Yankee Christmas Cookie Candle

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Yesterday I went on a desperate mission to find a Secret Santa present for someone who I have deemed impossible to buy for. The present I originally purchased for them didn’t arrive in time (thank you Royal Mail!) so I made the mad and confusing drive to my local garden centre in hopes there would be something suitable in there. Instead what I found will ruin my bank account forever.

Inside my local garden centre is a table and on that table are all the Yankee candles a generic blogger could ever want. Apparently they’ve been selling Yankee candles for a while but no one thought about telling me, cruel people!

After I got over my initial excitement about this fact I purchased one candle and one candle only, oh hell let’s call it the candle to rule all candles.

I originally picked up Christmas Eve but in the end I decided the fruitiness of it would be a little too much for me so instead, I went for the deliciousness of Christmas Cookie. I picked up the smaller version mainly because I thought it was cute. I discriminate by size.

I haven’t actually lit the candle yet (aside from to take picture) but I imagine this is going to smell incredible and will probably have me buying boxes upon boxes of cookies. My room is currently reeking of Chinese takeaway so maybe I should actually light it. Decisions!

Anyway, this is has been a rather rambling post about candles so I think I shall end it here mainly because I want to smell Christmas Cookie again. Would it be weird to make my other half sleep on the couch so the candle can have his side? Candle issues.

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