Nails Inc Chiltern Street

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Gel effect nail polishes and I don’t really get on with each other. The first coat is always fine but somehow I always seem to mess up the second coat and my nail polish becomes patchy, rough to touch and just not that pretty. As this is the case I typically stay away from gel effect nail polishes but Selfridges and their delightful Beauty Box didn’t get the memo.

Nails Inc Chiltern Street is in Selfridges Summer Beauty Box and when I first saw it I didn’t really know what to make of it. Pale pink looks about as good on me as lipstick does on a pig, throw in the gel effect and I was pretty much screwed with this nail polish. Being the experimental person that I am though (oh how I make myself laugh) I bit the bullet and tried Chiltern Street regardless.

Usually pale pink nail polishes require a lot of coats to even get close to something that can be described as opaque but as Chiltern Street is a gel effect nail polish this isn’t the case. Chiltern Street gives you an even, almost fully opaque finish with just the first layer. Apply a thin second layer and your nails will be a pretty pale pink without the awful “I totally rushed this” look I rock on my nails.

Like I previously mentioned I always seem to mess up the second layer so I’ve become extra careful during the 2 minutes I have to apply nail polish before leaving for work. Chiltern Street has been in danger of giving me that usual rough to touch finish but I somehow salvage it and even it all out every time. I would love to say that’s down to my amazing polish applying skills but I think it’s more to do with Nails Inc’s formula.

As for the all-important chip resistance well, Nails Inc are on to a winner with Chiltern Street. This nail polish lasts around 2 days before the chipping starts to occur and even then, it’s hardly worth talking about. The only reason I remove Chiltern Street from my nails is because I’m bored of the colour, not because it’s chipped to the death.

Am I over the moon that Nails Inc Chiltern Street is in the Selfirdges Summer Beauty Box? No but I’m not mad about it. Like I said, pale pink nail polishes just don’t look right on me but I’m rather happy with the formula and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polish now. Perhaps Chiltern Street just started a beautiful gel effect friendship with me.

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