OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster

Saturday, 31 January 2015

You know when you’re 10p off of free delivery and decide that your money is better off spent on something fun rather than £3.50 for carriage? Yeah I fall for that little trick every single time. If the silk leopard print underwear I bought for my other half as a joke wasn’t on sale I wouldn’t have succumbed to the ways of online shopping. Damn.

I spent a rather long time choosing what product to get. I toyed with the idea of buying a lipstick in a shade I already have around 6 tubes of, I checked out all of the make up brushes but in the end I went for OPI I Mainely Eat Lobster. I must be missing summer judging by all of the coral products I’m buying these days.

I Mainely Eat Lobster is a gorgeous bright coral nail polish that just screams warm weather and margaritas. OPI and I don’t always get along formula wise but I’m rather pleased to say I Mainely Eat Lobster is perfect. It’s thick without being gloopy, it’s fairly chip resistant and it dries quickly enough for me to run out the door right after I’ve finished applying it.

Left: One coat. Right: Two coats

I’m actually a little confused by the colour of the nail polish. In the pictures it obviously sits on the more pink side of coral but in other lights it’s on the orange side. Basically it’s impossible to describe the true colour of I Mainely Eat Lobster as it will change in different lighting. Let’s just say it’s coral and run with that.

I Eat Mainely Lobster is a shade I will be rocking non-stop if I’m not careful. I absolutely love the colour of it and the fact I’m always reminded of warm weather whenever I look at the nail polish doesn’t hurt. Dearest summer please come back so the colour of my nails doesn’t look out of place!

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