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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

While my scene kid days may have been filled with awfully bright Stargazer eyeshadow and far too pale Rimmel London lipsticks, my adult years is all neutral. I’m talking Urban Decay Naked palettes, lipstick that actually matches my skin tone (most of the time) and only a very thin line of eyeliner as opposed to panda eyes.

I tend to reach for the same items every day which is why I keep my makeup collection small. There are choices but not enough to open my own Sephora. I guess I like rocking the same look almost every day as at least I know it works and I don’t look like a clown left behind by the circus.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is my preferred eyeshadow palette of choice. There are no specific eyeshadows for my everyday look; I really just apply whatever I feel like wearing while getting ready. I also use the Naked Basics palette for eyeliner purposes. I was a slave to Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner but I’ve returned back to my eyeshadow for eyeliner roots. I just love the lasting power of eyeshadow for eyeliner and how dark and bold it is. Maybe my scene kid and emo days are still with me!

Face Makeup
I've used everything so much I've rubbed the names off most of the skin products.

As for the actual skin side of things, I like to keep it as minimum as possible. I currently use a small amount of the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation in ivory which is 2 shades too dark for me. I also use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in an attempt to make myself look like I had more sleep than I did (it doesn’t help). Once all the darkness is applied to my face I set it with MAC Blot Powder and then add a little bit of Benefit Dandelion. If I’m doing my version of contouring (i.e. doing anything but contour) I’ll use the Solait Bronzer.

Lip and eye makeup

The finishing touches come from my go to neutral lipstick. Having a pale skin tone means any nude shade is out of the question as they make me look horrifically ill so I turn to MAC Chatterbox for some lipstick help. Rimmel London Eastend Snob is used to make my lips slightly more even than they actually are although I think I’m failing at that. Of course, the standard lip scrub and lip balm are both used before lipstick application but they’re not fun!

In my scene kid days, my everyday makeup was a sickly bright yellow eyeshadow with a silver eyeshadow messily blended into it so all of this is a major step down for me. I think I prefer the non “panda on acid” makeup, I kind of look more like a human now and less like a kid who got into their mum’s makeup. Woohoo for neutrals!

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