The "Not Quite" Engagement Ring

Thursday, 14 January 2016

A few weeks before Christmas, my other half and I confused and excited Ernest Jones’ staff by having my ring finger measured. They obviously assumed we were about to get engaged but the reality was far from this. My other half wanted to get me a ring for Christmas and I only wear rings on my left hand. All that excitement for no reason whatsoever!

Ernest Jones Ring

The reason behind the ring idea for Christmas was all due to my excessive browsing on the Swarovski website. I had spotted a rather beautiful silver ring with a small design on it that I absolutely loved but sadly, the ring and I were never meant to be. I have freakishly small fingers and although we could potentially have gotten the Swarovski ring resized, there was no guarantee of this. Instead, my other half was left to look through other rings and try and figure out which would be best. Poor guy!

I like fairly simple but high quality jewellery so my other half had some information to work with. I also only like certain shades of gold so at least he knew he should only be looking at silver rings. Fortunately he had some help from the lovely sales assistant (who we both actually went to school with) and from the sounds of things, he did his usual and couldn’t make a decision for a very long time. Fortunately in the end, he chose what I’ve considered to be the perfect ring.

Ernest Jones Ring

The ring he gave me is simple and elegant but still has a little bit of bling to it. It has a rather lovely floral design nestled on an interestingly shaped band. He was assured it wasn’t an engagement ring but it would appear the opposite may be true. I’ve confused everyone from friends to colleagues to family members as to whether we’re actually engaged or not. It probably didn’t help that my other half got down on one knee (which he told my mum he was going to do as a joke when giving me the ring) while I was unwrapping the present.

Should my other half ever actually get down on one knee for real he’s going to have a hell of a time trying to outdo himself ring wise. I don’t typically wear rings so it must say a lot if I now feel naked without this gorgeous piece of jewellery on my finger. I’ve been wearing this ring since Boxing Day and I still can’t take my eyes off of it, it’s just so pretty. Who knew my other half would be so good at choosing jewellery! Now if only I could train him to start picking out shoes and bags…

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