My MAC Lipstick Collection

Sunday, 6 March 2016

While I have a tendency to buy a lipstick whenever I make a purchase from MAC, my collection remains modest in size. It fits neatly in my make up drawer and they blend in rather well with all of the other black cased lipsticks I’ve insisted on buying. While I may not own every single shade, I still feel like sharing the ones I do have with you. We can drool over the pretty shades together!

MAC lipstick collection

Let’s start with my least obnoxious shade. Chatterbox is a beautiful, pale pink shade that is perfect for all occasions. It’s an Amplified formula therefore it’s creamy, easy to apply and doesn’t dry out my lips. I love wearing Chatterbox when I want to look like I made an effort without being too over the top.

Flat Out Fabulous is going to act as my test for MAC Heroin. I want to say it’s a purple but there’s so much pink in it, I can’t even think of a suitable description. I can tell you though Flat Out Fabulous is an amazing lipstick and one I tend to wear if I know I will be consuming a lot of liquid. This lipstick just does not budge!

MAC Chatterbox, Flat out Fabulous, Impassioned
From left to right: Chatterbox, Flat Out Fabulous and Impassioned.

Impassioned is another Amplified formula and is my absolute favourite shade – I’m wearing it as I write this post! It’s a bold pink that can be muted if you apply it lightly with a lip brush. As it’s an Amplified formula it’s exactly like Chatterbox in terms of application but Impassioned sticks around much longer than Chatterbox.

Lady Danger was my first MAC purchase and considering how long I’ve had it, I should throw it away. I don’t want to part with it as it popped my MAC cherry and it’s such a lovely red with orange undertones. I thoroughly enjoy wearing Lady Danger whenever I’m feeling like, well, a lady. Is this a Shania Twain – Man, I Feel Like A Woman moment?

MAC Dangerous and Lady Danger
Left to right: Dangerous and Lady Danger

Here we have the other red MAC lipstick in my collection. No it’s not Ruby Woo or Russian Red, it is in fact Dangerous. Annoyingly, Dangerous and Lady Danger are very close relatives. Dangerous is more matte than Lady Danger but aside from that, they could be the same lipstick for all I know. Despite the similarities (and obvious waste of money) I still adore Dangerous and wear it when I’m going all out.

The most extreme lipstick I own is Candy Yum Yum and I definitely have to be in the right mood to wear this one. Candy Yum Yum is a ridiculously bright pink that you can spot from a mile away. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it is my least worn shade. I kind of feel like I’m reliving my scene kid days whenever I wear this lipstick.

MAC Vegas Volt and Candy Yum Yum
From left to right: Vegas Volt and Candy Yum Yum.

Finally, while it’s not typically a shade I would gravitate towards, I somehow ended up purchasing Vegas Volt and haven’t looked back. There are times when I look at Vegas Volt and question my purchase but then I apply it and fall in love with it all over again. If I get the rest of my make up right, Vegas Volt can do wonders for me. I don’t really want to tell you what happens when I don’t get everything else right though!

So there we have my entire MAC collection. It’s small in size and doesn’t exactly have much variety but I love it all the same. Whenever I try to buy a new MAC lipstick, I tend to pick up the ones I already have – I realise before I actually buy them again before you think I’m that stupid – so at least I know I really, really like them. Who needs 40 lipsticks anyway? I do kind of want 40 lipsticks though…

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