New Years Resolutions

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year’s Resolutions are something I always make but never keep. This year I am absolutely determined to stick to them though. These are changes I’ve wanted to make in my life for a while so – here comes the cliché – what better time to do it than a brand new year?

1. Exercise More

I have been a total couch potato all year. In 2013 I started running and was actually doing really well at it but then I just gave up. I tried to get back into it again last year but failed miserably; I just didn’t have the discipline. This year though I want to get fitter as I get out of breath just running up the stairs. It’s not a pleasant feeling!

2. Draw/Paint More

Art is something I love but something I constantly abandon. Again it’s all to do with a lack of discipline and if I’m honest, a severe lack of ability. Drawing doesn’t really come naturally to me and it’s due to a lack of practice. I’m going to try my best this year to not get frustrated when things go wrong and to stick with it. I want to finally be good at drawing and painting.

3. Be More Adventurous

There are so many things that I would like to do but just never bother. I would love to learn to snowboard and go rock climbing (in an indoor arena only, I’m not that daring) but I’m such a wuss and have yet to even attempt these things. Hopefully I’ll find my ovaries and will finally do the things I’m too scared to do.

I’m only going to make 3 this year as anymore would be pointless. These are all things I can stick to and can ease myself into too so with a bit of luck and determination I will be the fittest, artiest, daring person to ever grace this earth…or I’ll be able to run up the stairs without getting out of breath, I’ll take either one.

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