Illamasqua Luster Lipstick Review

Thursday, 13 August 2015

When I first spotted Illamasqua Luster in the Selfridge’s Summer Beauty Box I almost wet myself in excitement (lovely mental image for you there). Luster ticks every single box on my lipstick wishlist. It’s brightly coloured, it comes in sleek packaging and it probably looks atrocious on me (the last one isn’t on my wishlist, it’s just a sad fact about the majority of lipsticks I like).

On paper Luster is the perfect lipstick for me. The only issue surrounding it was my previous experience with an Illamasqua lipstick, Virgin to be exact. I really did not care for the pigmentation of Virgin and as a result I was rather worried about how Luster would perform.

As Luster is a vivid lipstick I expected vivid results and to my surprise, Luster really delivered. One quick application resulted in bright pink lips and a very happy me. Another more precise application meant even brighter lips and an even happier me. One point for Luster!

Once I was happy with my uneven bright pink lips (why couldn’t I have been born with even lips?) I began to worry about the staying power. Luster comes from the ‘Glamore’ collection which involves a lot of satin finishes and creamy formulas. Usually creamy lipsticks and I get on for a few hours before we tend to part ways. Creamy lipsticks seem to want to be on my glass, my food, my hair…basically anywhere that isn’t my lips.

As this is the case I assumed Luster would jump off my face onto anything that would have it but it didn’t quite work out that way. Sure there was some transfer whenever I had a drink or ate some food but nothing extreme. A quick little dab of my lips with my finger after eating/drinking meant Luster would even itself again and no one was any the wiser.

Since Illamasqua proved me wrong on the pigmentation and staying power I assumed I would be proven wrong on whether Luster would dry my lips out or not. I hoped it wouldn’t but sadly it did. I’ve been back on the water like there’s no tomorrow so my lips were in tip, top condition but Luster wasn’t having that. After around 8 hours of wear I could feel my lips getting a little drier and slightly flaky. A little bit of lip balm temporarily solved the issue but my lips usually stay on the drier side after I’ve removed Luster for the night.

Overall I’m really impressed with Luster. I don’t think it looks that great on me so I would think twice before purchasing this if you’re ghostly white like I am but that aside, I really like Luster. Sure I could do without it drying my lips out but hey, that’s a small price to pay for a gorgeous, obnoxious bright pink lipstick. If you’re looking for a less “in your face” version of MAC Candy Yum Yum then Illamasqua Luster is your thing!

And just to end this post on an adorable note here's Teddy attempting to assist me with blog photos. I asked him if he would help me write this post but apparently disfiguring his toy duck was more important.

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