(Not Another) Lush Haul

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

While in Edinburgh over the Bank Holiday weekend I made a quick stop in Lush. It was a necessary visit as my dad wanted soap, I wanted shampoo and I was determined to make my other half want something Lush related too. I’ll literally use any excuse to throw money at Lush!

Top of my list of things to purchase was Big shampoo. I’ve been using this shampoo since January and this is now my second tub of the salty gunk. I am planning on limiting my use of this shampoo to once a week as I think the salt is beginning to dry my hair out but I still absolutely adore everything about Big. I’m going to miss rubbing its large salty particles into my hair every day.

I was also in need of conditioner as the one I’m currently using (Lush Veganese) is about to run out. I wasn’t feeling any of the conditioners until I stumbled upon Retread. This is a rather thick conditioner that promises to mend the outer shaft of the hair. As previously stated my hair is now on the drier side of things so I’m hoping Retread will deliver on its promises.

I’m afraid to say my list of purchases ends with just Big and Retread. I currently have a lot of Lush things to use at the moment so I decided I’d limit my purchases. My bank balance didn’t manage to get out completely unscathed though as I still had to get some things for my dad, other half and my mum. Trying to turn people into Lush fiends is expensive work!

My other half was told he could have anything he wanted so he went for a shaving cream and a cleanser. Dirty shaving cream was the first thing he picked up which amused me to no end thanks to his inability to grow facial hair. After his first use of Dirty he told me it’s “thick” and his skin feels “really soft”. The softness was emphasised by him feeling his freshly shaved skin while making some strange faces. If that’s not an informative review I don’t know what is.

Ultrabland was the other item he picked up. So far he’s described this as “oily” and seemed to have a lot of fun googling reviews for it. I really wish I could something else about Ultrabland but all I’ve got is oily. I should really force my other half into writing a review about it. Prepare for oiliness, odd remarks and faux bigheadedness.

From left to right: Karma, Mangnificent, Honey I Washed the Kids.

My male human’s picks were followed by me staring in confusion at soap. I played it safe on the soap front for my dad and went for the Karma and Honey I Shrunk the Kids stack that he’s had before and Mangnificent. All of these soaps appeal to him so I knew he’d be a happy little bald man (I say little but he’s somehow grown an inch at 53 years old).

Since I was buying things for my other half and dad I figured I would get something for my mum too. As much as I try she’s not really all that into skincare and all that jazz but I ended up getting her a rather delicious smelling moisturiser regardless.

Formnlae Know As is something I have myself so I knew it would be good enough for my mum. It’s a gorgeous, thick, chocolatey lotion and I hope she likes it! Something tells me this is just going to sit next to her tub of Sympathy for the Skin until it expires.

Our “on the whim” pick was the Soft Coeur massage bar. If you read the description on the Lush website you’ll probably start drooling at the mere thought of it, if you smell it in person you’ll probably throw it at the staff in Lush in your haste to buy it. Soft Coeur is honestly one of the best smelling things in Lush and I can’t wait to use it.

That's yet another Lush haul done and dusted. I think I’m going to ask the lovely people in Lush in Edinburgh to ban me from coming into the store for the next few months as I have too much already. I just want it all!

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