Kenneth Jay Lane 2 Tiered Necklace

Saturday, 29 August 2015

When I was 14 I went through that delightful emo turned scene kid phase all the cool kids go through. I wore a tonne of cheap costume jewellery and thought I looked as cool as those Bebo “Fame Kids” (does anyone else remember them?). Eventually I realised I looked like an absolute imbecile and the time it took to put on and remove all of that jewellery was not worth it. I think I’m still shell shocked from those days as now my jewellery collection is extremely modest and contains only tasteful items.

As my collection is so small there is a distinct lack of various items, particularly anything gold (unless you count that 50 Cent like chain as tasteful of course). Since I noticed the gold gap I decided to hunt for a pretty, dainty gold necklace to jazz up dull outfits. My search didn’t last long as I stumbled upon this beautiful 2 tiered gold necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane.

I instantly fell in love with this necklace as soon as I spotted the tiny little picture of it online. The 2 tier style helps add a little interest to the necklace while the gold rectangles keep the necklace simple and delicate.

The necklaces arrived joined together but have since separated after they managed to get in a tangle with each other. I’ve kept them separate so now I’m in great danger of losing one of the tiers. I’m not a huge fan of them being 2 separate necklaces since I plan on always wearing them together and have a tendency to lose jewellery down the side of some form of furniture. I’m sure in a few weeks one of these necklaces will have disappeared and will resurface in 5 years from now.

Despite the fact I risk losing one of these necklaces I’m rather happy with my pick. For once I’ve chosen gold jewellery that doesn’t look like it belongs around the neck of a really bad rapper. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of use out of the Kenneth Jay Lane two tiered necklace before my disturbing love of chunky gold chains returns. If you ever see me in public looking like I should be hanging out with 2Chainz, please pull me to the side and have a serious word with me.

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