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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Have you ever intended on listening to just a few songs before going to sleep or rolling out of bed yet you’re still in the same position 3 hours later? That seems to be happening to be more and more. I intend on going to sleep at 11pm but I’m usually still grooving in my bed 4 hours later. Thank god there’s no one around to hear me as my dancing in bed makes it sound like I’m doing something very different.

Beats by Dr Dre

While I’ve given up on trying to find new music as everything sounds the same to me now – is this the first sign of old age? – I do occasionally listen to something beyond Eminem. I could happily babble about each and every song I have on Spotify and my iPod but I’m fairly certain my blog would crash from the sheer length of the post. Instead, I’m just going to share a couple of my latest favourites with you. Here goes!

Can we just take a minute to reminisce about The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land? How incredible was that album? While I love old school The Prodigy, I am really enjoying their new stuff especially when played live. Invaders Must Die is one of my favourite albums of all time but their new album, The Day Is My Enemy is slowly climbing up the ladder.

Get Your Fight on is probably my favourite song from the The Day Is My Enemy as it’s so disgustingly aggressive! It’s definitely an extension of the songs from Invaders Must Die and I’m rather enjoying the fact The Prodigy are heading in this direction. I seem to really like having Keith Flint screaming in my ear, I don’t know what that says about me!

Action Bronson - What About The Rest of Us

I really love the Southpaw soundtrack, like seriously love it but I’ve only just started to appreciate Action Bronson – What About The Rest of Us. I tend to listen to Eminem’s and Bad Meets Evil’s offerings on the soundtrack hence why it’s taken me so long to properly like this song. I kind of like having What About The Rest of Us playing in the background when I’m doing something that requires a lot of concentration.

I like having noise around me but I don’t like anything that’s going to steal my focus from what I’m doing so the repetitive beat of this song works perfectly. It’s a really simple, straightforward song in comparison to the rest of the soundtrack but it’s amazing all the same.

My other half woke me up when the news broke that David Bowie had died and I flat out refused to believe it. I grew up listening to David Bowie and almost had the opportunity to see him live in 2004 until he was forced to cancel the performance. I never really appreciated David Bowie as a child and even into my early teens but I’m glad I was raised on his music.

One of the songs that’s always stuck out for me and ended up being in my head for 3 days after his death is Starman. I never remembered the words as a kid but I do remember forever trying to sing Starman in my bedroom and mixing the lyrics up with The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Eminem - Stronger Than I Was

While I do branch out from Eminem from time to time, I still like blasting him into my eardrums. I seem to have a habit of getting totally obsessed with one of his songs for a month or so before moving on to another one. The song I’m currently obsessed with is Stronger Than I Was from The Marshall Mathers LP 2. I really wish this song was around during my teenage years as it’s such a great break up song without all the slushiness break up songs usually come with.

It’s not the fastest of Eminem’s songs and if you’re looking for a killer rap then I’d point you in the direction of Rap God but I love Stronger Than I Was regardless. I don’t even want to know how many times I’ve listened to it in the past few days; it’s probably an embarrassing amount!

Now that I’ve written this post I have a mash up of Action Bronson and Eminem stuck in my head. I guess that beats having the Cha Cha Slide forever playing in my mind and fighting the urge to do the dance in public. Hey, maybe if I do another one of these posts the Cha Cha Slide might feature in it. That song is still relevant right?

Tell me which songs you’re constantly playing – if you name an Eminem song you’ll automatically become my best friend.

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