Yankee Candle Haul

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Every time I go to Edinburgh I take the shortcut through John Lewis to get to Princes Street but that shortcut always results in me pulling my purse out of my bag. You see, once you get out of John Lewis you end up in the shopping centre which just happens to have a Yankee Candle store. Do you see where I’m going with this – of course you do, you’ve seen the title of this post!

I couldn’t resist a little trip into the Yankee Candle store and, as I had my other half in tow, I was always destined to spend far too much money on four too many candles. My bad.

The blue candles are always the ones that catch my eye first. There’s no rhyme or reason to this whatsoever, I just seem to really like blue things. Since this is the case I ended up sniffing Garden Sweet Pea straight away. This candle is wonderfully sweet (funnily enough) and actually seems like a more exciting fresh laundry scent to me. It’s not too sharp or sickly so Garden Sweet Pea is a brilliant candle to burn when you want a more relaxing yet interesting scent to fill the air.

Vanilla Lime was also quickly picked up. This candle smells exactly like the title would suggest. It’s very vanilla-y (excellent description there) but it has that tangy lime scent to it. It’s not something I would typically go for as to be honest the name of it just sounds awful to me but the vanilla and lime work incredibly well together.

Shea Butter was purchased because, well, it reminds me of my mum. That sounds like such an odd reason to buy a candle but it’s a sad fact. It smells a lot like a moisturiser she used to use when I was a child so I guess Shea Butter is a bit of nostalgia for me. It’s a very clean, very calming scent and something that will probably end up in my permanent candle collection. Could I have made myself sound like any more of a loser there?

My other half was the one who picked up Fluffy Towels and kept it for himself. Okay it was actually bought for him but as it’s with him and not me I can’t really describe the scent – because I’m doing so well at that as it is. If I recall correctly it smells like fluffy towels, clean ones of course not one you’ve just used to dry your dog with. I bet you didn’t think it would smell like fluffy towels.

Turquoise Sky ended up in this haul because the Yankee Candle store was having a deal on the candles. Basically if you spent x amount of pounds (I think it was £35.00 but I could be wrong) you got a free candle from their reject bin.

I ended up choosing Turquoise Sky since it’s blue and it smells alright. I wish I could be more excited about it but it reminds me of a nicely scented bathroom. Maybe I’ll just leave this in the bathroom for when I want to make guests think my loo always smells nice.

I think I’m good on the candle front for a while (I also purchased a Shearer Candle in Cranachan from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, whoops) so if you ever see me near any candle store throw rocks at me. Why are candles so easy to buy?!

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