February Favourites

Sunday, 1 March 2015

“It’s spring” I grumbled to myself as I woke up to the sounds of hailstones and a howling gale. I somehow managed to convince myself that, as today is March 1st, it will be sunny and warm but I conveniently forgot I live in Scotland, a place where the sun never shines. If someone could kindly remind me what warm weather feels like it would be much appreciated.

What am I babbling about? Here’s my February Favourites!

1. Lush Big

If you read my review on this shampoo you probably won’t be surprised to see it in my monthly favourites. Big is a sea salt infused shampoo that is so fabulous I can’t image my life or my hair without it. It does such a great job at washing my hair and keeping it soft and shiny I don’t think I can return to regular salt free shampoo.

2. Yankee Berrylicious

Berrylicious is such a sweet scent it practically has me drooling whenever I burn it. The first time I used this candle I combined it with Lush The Comforter bubble bar and the scent that filled the room was, for lack of a better word, delicious. Berrylicious is a perfect scent for those days when there are howling gales and hailstones outside. Hey wait a minute…

3. Roberta Minelli Bag

Ah my ever beautiful black Roberta Minelli bag. This is a great bag for throwing your keys, phone and purse into before running out the door. It’s the perfect addition to any casual outfit and it adds an understated level of class to my battered leather jacket and skinny jean ensemble. The only problem with it is it’s too small to fit all of the crap (mainly receipts from 6 months ago) I insist on carrying on a regular basis.

4. Olay Beauty Fluid

I’ve used this moisturiser on an off for a good few years now and it was an absolute life saver in February. I don’t know how it happened but something used on my face at the spa I went to for Valentine’s Day completely dried out my skin and the only way I could repair it was by slathering Olay Beauty Fluid all over my face. My skin is back to its usual self and it’s all thanks to this delightful moisturiser.

5. Ugly Betty

How late to the Ugly Betty party am I? I did start watching Ugly Betty when it first aired in 2007 but then the 3rd season hit our screens and I found it too ridiculous to watch. I discovered Ugly Betty again last year and ended up buying and binge watching this box set in February. I still find the 3rd and 4th season to be beyond stupid but hey, there are clothes and hot guys so what more could I want?

Writing this post has somehow given me a dead leg so I’m going to walk it off. I’m also going to go outside and yell at the sky for giving me such awful weather. I swear one of these days I will finish a monthly favourites post in a normal manner!

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