Aultbea, Scotland: A Photo Diary

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Have you ever found yourself full of pizza at 6pm and making a 5-hour drive to an incredibly small village in the Scottish Highlands? I imagine you haven’t because most people leave significantly earlier than 6pm when they have a long drive but not my other half and I. No, we like to arrive at our destinations at 11pm and no earlier. At least that way the roads are quiet and there are fewer people to push out the way at service station toilets.

Our 5-hour drive (in case you were wondering) was to Aultbea. We were visiting his parents – and I was meeting them for the first time – as they were renting an amazing house in this teeny, tiny place. I seriously wish I took photos of the rooms of the house because they were straight out of Pinterest. I did take a lot of photos of the surrounding areas though so obviously I had to do another photo diary.

Loch Ewe

As we arrived so late on Friday, we didn’t really see our surroundings until the following morning. The view from our bedroom was rather awesome so it was worth the wait. We could see Loch Ewe from one window and a field of horses from the other. I woke up to the horses neighing on the Saturday morning and almost grabbed the closest thing to me as I was convinced there was someone beyond my other half and me in the room. Damn horses.

The Perfume Studio Lunch

We decided to go out for lunch on Saturday before driving around Loch Ewe. The Perfume Studio is an amazing little store that sells handmade soaps, perfumes, candles etc and it has a rather delightful café next to it. You’re not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to eating establishments in Aultbea so we drove up to the café and scoffed paninis while admiring the view. I forgot how hard it is to eat when your hair is constantly slapping you in the face thanks to gentle breeze.

Loch Ewe

We drove to Cove after lunch and the long, narrow, twisting roads right after a cheesy panini made me feel rather sick. Fortunately the sea air sorted me out quickly and we rolled up right when a tour bus was leaving. Perfect timing!

Loch Ewe

My other half thinks he’s a mountain goat. He had me climbing over far too many rocks and up far too many cliffs. I almost fell on my butt thanks to an extremely slippery rock and looked absolutely ridiculous while trying to stop myself. My other half gave me 7/10 for my performance.

World War II Bunker

After spending a few hours torturing our leg muscles on the cliffs, we wandered over to the World War II bunkers (and disturbed some sheep in the process). There are signs on the bunkers advising that they are dangerous buildings and shouldn’t be entered but we’re too rebellious (or stupid) to pay attention. The bunkers are really impressive; it’s just a shame some idiots have decided to graffiti a few of them.

World War II Memorial

A representative for the Queen had graced the war memorial a few weeks before us and left some poppies. I didn’t have anything to leave so I randomly saluted.

Victoria Falls

After our time in Cove, we had some time to kill before dinner in Poolewe so we drove to Gairloch. Sadly it was raining when we arrived so we used the petrol station and set off again. We came across Victoria Falls just as the sun was coming out so we went for a little nosy. For some strange reason, I really love taking pictures of waterfalls. My camera can’t get up to the shutter speed I’d like for such photos but it still does the job.

Sadly, our trip came to an end on Sunday afternoon. Aultbea is such a great, albeit quiet place, so we were really sad to leave. There isn’t much to do in that part of the world so I doubt I could’ve spent 2 weeks there but it was fun while it lasted. There’s still a lot of surrounding towns that I wanted to see so I’m sure my other half and I will return.

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