The Other Lush Collection

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The fact I’m a huge fan of Lush is probably not a shock to you if you’ve been around on my blog before. Anything that involves my beauty favourites will probably feature at least one Lush product and I happily spend hours browsing their website and their stores. Despite my love for all things Lush, it’s taken me a while to get my other half into the natural goodness. It’s only in the last few months that he’s started his own collection and I’ve sneakily chosen to share it with you. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what my other half uses in the morning?

A few months after we got together, I bought him a small bottle of Dirty Springwash shower gel. It’s my favourite Lush scent so naturally, I wanted him to smell like it. He took ages to finally try Dirty Springwash but once he did, he was hooked. He’s since bought himself a much larger bottle of the minty, blue stuff and still seems rather pleased with it. He still makes me smell his hair whenever he’s used it.

Lush Dirty Springwash and Lush Dirty

My other half can’t grow a beard; he’s tried and tried but the best he’s managed was on par with a 12-year-old going through puberty. Due to this, he has to shave off his tiny little hairs every few days and Dirty is the shaving cream to assist with the task. This is his second tub and I imagine not his last. Upon asking how he feels about Dirty he replied with “I feel good”. I guess that says it all.

For some unknown reason, my other half loves to exfoliate his skin and after using the majority of my tub of Ocean Salt, he eventually got his own (which I help myself to in revenge). He does find Ocean Salt to be a little bit too rough for his skin so he uses it once in a while as opposed to x amount of times a week. It’s a product that probably benefits me more than him but hey, he basically owes me a tub anyway!

Lush Ocean Salt and Lush Ultrabland

Finally, we have Ultrabland, the facial cleanser that he isn’t overly keen on. Ultrabland was my recommendation to him as it was one of the first Lush products I tried but I didn’t take into consideration how greasy it can make your skin. Due to its heaviness, he’s not a huge fan of it. Ultrabland does get used on a regular basis but when it comes to expanding his collection (which he definitely should) I don’t think he’ll be repurchasing it

My other half’s collection is fairly small at the moment but he can’t resist buying new products for himself whenever we go to Lush now so I’m sure it will grow rather quickly. He’s a big fan of The Comforter in both bubble bar and shower cream form so I’m waiting for him to come home with a large haul of both items. Regardless of what he picks up next, I’m sure I will thoroughly enjoy “sampling” everything.

What's In April's Degusta Box?

Sunday, 24 April 2016

While I chose to opt out of March’s Degusta box (and ended up regretting it after discovering it had Chewits and a Lindt bunny), I came back for the April box. There’s just something about receiving a box of food that makes me very happy. It’s the simple things in life! Anyway, let’s get straight into what I received!

Milkybar Milk & Crunchy and Smarties Sharing Block – Can you say happy childhood? I haven’t had Milkybar in I don’t even know how long and I adore Smarties so these additions are a total win for me.

Degusta Box

Parle Parle-G – Apparently this is some kind of biscuit but that’s all I can tell you about it. According to Wikipedia (because that’s reliable) Parle-G is the largest selling biscuit brand. Would it be wrong to admit I’ve never heard of it before?

Bebeto Mini Fruit Strings – There are 7 packs of these fruit strings so I’m set for the next week. I feel like these would be more at home in a kid’s packed lunch but since I don’t have children, I’ll devour them myself.

Degusta Box

Veetee Basmati Rice and Wholegrain Brown Rice with Quinoa – Rice, I have received 2 packs of rice. Fortunately, the Degusta box happened to arrive on the day I planned on making a curry for tea so the basmati rice was used almost instantly. I’m also quite fond of rice with quinoa so that brown rice will go down a treat.

Levi Root’s Jerk Coat’n Cook Sauce – Since this contains Scotch bonnet chillies and my other half and I aren’t fond of spicy food, this sauce went straight to my parents. I’ll let them deal with the burning butt this sauce will no doubt cause the morning after consumption.

Degusta Box

Canderel Sugarly Sweetener – I’ve heard so many bad things about sweeteners in the past so I’m a little disappointed to find a sweetener in the box. Despite the fact I’m not a sweetener fan, I’ll probably sprinkle this on my Weetabix every morning. Clearly I’m not that fussed about negative reviews.

Parle Premium Rusk – Toast…this is toast! Apparently these are great for dunking in tea and coffee but I don’t drink either. I’m just going to stare at this packet in utter confusion until I eventually get bored and eat the entire contents in one go.

Popchips in Sea Salt, Garlic and Rosemary
– I was hoping there would be crisps in this box but I’m a little wary of the flavour of these ones. I have absolutely no idea how crisps with garlic flavouring are going to taste but I’m looking forward to eating these regardless.

Degusta Box

Green Lady Sparkling Tea – Ah a bottle of sparkling green tea. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had green tea so I’m not sure what to make of this one. I thoroughly enjoy fizzy drinks though so I’m sure I'll drink this rather easily.

Pimm’s Cider Cup
– I haven’t had Pimms since my college art exhibition 6 years ago! I’m not a big drinker these days but I’m sure I can sit in the sun and drink this, that doesn’t sound too challenging.

Rejuvenation Water in Apple and Mint – Another flavour I’m not 100% sure about but I’m intrigued by it all the same. Apparently this is great for helping with stress, depression and anxiety. How I don’t know but that’s a nice promise regardless.

Unlike the February box, I think I can eat and drink everything but the sauce in this box. I’m quite glad I came back for the April box as there are a few things in here that I wouldn’t typically try but will probably enjoy. Even if everything else in the box turns out to be horrendous, there’s still Smarties and Milkybar so I’m a happy little human. Seriously, simple things!

The "Convenient" Products

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

You know those products that are just so convenient you kind of have to have them lying around just in case your celebrity crush asks you to jet away with them to a private island? Well, there’s 4 in particular that I constantly have lying in a drawer should I ever get that call from Jared Leto.

Lush Charity Pot

The product that started the emergency “Jared Leto is demanding I fly away with him” collection was the Lush Charity Pot samples you can buy for £1. You’re usually asked if you want to purchase these at the checkout in Lush and I always say yes as they’re cheap, they’re convenient and the majority of the £1 goes to charity. If I’m staying anywhere that isn’t my home for a day or so, I have one of these in my bag so I can ensure I’m fully moisturised at all times. I can’t have any dry skin for that private island after all.

Lush The Comforter Shower Cream

Another Lush related product (are we seeing a trend in this post already?) in the collection is a small bottle of their shower gel. I usually have a few of these in a cupboard and one of them on the go in the shower so I’m never short of them. I love throwing a bottle into an overnight bag as they take up very little room and I’ve yet to experience a shower gel related explosion with them. Cutting a bit off of some Lush soap – or any soap for that matter – and carrying it in a small container is also a rather handy way of making sure you have something to wash yourself with.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water On The Go Size

Now if there’s one thing I forget whenever I’m away from home, it’s makeup remover. Usually, makeup remover is too big and bulky to fit in the small albeit very cute bags I insist on using so it’s typically abandoned. Fortunately for me, Garnier brought out the travel size of their popular Micellar Cleansing Water which means I have no excuse to forget it. The only downside is it’s 25ml over the limit for carrying in your hand luggage when flying. How am I going to get it on the plane to that island if I don’t have checked luggage?

Lush Honey, I Washed The Kids

Finally, we have another Lush product and that’s one of their many shampoo bars. The one I have at the moment is Honey, I Washed the Kids and I’m saving it for an excursion that goes beyond camping in some random field. The reason I like the shampoo bars for travelling is because I’ve experienced the devastating moment where I’ve opened my bag to find my shampoo has leaked all over my stuff far too many times. Fortunately, as the shampoo bar is solid, it doesn’t leak everywhere making it perfect to travel with. The only problem I have with it is the shampoo bar tins Lush sell aren’t big enough for the bars. Silly isn’t it!

I think it’s safe to say, I am prepared for that private island phone call. All I’d have to do is throw these products in a bag, figure out how to get 10 pairs of shoes in there with them and run off to the airport. Why I don’t seem to be bringing any clothes is beyond me though. Is this island going to be warm?

Tell me what your favourite “convenient” products are!

The Four Moisturisers

Sunday, 17 April 2016

It’s been around 3 years since my last eczema flare up but I’m still incredibly paranoid about another one appearing. Due to that, I moisturise like crazy. Usually, I would use Lush Sympathy for the Skin but because I have so many other moisturisers, I’ve put myself on a Lush spending ban in a bid to use up other products. Thanks to my horrible spending ban, I’ve started to discover some other incredible products and have been going back to the same 4 for the past few months. Let’s ignore the fact one of these moisturisers happens to be from Lush!

Two of the moisturisers I use on a regular basis were both Christmas presents. Lush Christingle was given to me by my other half’s parents and I can’t believe I didn’t buy it for myself! I love any Lush product that is blue and minty so naturally, I’m obsessed with Christingle. It does a great job at moisturising my skin and the tingly feeling it leaves behind is actually rather pleasant. The only issue I have with it is I tend to apply a facial moisturiser directly after using Christingle which means my face ends up tingling like crazy. Tingling body yes, tingling face, no thank you!

Lush Christingle Soap and Glory Sugar Crush

The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush was part of a trio given to me in a blogger Secret Santa and it’s my favourite out of the 3. It’s not my favourite moisturiser but it does the job and it smells amazing. It reminds me of cloudy lemonade so every single time I use Sugar Crush, I just want to drink 2 litres worth of lemonade and bounce off the walls all day.

I think everyone who likes a bit of moisturiser has tried Palmers Cocoa Butter before. I have a habit of going through 5 bottles of the stuff then abandoning it for something else before going back to it. Palmers Cocoa Butter is great as a moisturiser but the main attraction for me is the smell. Who doesn’t want to stink of chocolate all day?

Palmers Cocoa Butter Bali Beauty Green Tea Lotion

Another moisturiser that was given to me in December last year is the Bali Beauty Green Tea Body Lotion. My brother had taken a month off of his job in Australia to go travelling around Bali (lucky for some) and picked up a couple of things for me on the way. It’s the runniest moisturiser out of the 4 in this post and usually, I hate that but for some reason, I really like this body lotion.

It does an incredible job at getting rid of the dry patches that constantly appear on my skin and it’s lasted quite a while. I’m going to be really annoyed when this one finally runs out as it’s not something I’ll be able to get easily. My brother will just have to go back to Bali, buy it and then fly back to Scotland to give it to me.

Is it wrong that now that I’ve written about Soap & Glory Sugar Crush I really want some lemonade? I didn’t even smell it while writing this! Maybe these aren’t my favourite moisturisers, maybe these are just the things that make me crave certain food and drink items. This post has just taken a very hungry turn…

When Teddy Met Hunter

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Remember that time I acquired a little black Labrador puppy called Teddy? Well, it’s almost time for him to leave for the next stage of his Guide Dog training. We’ve already been advised that he might not make it as a Guide Dog due to his incredibly calm nature (seriously, he’s the chillest dog you’ll ever meet) but we’re getting ready to say our permanent goodbyes regardless. He officially leaves on April 14th so many doggy hugs will be given in the next few days.

Black Labrador

There has been a little bit of an unexpected twist in Teddy’ tale. We originally planned on waiting a few weeks after his departure to get another puppy but then we were informed that 2 Guide Dog puppies had become available. Sadly one was withdrawn due to his temperament but the other was available and ready to go if we wanted him. We weren’t anticipating a crossover but it happened and now we have an 8 week golden Labrador called Hunter.

Although I’m excited to have Hunter, I keep explaining to Teddy that we’re not replacing him nor are we getting rid of him because of Hunter. I don’t think he understands what I’m saying as I speak English and he speaks dog but I’m hoping he gets the gist. Can you tell I feel a little guilty for having a new puppy to look after when Teddy’s serious face is still around?

Golden Labrador

I’m hoping Teddy is enjoying having the little golden monster around. I don’t think he appreciates Hunter forever trying to get milk out of him and would probably prefer it if Hunter was bigger so they could have more boisterous playing times but he seems ok. Why am I talking about a dog like he’s a toddler and Hunter is the baby that just fell out of me?

Anyway, Hunter is a pretty happy little guy. He’s settled in really well and has left us all with some lovely teeth marks on various body parts. He’s a rambunctious puppy though and I’m quite glad Teddy is around to play with him otherwise I would be mucking about with a puppy 24/7. Actually, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Black Labrador and Golden Labrador

Unfortunately, Teddy will only be able to play with Hunter for a few more days and then he’s off for training. He’s going with his sister so at least he won’t be alone. The only thing I’m worried about is him thinking we’ve abandoned him. Maybe I should explain what’s happening to him again, I might even make a Powerpoint presentation.

Update: Teddy was withdrawn from Guide Dog purposes after 3 months of being at the training centre. My other half and I adopted him and he is now our permanent pet. 

*Closed* Win a £20 MAC Giftcard

Sunday, 3 April 2016

I reached 1000 followers on Twitter the other day so I figured it was about time I showed appreciation for you all by having a giveaway. It amazes that over 1000 people can be bothered with my constant moaning, mad props to all of you!

MAC Gift Card

I thought long and hard about what I wanted the prize to be and eventually I settled on a £20.00 MAC gift card. I was tempted into going down the MAC lipstick of your choice route but I didn’t want to limit the winner to one particular product.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

-You must follow me on Twitter to enter the competition. This is the only mandatory part of the giveaway however, you can increase your chance at winning by following me on other social media accounts.
-This is open to UK residents only. I’m sorry to exclude anyone but the gift card is only for UK MAC stores/counters and the UK MAC website.
-The giveaway will run from April 3rd to April 17th 2016.
-If you are under the age of 18 please ensure you have your parents/legal guardians permission before entering.
-All entries will be checked and false entries will be disqualified.
-The winner will be contacted via Twitter and will have 7 days to respond. If it is obvious that they are on holiday, away for personal reasons etc I will extend the time for them to reply. If I do not hear from the winner within an acceptable time frame I will choose another winner.
-The gift card will be sent via tracked Royal Mail. I will not be held responsible if the gift card is lost/stolen/damaged and will not replace it.
-This prize cannot be exchanged, swapped or refunded.

A huge thank you to everyone who puts up with my nonsense! If I could make you all a cheese board I would.
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