Paul Fredrick: Winter Fashion

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

If there’s one thing I dread about winter (aside from the cold weather, the mad Christmas present panic and the fear of overindulging in chocolate) it’s picking out what clothes to wear. The festive period comes with a lot of formal events that require a new outfit every time. Sometimes it all becomes a bit too overwhelming but there are a few tried and tested things that I like to stick to.

While everyone else seems to sparkle away in their gorgeous glittery dresses and killer heels I like to keep things simple. A little black dress and a pair of statement shoes gets me through the party season and I like my man to rock the classic look too.

Clean cut, well fitting, suits are something all men look great in (if you ask my other half he’ll tell you he looks “proper dapper” in a suit) and are definitely a must have for the festive period. Guys are a lot more limited when it comes to clothing choices than women are but fortunately for them, suits come in a wide range of cuts, styles and colours.

There are certain parties (like the office Christmas one) that call for a festive spin on your man’s attire. A dark suit with a crisp dress shirt and a fun tie is the best option for a Christmas work function. Your significant other will look stylish, appropriate and will hopefully not be the negative topic of conversation at the water cooler the following morning.

When it comes to more personal events such as a family meal or a party hosted by a friend you can be a lot more daring with your outfit. If you and your other half have a taste for colour then pick out clothes that are rich in purple, burgundy and even gold and silver. If your style is a lot simpler like mine and my partner’s then pick out classic looks made up of black, red and white.

I like to throw in a hint of gold into my formal outfits but the males out there aren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to accessorising. Keeping it simple when adding some flair into an outfit intended for a male is the best option. A gold tie or one with a gold pattern can add that festive twist without overwhelming the entire outfit. Even a gold watch peeking out from their sleeve will assist in adding that edge.

As for the added extras that are needed when battling the cold a smart jacket in a neutral tone will add that finishing touch to whatever outfit your man chooses to wear. Although a coat will more than likely be removed upon entering the building you’re in it can really make or break an outfit. My favourite go to coat is camel with rose gold details while my partner’s is a grey piece. As they’re both neutral colours they complement each other and go with whatever outfits we’re wearing.

Shoes are also an obvious necessity and again, can make or break an outfit. While I favour more statement shoes to contrast with my simple outfits, my significant other goes for classic styles. His more timeless shoes are the complete opposite of my bolder choices but they help to keep my taste from being to jarring.

As much as I dread this time of year I’m always up for seeing my man looking (to quote him again) proper dapper all dressed up. Although there are occasions where we both feel like mixing it up and being a bit more daring with our choices, simple and classic is always our top pick for formal outfits. A man really can’t go wrong with timeless pieces regardless of how much wine and how many sausage roll crumbs end up all over his suit.

Disclaimer: This post was written in return for exposure because no one wants to pay bloggers for their work. Also, I never actually received any exposure. Winning.

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