5 Reasons To Be Happy

Thursday, 18 February 2016

On my quest to become a more positive person (which involves far more biting of my tongue than I initially thought) I’ve realised I have quite a few things to be happy about. I’m fairly certain there isn’t a better way to spread the positivity than to share my 5 things I'm rather happy about here, on my own little space on the internet.

Red rose

1. Family

Ah yes the obvious one but possibly one of the most important things. My brother currently lives in Australia and has just applied for citizenship so I won’t be seeing him for a considerable period of time. He did come back for Christmas and it was incredible to see how different he is now. He left Scotland an angry little gremlin but has now acquired a rather lovely French girlfriend and the sun seems to be doing him good. My parents and I have plans to hopefully visit him towards the end of the year but if I see a giant spider, I’m getting on the first plane home.

2. My Other Half

The apple to my pie! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is to have someone you know will always be there and won’t judge you when you decide to act like a penguin. He’s a rather delightful human being who’s had a few things thrown at him in the last year but has handled it incredibly well. I could probably write an essay about how awesome he is but it’ll be a sloppy gushfest so let’s refrain from doing that.

3. Teddy

Aww my little bear. The day Teddy leaves for the next stage of his Guide Dog training is fast approaching so we have very little time with him now. I rarely see him since he lives at my parents but when I do see him, you can guarantee he’ll sit on me and wack me with his duck toys. We’ll probably get another puppy after Teddy leaves but I’m going to miss the little guy. I’ve never met a dog as wiggly as him.

4. Money

I know, I know, money doesn’t buy happiness but having no money to buy cookies with is also not going to make me happy. Now that I have to adult properly I’m starting to really appreciate those pennies and have stopped being so frivolous with my cash. I still want to spend an obscene amount on shoes and bags but now I know I have to work for those things rather than having them handed to me. I still wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to buy me a Chanel bag though.

5. Shoes

A material possession, how wonderfully fickle of me. I have a bit of a shoe obsession yet somehow seem to own very few day appropriate shoes. Doing your weekly food shop in bright blue, 5 inch heels is totally fine though right? Regardless of my inability to buy appropriate shoes, I’m still forever grateful for the beautiful pairs I do have. I may get frustrated on a regular basis at the clothes I currently own but at least I know I can always jazz up an outfit with obnoxiously red heels.

Obviously I have a lot more things to be happy about than the people, the puppy and the shallow things in my life but the rain that’s currently battering against my window made my happiness disintegrate. Maybe I should do a reasons to not be happy post and have every single reason as “hideous Scottish weather”. I don’t even have a pair of shoes that will hold up in puddles!

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