Inside The Lush Box

Thursday, 8 January 2015

So you know how Christmas was like 2 weeks ago? Well I’m still talking about it! Christmas is relevant to this post though because it’s all about the Lush box my darling male human gifted me.

I haven’t used any of the things in this insanely brightly coloured box as of yet as it all looks so pretty. Seriously, I literally do not want to ruin the perfection of it all. I’m a weirdo aren’t I? Anyway, let’s get into the delightful things that live in this box.

Veganese, Dirty Springwash, Snowman and Rose Jam funnily enough all make up the first picture. Dirty Springwash is my favourite Lush shower gel (so far) so I’m rather stoked about this being in the box. Rose Jam is a shower gel I’ve recently purchased so I now have 2 bottles to get through but Vegenese and Snowman are completely new to me. Snowman smells incredible so I can’t wait to use it/accidentally drop it down the shower drain as it’s too jelly like.

I had said a few days before receiving the box that I really wanted to try Big and Ocean Salt. The gods of Lush must’ve heard me as they’re obviously in this box! D’Fluff is something I use on a regular basis so I’m rather pleased I have a smaller tub to take whenever I stay somewhere other than my house for a few days. Fair Trade Foot Lotion is another new product to me but my feet are looking forward to a – inadvertent rhyme – treat.

King of Skin is one of my favourite Lush products so I was over the moon to find its gorgeous yellowy goodness in the box. Toothy Tabs, Lip Service, Millionaire Dollar Moisturiser and Snow Fun are again, all new products to me so I’m pretty excited about their inclusion. I’m just excited about everything.

Soap! Yes there are 4 bits of soap and they all smell delicious. I typically avoid soap as I spend half of my shower chasing it around the floor so all of these are basically new to me. I have bought Ice Blue and Sandstone for my dad in the past and have been informed that they’re brilliant but Baked Alaska and Reindeer Rock are strangers to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through at least one shower without having to chase them around the floor.

So there is my perfect rather large Lush box. Now that I have the photos done for all the products I should really start to use them but I want them to look pretty and pristine for as long as possible. This is not normal behaviour!

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