The 22nd Birthday Present

Monday, 12 January 2015

January 5th 2015 was officially my 22nd birthday which is basically a sign that I am getting old. Ok maybe not old but I am not in love with the fact I’ve aged a year. We could get into the whole reason as to why I am not stoked with being 22 but this is going to be a shallow post so let’s not go there!

I always pick my birthday present from my parents so this year I requested earrings. I’ve been wearing the same silver teardrop earrings from Tiffany & Co since I was 17 and felt like it was time I got another pair…using someone else’s money.

I may have dropped some hints (i.e. I straight out told them) that Swarovski were having a sale and off they popped to Edinburgh. Easy as pie. They were actually already going to Edinburgh for the weekend but let’s pretend they love me enough to go there just for me.

It’s safe to say based on what my parents chose that they know me rather well. These earrings are the perfect size, they’re not too in your face but they do have a gorgeous little twist along the bottom of 2 of the hoops. I originally asked for gold but as I’m so picky with what shade of gold I’ll wear they chose to play it safe with silver and I’m so glad they did.

For once I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, as short as I can do anyway. I think I’m going to get a head start on what present to get from my parents next year; maybe an island in the Caribbean oh or a giant cookie…

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