British Touring Car Championship

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

If you've ever been to Knockhill, the racing circuit somewhere in the east of Scotland, you'll know just how cold and wet it can be. It seems to come as a surprise when the sun comes out; so much so that even the commentators can't stop talking about the glorious weather. Of course, it isn't Knockhill without a bit of wind so I watched the majority of the British Touring Car Championship looking incredibly windswept and not very interesting.

The British Touring Car Championship rolled into Knockhill on August 22nd and 23rd. My other half and I had decided we wanted to go following our stint at the British Superbikes and we were lucky enough to be given complimentary tickets courtesy of my dad's work.

Admittedly I'm more of a motorbike fan than I am a car fan but even I can't deny the excitement of the BTCC. It draws in one hell of a crowd every year and although we turned up before the first race, we still struggled to find a spot. Usually I choose to sit at Scotmans corner for the motorbikes but this just wasn't an option for the BTCC. We found ourselves sitting somewhere on the side of the track I rarely visit and of course, the drunken idiots were out in full force around us. Ah the punishment for sleeping until 9am.

While there wasn't a huge lot of action in the location we were stuck in the BTCC was as brilliant as always. I can't imagine it's everyone's cup of tea to sit for 6 hours in the freezing cold wind watching cars whizz past them but for me, it's utter bliss. It actually makes me want to hop behind the wheel of one of the cars and go as fast as possible but as I've crashed a go kart on a straight I don't think that'll ever happen. To think I absolutely hated going to Knockhill when I was a kid!

Next month Knockhill will host the Super Lap Scotland Finale and Paul Walker Tribute and I'm itching to go. September is always a dodgy time for Scottish weather so no doubt it'll probably be snowing or something equally ridiculous at Knockhill but that's part of the fun. You never know if it's gonna be you or one of the drivers/riders who ends up skidding about on their backside.

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