Soap and Glory Three Times Butter

Friday, 29 January 2016

During the festive period I decided to participate in a blogger Secret Santa. The lovely girl who had the misfortune of sending me a gift was Charlotte from She was really sweet and sent me my first ever Soap and Glory items. I’m so behind on the beauty products hype!

Soap & Glory Three Times Butter

I was given the Soap & Glory Three Times Butter giftset which of course consisted of 3 body buttercreams. As I’m a bit of a moisturiser fiend I was rather delighted with the gift and couldn’t wait to start using them all.

All 3 of the buttercreams are extremely thick and rather luxurious feeling. You don’t get a great deal of product in each tub and I find I have to use a fair amount to cover all of my body. It’s also better to use each buttercream on wet skin as it’s an absolute nightmare to rub any of them in on dry skin. Anyway, enough of the overview, let’s get into each product.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

The Righteous Butter is probably the most feminine smelling buttercream out of the three. It smells fruity and delicious and is one of the nicest smelling moisturisers I’ve ever used. The scent sticks around throughout the day so I rarely wear perfume when I’ve used this. It does do a good job at moisturising and I think The Righteous Butter will be the one that’s used up first.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

The Sugar Crush buttercream makes me thirsty every single time I use it. It smells of lemonade which, although I’m not a fan of on its own, it makes my mouth water. That becomes a bit of a problem throughout the day as the sweet scent lingers on the skin and makes me crave sugary drinks. Like The Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush does do a good job at keeping the skin soft and moisturised and it’s probably my favourite out of the three.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star

Smoothie Star is probably my least favourite out of the three due to the fact it smells like stale biscuits and vanilla. Usually I’m quite happy when things smell like biscuits but it’s not a scent I want on my skin; it makes me worry people think I bathe in biscuit crumbs. As a result of the scent, Body Buttercream is the one that’s very scarcely used but it does do an adequate job at moisturising the skin.

Overall I’m really happy with this gift even if one of the buttercreams makes me smell like something you dunk in a cup of tea. As the tubs are all quite small and fairly robust, they’re forever being thrown in an overnight bag for nights away from home so they’re coming in handy quite a lot. I always say I’m going to try Soap and Glory products and never do but I think these 3 little items may start me on a Soap and Glory binge. Sorry bank account!

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