Lush Celebrate Review

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart and the very next day…sorry!) my brother kindly gave me a Lush Christmas box. During the lead up to Christmas I had overindulged in dairy and was suffering from a rather stubborn eczema flare up as a result. I was stumped for a way to banish the eczema from my skin but inside the box that my brother’s girlfriend had so carefully wrapped was the answer to my itchy prayers. This is getting exciting isn’t it?

Lush Celebrate came in a dinky 75g tub that sadly lasted for just over a week. Even though we only spent a short amount of time together I was absolutely in love with it and was rather gutted when our odd relationship ended. That little tub of Celebrate cleared up my eczema practically overnight and allowed me to stuff my face with mozzarella sticks until they were forced out of my hands. Needless to say I was rather gutted when the tub ran out and I discovered it was limited edition.

Fortunately Celebrate hit the Lush shelves again in September this year which had me almost jumping for joy (I say almost as jumping requires effort). As soon as I discovered it was back I immediately snapped it up and then apparently took almost 3 months to post the review.

I used Celebrate the same day the 225g tub made its way back into my life. The awful orange Calpol like smell that disgusted me last year is back but it seems to be slightly less child sickness like; it’s now an odd mix of that orange sweet I hate from Quality Street and Calpol.

The morning after I slathered Celebrate all over me was not a pleasant one; I woke up to an all too familiar burning feeling in my legs. The burning was the end result of a major scratching session in my sleep which my legs received the brunt of. Weirdly the rest of my skin was fine; in fact, it had improved by a significant amount. I knew Lush and their wizardry was behind the positive aspect but I was completely confused by the claw marks on my legs.

Celebrate went on me again the night of the morning after and continued to do so for a week. Each morning I would wake to fresh scratches and it got to the point where my legs were more bright red than milky white. Despite the fact I was clearly trying to remove my legs in my sleep the rest of me was completely scratch free. It made absolutely no sense.

Eventually I went a night without applying Celebrate to my legs and low and behold there were no new scratches on my legs. I went a few more nights without applying Celebrate to my legs as I was trying to be all scientific and conduct a pointless experiment and what do you know, no new claw marks I was rather devastated. Yes, devastated over a body lotion. I am that fickle.

Despite the scratching and the fact I now can’t use it on my legs I honestly can’t fault Celebrate – aside from maybe the smell. It’s a thick and luxurious cream that contains all of the right ingredients. The almond oil in particular helps my skin a lot and it’s the reason as to why I can stuff my face with mozzarella sticks again this Christmas. I’m completely lost for a plausible explanation as to why it’s not agreeing with my legs but it’s working just as well as last year on the rest of my body.

If you suffer from general dry skin or eczema and can handle the awful orange smell then I’d highly recommend Lush Celebrate to you. I’ve been using it sparingly as I don’t want it to run out too soon since it is limited edition but honestly, a little goes a long way. It is a very heavy cream so unless you enjoy the greasy look definitely keep it away from your face. It’s honestly a brilliant cream, I’m just the idiot who scratches in their sleep at the slightest thing.

P.S I cannot work with this lighting anymore!

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