The Forgotten Drawer

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

You know when you buy a product that you’re really excited about and then immediately throw into a drawer after its first use? Well, I rediscovered the forgotten drawer while cleaning out my closet (Eminem reference anyone? No? Ok, moving on) and it made me all kinds of sad. It’s a drawer full of beautifully packaged products that all look and sound great but either don’t live up to expectations or were an impulse purchase. To think, if I hadn’t bought these products, I would be ever so slightly richer…or I would have more shoes.

Hair Products

The same 2 brands seem to appear in my forgotten drawer and I’m starting to question myself for them. Tresemme and Aussie used to be my go-to brands but if I’m being honest, I rarely finished their products. I think the Aussie Colour Mate shampoo and the Tresemme Heat Defence spray were the only ones that ever made it into my empties pile. A part of me must think that both Aussie and Tresemme will make my hair shinier than a polished turd as there’s really no reason for me to buy so many of their products.

It’s really just hair product galore in the forgotten drawer. There’s a L’OrĂ©al Matte and Messy spray that I just couldn’t figure out (I used it once), a very old and very full bottle of Batiste dry shampoo that I hated (what is with everyone and dry shampoo anyway?), 2 bottles of Wella Silvikrin hairspray that I actually like but I never do anything to my hair to warrant their use and 2 boxes of blonde hair dye despite the fact I have dyed black hair.

Hair Products

There are a some other things like perfume samples I accumulated after security wrongly stopped me in Harvey Nichols (I was carrying a Harvey Nichols bag with my purchase inside but I guess I looked suspicious), little period pad tins Always gave away with their products years ago that are actually too small to fit one pad in, John Frieda 3 Day Straight Spray that I’ve had for years and is about as useful as a wet fish and various half-finished moisturisers that made my skin more reptilian than baby butt smooth.

The forgotten drawer is a sad state of affairs but it’s a drawer that probably exists in any beauty product loving person’s house. I’d much rather fill the drawer with something useful like odd socks and old batteries but instead, the drawer is dedicated to products I don’t need and will never use. What can I say? I’m attached to volumising products that never turn it up to 11 (what about a This is Spinal Tap reference? I should just stop this now shouldn’t I?).

Tell me what’s in your forgotten drawer?

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