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Thursday, 15 January 2015

After 4 years of constantly wearing messily applied nail polish on my fingernails I decided to give the poor stained things a break and I made this decision right after buying 4 nail polishes. Great timing on my part!

I’d gone a good 5 months without buying nail polish but I desperately (I really didn’t) needed new shades so I hopped onto Superdrug’s website and happily stumbled across a deal on Barry M. Thanks to the deal, my Superdrug points that are barely anything to brag about and free p&p I scored 4 nail polishes for under a tenner. Feel free to thank me bank account.

Mediterranean, Persian, Pacific and Mermaid are all part of the Barry M Aquarium collection and I am so late to the scene with these ones!

Barry M is usually my favourite brand for nail polishes but I really hate the application of these nail polishes. They’re beyond runny and very sheer so a good few coats is required for full opacity. The great thing about Barry M nail polishes is they do dry quickly which I guess slightly makes up for the amount of effort these require.

Despite the state these nail polishes leave my nails in I am beyond in love with the colours. I don’t think I’ve ever owned duochrome nail polishes before so I may be a little more excited than what is socially acceptable (is it even acceptable to be excited about stuff you put on your nails?). I’m just annoyed at my nails for not really being in any state to take more nail polish. How many times have I said “nail polish” in this post? Dear god.

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