Sephora Call Me Baby Review

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Every time I decide I need a new make up product, I wonder why the UK does not have a Sephora. It’s probably a good thing we don’t as my bank balance would never be the same again but still, us Brits deserve some Sephora treats.

Sephora Call Me Baby Lipstick

Despite the lack of Sephora, I did manage to get my hands on one of their lipsticks thanks to having parents who decided to skip off to Italy for a few days. My parents know that I absolutely adore Sephora so I think they felt obliged into getting me something from there. My parents also know I have a thing for bright lip colours so they got me the rather fabulous Call Me Baby. Win!

Call Me Baby is part of the Sephora Rouge Cream lipstick collection which is a revamp of the Sephora Lip Attitude Chic. Sephora claim that this collection is hydrating and creates full lips with intense colour. I will hand it to Sephora right off the bat as Call Me Baby is certainly an intensely bright lipstick!

Sephora Call Me Baby Lipstick Swatch

As for the rest of the claims well, I’ve never known a lipstick to be hydrating so we can throw that right out of the window. While Call Me Baby doesn’t dry out my lips, it doesn’t exactly help them to stay moisturised. It also doesn’t create full lips and that claim alone is completely confusing me. To me, Sephora are somewhat suggesting that the Rouge Cream lipsticks will plump up your lips but in reality, the only way they’re going to be fuller is if you draw them slightly bigger with a lipliner. I can tell you that Call Me Baby did not make my uneven lips any fuller!

Despite the fact Sephora were clearly drunk when they wrote their Rouge Cream lipstick description, Call Me Baby does deliver on some things. The formula is very creamy and incredibly easy to apply. It’s also well pigmented so it’s extremely bright (which means any mistakes I make while applying it are next to impossible to remove or cover up) and it doesn’t budge while eating and drinking. For $12.50 (or however much my parents paid in Euros), it’s a great lipstick and is also the perfect dupe for Illamasqua Luster.

Sephora Call Me Baby Lipstick

While I’m still annoyed at the complete lack of Sephora in the UK (although if they did choose to open one I bet it will be in London which will only annoy me further) I think Call Me Baby will keep me happy for a while. I love wearing this lipstick and I think it’s safe to say my parents did rather well in choosing this particular shade for me. Go team parents!

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