Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray Review

Saturday, 22 August 2015

While my skin has changed a lot over the years my make up routine hasn’t. I always mix foundation with a Barry M white foundation (now discontinued, boo!) before applying some form of powder in an attempt to keep everything matte. Now that my skin has reached the oiliest it’s ever been (and will hopefully not become any oilier) I’m beginning to search for new products that will help me keep my preferred matte finish.

One item that was on my “must have” list in the fight against oil is the Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray. I never really got around to purchasing it but fortunately for me, it appeared in the Selfridges Summer Beauty Box. Hurray for impulse buys!

The whole application of the Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray isn’t my favourite thing in the world but sometimes you just have to spray yourself in the face with liquid. The bottle states that this spray should be applied in an X and T formation but I find it impossible to do this; I just don’t have enough face for Xs and Ts. I personally find that two sprays is more than enough to cover all of my skin and anything more would start to drown me.

The spray itself is very light and doesn’t emphasise any pores. It also doesn’t cause make up to settle into any fine lines nor does it cause your make up to instantly look caky and patchy. I do find it has a bit of a vodka like smell to it which makes me feel a little sick. The scent does disappear quickly but it’s not the most pleasant of scents.

When it comes to the whole keeping oil at bay thing I’m afraid to say I’m not impressed. The drying time for this spray is about 2 minutes after application and once it is dry I can see my face looks just as shiny as it does before I apply the spray. I end up applying more MAC Blot Powder after the Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray is dry as I just can’t stand the shine.

Things don’t really get much better for me during the days I’ve covered my face in the Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray. I may as well just go without it as my face is just as oily a few hours after the initial application as it is without the spray.

I’m actually a little gutted that the Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray didn’t live up to my expectations. I usually love Urban Decay’s make up but this just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s just me and my face…

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