Lush Retread Review

Monday, 29 February 2016

After years of dyeing and stripping my hair, I’ve left it in a bit of an odd state. I may blow dry and straighten my hair every day in a bid to look presentable but I often forget about the health of the long, black/ginger/blonde (not a colour palette I chose before you think I look like a cat) stuff on my head. After being on a bit of a downer about the lack of shine to my hair, I decided to buy Lush Retread conditioner. This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to shop when I don’t feel like Adriana Lima – which coincidentally is every day.

Lush Retread

Retread is marketed as a heavier weight conditioner that will pull your hair out of its funk. It contains cantaloupe for softening, soya milk for protein and olive, jojoba and avocado oils for a deep condition. It all sounds rather fine and dandy doesn’t it?

Thanks to all of the fabulous natural ingredients, Retread smells disgusting. It smells like a mix of rubber and flowers which isn’t necessarily something I like smelling. Fortunately, the stench doesn’t linger on your hair once Retread is washed out.

Lush Retread

Aside from the smell, Retread does do a good job at conditioning my hair. I say good job and nothing more spectacular than that because really, I find it to be quite an average conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling and looking as good as any regular drugstore conditioner that costs half the price.

Despite the fact Retread is pretty much on par with drugstore brands when it comes to actually conditioning my hair, I do thoroughly enjoy the fact it’s all completely natural and not silicone based. Retread doesn’t leave behind the typical slick conditioner feel once it’s rinsed out which does make me panic about my hair looking like a birds nest once it’s dry.

Lush Retread

Fortunately, my hair is yet to resemble a place birds lay their eggs in but Retread does make it difficult to comb my hair. Even my Tangle Teezer struggles to get through some of the issues Retread causes.

Overall, I’m a little disappointed with Retread. If it went beyond the acts of a regular conditioner I would be raving about it to anyone who will listen but alas, I’ve had more success with some questionable Tresemme products. While the natural ingredients are brilliant, I don’t think I’ll be dropping £11.25 on another tub any time soon.

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