MAC Vegas Volt

Monday, 26 January 2015

The extensive range of MAC lipsticks is so overwhelming it makes me want to run away and cry over how many shades pink comes in. First world problems and all! I swear every time I browse the lipsticks I pick out the ones I already have before giving up on the search for the new perfect lipstick and return to binge watching Ugly Betty.

Vegas Volt sort of ended up in my basket by accident; online shopping on a phone is far too fiddly. I’m not exactly one for an orange coral shade but Vegas Volt won me over. I don’t know if it was because I have fond memories of a coral lipstick that smelt of coconut or because it was different from all of the pink but once I noticed it was in my basket I decided to go ahead and order it.

It’s an Amplified formula which is my absolute favourite formula MAC do. Vegas Volt is very creamy and incredibly easy to apply but it does often border on clown like. Apply this lipstick with a heavy hand and you’ll end up with it absolutely everywhere. Layer upon layer is definitely not my favourite way to wear this lipstick, if anything applying it with a lip brush is the only way forward for me.

As it’s a very creamy formula it tends to rub off on everything. My glass, food, toothbrush and even my other half all look fabulous while they wear the remnants of Vegas Volt. If I avoid things that would typically touch my lips Vegas Volt looks great for a good 6 hours. It doesn’t dry out my lips either which is always a major plus in my book.

Since it’s an orange-y coral it doesn’t really sit too well with my pale skin. I think this shade would look great on anyone who is blessed with a tan and would suit a rather pretty white dress in the summer; providing you’re not prone to getting it everywhere like I am, I found it on a frigging cushion for goodness sake. It’s just not really a shade that compliments us pale humans.

Vegas Volt isn’t going to be a shade that’s on my lips on a regular basis but I know it’ll make me feel very summery and probably make me look very messy whenever I do wear it. Bright colours are really something I should avoid when it comes to lipsticks but c’mon, look at how pretty Vegas Volt is! I need more MAC lipsticks in my life!

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