The Average Christmas

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hands up if you’re glad Christmas is over! This year didn’t really feel like Christmas for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or because my brother wasn’t at home for it but it just felt off. It was basically a day were I got to wear a silver party hat while I ate mozzarella sticks for dinner.

I’m not hating on the day though, it was nice to spend some time with my parents and laugh at my dad while he stressed out over the barbecue (yes we barbecue in Scotland on Christmas Day in my house). Treating my parents was also rather lovely. I put a lot of thought into their gifts this year and for once, I was able to spend an amount I wish I was able to every single year. My parents have done a lot for my brother and me so they deserve a nice gift once in a while.

My presents this year were a little random to say the least. I mean, I had car shampoo in my stocking and a sponge under the tree. Those aren’t presents I expect but hey, at least my car is going to be the sparkliest thing on the street. My other half did completely spoil me with a huge Lush box, a signed Eric Weddle Chargers jersey, a box of 60 (yes 60!) Freddos and a Lush gift card though so the oddness was balanced out.

How snazzy is that Lush box?!

Nothing eventful really happened on Christmas for us. Last year my dad almost set the house on fire but this time around the house was safe and so was everyone in it. I think the most exciting thing that happened was me sticking my head in the toilet – I definitely overindulged in the chocolate pudding! I’m not making our day sound all that appealing am I?

Basically I have just written a post about how normal our day was. Like I’ve said before in Christmas related posts, we’re not really all that into it. I was just happy to have the day off work. Simple things!

Regardless of how uneventful my day was I hope you had a great time and got everything you wanted. If you’ve got any chocolate pudding left over please send it my way!

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