When Teddy Met Hunter

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Remember that time I acquired a little black Labrador puppy called Teddy? Well, it’s almost time for him to leave for the next stage of his Guide Dog training. We’ve already been advised that he might not make it as a Guide Dog due to his incredibly calm nature (seriously, he’s the chillest dog you’ll ever meet) but we’re getting ready to say our permanent goodbyes regardless. He officially leaves on April 14th so many doggy hugs will be given in the next few days.

Black Labrador

There has been a little bit of an unexpected twist in Teddy’ tale. We originally planned on waiting a few weeks after his departure to get another puppy but then we were informed that 2 Guide Dog puppies had become available. Sadly one was withdrawn due to his temperament but the other was available and ready to go if we wanted him. We weren’t anticipating a crossover but it happened and now we have an 8 week golden Labrador called Hunter.

Although I’m excited to have Hunter, I keep explaining to Teddy that we’re not replacing him nor are we getting rid of him because of Hunter. I don’t think he understands what I’m saying as I speak English and he speaks dog but I’m hoping he gets the gist. Can you tell I feel a little guilty for having a new puppy to look after when Teddy’s serious face is still around?

Golden Labrador

I’m hoping Teddy is enjoying having the little golden monster around. I don’t think he appreciates Hunter forever trying to get milk out of him and would probably prefer it if Hunter was bigger so they could have more boisterous playing times but he seems ok. Why am I talking about a dog like he’s a toddler and Hunter is the baby that just fell out of me?

Anyway, Hunter is a pretty happy little guy. He’s settled in really well and has left us all with some lovely teeth marks on various body parts. He’s a rambunctious puppy though and I’m quite glad Teddy is around to play with him otherwise I would be mucking about with a puppy 24/7. Actually, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Black Labrador and Golden Labrador

Unfortunately, Teddy will only be able to play with Hunter for a few more days and then he’s off for training. He’s going with his sister so at least he won’t be alone. The only thing I’m worried about is him thinking we’ve abandoned him. Maybe I should explain what’s happening to him again, I might even make a Powerpoint presentation.

Update: Teddy was withdrawn from Guide Dog purposes after 3 months of being at the training centre. My other half and I adopted him and he is now our permanent pet. 

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