New Year's Resolutions

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Well it’s that time of year again. The time where I lie to myself and pretend I’m going to be a better person when in reality, all I’m going to do is eat copious amounts of crisps and maybe get out of bed before 12pm. Despite the obvious lies I’m about to tell, I will do my best to make 2016 a good year and maybe one day, I’ll see 10am on the weekend. Okay, let’s get into the – lies – New Year’s resolutions.

Starting the resolutions early by doodling a quick picture.

1. Be Healthier

The crisps I just mentioned clearly contradict this resolution but there’s no harm in trying is there? 2015 was the year of fruit, occasional workouts, crisps and soda so 2016 will be the year of more fruit, more workouts, less crisps and less soda. I make no promises in those workouts but one sit up a day is better than none.

2. Save More Money

I did really well at saving money in 2015 but then I went shopping in October and I haven’t seen that money since. I’ll be 23 in 2016 so I guess I should be an adult and save for boring things like car repairs, houses and washing up liquid. Life was so much more fun when I was saving for shoes.

3. Plan Ahead

Organisation and I sometimes cross paths but for the most part, we’re in completely different forests. I have tried to plan ahead with meals, days out and general human related things but I’ve pretty much failed every time. In 2016 I want to know what I need to buy from the shop rather than wandering around aimlessly and I want to know what time I need to leave the house by in order to get a full day trip in. Oh my goodness have I just become an adult?

4. Draw More

I almost achieved this in October but then I had to start a new job in November and discovered I no longer had time for such frustrating tasks. Now that I’m beginning to get my body used to waking up at awful times in the morning, I have a bit more energy at night to put into drawing. By the end of 2016 I will be the next Van Gogh (i.e poor, earless but talented).

I think 4 resolutions is a good stopping point. It’ll be a miracle if I even manage to stick to one of these but as my sketchbooks lay empty and my kidneys remain sore, I think some of these things need to be done. 2016, the year I become an adult while still looking like a 14 year old.

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