dealing with a mental illness all the love I can possibly give xx

The Obnoxious Childhood Shoes

Sunday, 10 August 2014

So here’s the 3rd and I think final installment in my failure of an Edinburgh shopping haul. It is another shoe post but I literally could not resist these shoes. They were the first things I laid my eyes on when I stepped into Office and my inner 5 year old was drooling incessantly.

Lately I’ve been reverting back to the style I had as a kid but in a more grown up way. When I was a little human I would run around in the weirdest of outfits and didn’t even notice any of the stares I was probably getting. I guess I’ve been wanting to get back to my more flamboyant ways and the best way to start doing that is to rock shoes that earn some odd looks and, at one point a full on “what the hell?”.

These shoes would’ve been something I would’ve longed for as a kid so I’ve made my inner child happy by purchasing them. They’re incredibly eye-catching - I think that really goes without saying- and are practically blinding when the sun bounces off of them. I love pairing them with my regular old boring outfits as they’re so obnoxious they do more than add their fair share of fun.

I have worn them to work (they’re probably not everyone’s idea of appropriate working attire) so I can say they are extremely comfortable to wear for 7 hours straight. I have noticed that I twist my ankle a fair bit in them and honestly, I have absolutely no idea how that’s happening. They should be the easiest heels I own to walk in but there is something about them that just makes me destroy my ankles. If I concentrate I can walk fine in them but who on earth wants to concentrate on walking? I’d rather spend my walking time thinking about mine and Eminem’s wedding. Erm, moving on…

It’s probably rather sad how happy I was when I spotted these shoes in Office but they’re a grown up childhood shoe to me. Perhaps these shoes are making me a bit nostalgic but hey, they’re a million times better than jelly shoes. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to put these shoes on and dance around to B’Witched. Toodles.

July Favourites

Sunday, 3 August 2014

It’s safe to say I was pretty bad at blogging throughout the month of July but life and my own laziness kept getting in the way. Those are reasonable excuses right? Anyway I’ve returned so here are my July favourites. Whoop!

1. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is quickly becoming my new favourite lip product. I went on a fizzy juice/soda binge for a little over a week which left my lips dry and flaky. As soon as the dry and flaky stage kicks in I immediately use this scrub and it makes my lips feel baby soft again (how soft is a baby? I’ve never understood that saying). It’s better used in small doses but it’s a great quick fix for dry, flaky lips.

2. Beats by Dr Dre

I know, I know, I’ve paid for a label and not quality headphones but hey, I like them. My Beats headphones were a Christmas present and they’ve rarely left my head since. I will admit they are better for listening to rap and hip hop but, as that’s predominately all I listen to, they work well for me. My Beats earphones were a recent purchase and were actually meant to be used for working out. Annoyingly these type of earphones fall out of my ears a lot so they’re currently being used to listen to old NFL games on the down low rather than for when I’m exercising. They’re doing a great job with their new use though so I’m not complaining.

3. Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color in Punch Drunk

That is one long title. I bought this last year after seeing the lovely Lisa Eldridge wearing it in a video (I can’t for the life of me remember which video it was) and I still adore it. It ended up back on my lips 2 weeks ago after my lipstick collection was randomly brought up in conversation. It’s not something I get to wear too often and it probably doesn’t suit me but I still love it all the same.

4. Solait Bronzer

I hunted high and low for a bronzer that wasn’t too dark, too orange or too shimmery a few years ago and that search brought me to Solait. I really liked Solait’s fake tan at the time (I probably still like it, I just haven’t fake tanned in over a year) so figured I couldn’t go wrong with the bronzer. I’m so glad I purchased it as it’s fairly light, it’s not even remotely close to being orange and there’s absolutely no shimmer. It’s an easy product to work with and, although I absolutely suck at contouring, it does what I need it to do.

5. Office Justice T Bar Sandals

If you read my last post you probably would’ve guessed that these would be featured in my favourites. It’s the colour of them that caught my eye but the design is what made me purchase them. They’re everything I look for in shoes and I’m a little gutted at the fact I haven’t been able to wear them for the last week (I’ve been forced into wearing flats and I’m hating it). I can’t wait to get my hideous feet back into these beautiful babies…take that out of context and it sounds incredibly morbid.

So there are my July Favourites. I have no idea how to end this post so I shall now thank you for reading and offer you a cookie.
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