Kurt Geiger Carvela Jennie Heels

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Is it bad that I’ve been meaning to write this post since August? I’m not even sure better late than never applies here, I think it’s more I’m a terrible blogger.

The Jennie’s were my first ever pair of Kurt Geiger shoes and I think they started an obsession. I typically go for bolder shoes so as soon as I spotted these beautiful iridescent babies I immediately snapped them up.

I love the simple design of these heels; the T bar makes them a classic style but the colour makes them a little edgier. The finish of the Jennies also makes them good for blinding your enemies in the sun.

The height of the heel is 5 inches so, as there’s a very small platform at the front of the shoe, I walk like a wounded duck in them. In all fairness I am used to the ever ugly but very comfortable Jeffrey Campbell Lita rather than the gorgeous stiletto that makes up the majority of Kurt Geiger shoes. Excuses, excuses!

If there is one thing that annoys me about these heels it’s the strap. There’s far too much of it for my fairly small ankles and there are very few holes pierced into the strap to put the buckle into. The obvious solution would be to cut another hole into the strap but I am so uncoordinated I’d probably end up cutting the strap right off. Maybe I could hire someone to do it for me. £5 to anyone who can!

Aside from the strap dilemma these shoes are one of my favourite pairs. I love how they can make a plain outfit interesting and how often people look in disgust at them. They’re not the most comfortable heel around but let’s be honest with ourselves, any shoe that puts your feet at a steep angle is never going to be comfortable. Now if you'll excuse me, I’m going to gaze lovingly at these beauties.

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