Lush Ice Blue Shampoo Review

Thursday, 11 February 2016

While scouring through Lush’s shampoos and losing hope at finding one beyond Big, I stumbled upon the Lush kitchen. I’ve had a nosy at Lush kitchen quite a lot but I’m either too late to buy the products or they just don’t take my fancy. This time around was different though as some new products had just been added and one of them happened to be a shampoo.

Lush Ice Blue Shampoo

Ice Blue is exactly how you would expect it to be. It’s a gorgeous blue shade and has a rather delightful minty scent. If you’ve ever had a good old sniff of Ice Blue soap then you’ll be familiar with the scent of this shampoo.

Sadly the scent seems to change ever so slightly when I’m actually applying it to my hair. I find it becomes a combination of mint, DIY stores and woodland areas. It’s not a bad scent but I don’t really want to smell B&Q in the morning. Fortunately, the odd scent disappears once my hair is styled for the day and a very subtle mint smell is left behind.

Lush Ice Blue Shampoo

When it comes to actually washing the hair however, I can’t fault Ice Blue. It does a great job at getting rid of the dirt and whatever else is in my hair and leaves it squeaky clean. Ice Blue also leaves my hair rather soft and adds a little bit of volume. The bottle does claim that the peppermint and spearmint Ice Blue is loaded with will leave your scalp tingling but I’ve yet to experience such a sensation.

Unfortunately as Ice Blue is a Lush Kitchen item it is limited edition but from what I can gather, it does reappear from time to time. I wash my hair every day and although I use a fairly small amount each time, Ice Blue isn’t going to last me for very long. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and there will be a new batch of Ice Blue in the Kitchen soon.

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