Nars Barbarella Lipstick Review

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Recently I haven’t been able to wear lipstick thanks to my disgustingly dry and chapped lips. It’s been absolute torture (perhaps a slight exaggeration there) opening my make up drawer and seeing all my beautiful lipsticks but being unable to wear them. Fortunately as the warmer weather has appeared and I’m drinking more water again my lips are in better condition so its lipstick central here!

I’ve had Nars Barbarella sitting in a drawer just calling out to be worn. I stupidly bought it in the Winter which meant it had to sit with the rest of my unused make up. As I have been dying to use it since the day I got it I figured it should be the first lip product to grace my newly less disgusting lips.

Barbarella is a rather gorgeous peach in the tube and a very sheer orange with a hint of pink on the lips. I didn’t actually realise it was a sheer lipstick when I purchased it so I actually thought it was a pile of rubbish when I first tried it. I feel like a moron!

Admittedly I was rather wary of introducing a new lipstick into my collection right after my lips stopped being so hideous but fortunately Barbarella isn’t drying at all. If I apply a little bit of lip balm before Barbarella my lips will stay moist (ew) all day.

The lasting power of Barbarella isn’t something to go crazy over. I find it lasts for about 4 hours before it needs topped up and it transfers to glasses/cups/cheese like there’s no tomorrow. I guess this is to be expected with sheer lipsticks so it’s not a huge issue for me.

It’s also a bad lipstick to wear in strong winds as your hair will get stuck to it but it does hold its own against heavy rain. I wonder what kind of weather I’ve been wearing this lipstick in…

I’m not even sure how Nars Barbarella ended up in my wishlist but I’m so glad I followed through on the purchase. It’s not a shade I would typically wear nor is it something I already have in my collection but that’s part of the appeal for me. It’s a brilliant nude shade for when you want to be a little more dressed up but don’t want to go all out. Go Nars!

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