Lush Don't Rain on my Parade Shower Gel Review

Monday, 21 November 2016

When it comes to Lush, I tend to order online as my town has not been blessed with an actual store yet – hint hint Lush. This usually creates issues when it comes to scents as, although I can imagine what something should smell like, the reality is often different. I can usually rely on Lush to be better than my expectations but once in a while, the product I’ve bought doesn’t come close to what my brain has assumed.

Lush Don't Rain on my Parade shower gel

Don’t Rain on my Parade shower gel ticked every box on my Lush requirement list; infused with vanilla, contains blueberry juice and it’s a pretty colour. It also lathers up really well even when I’m using a very small amount. It does exactly what I want a Lush shower gel to do but that creates a little issue for me.

Lush shower gels usually linger on the skin which I typically love but I can’t stand the scent of Don’t Rain on my Parade. The scent my brain created was sweet, light and oh so delicious but it’s actually extremely heavy and disgusting. It lingers on my skin more than any other shower gel and it drives me crazy. Don’t Rain on my Parade is a total marmite scent and while I wanted a nice, almost Parma Violet like smell, I got an extremely strong violet meets herbs scent. The only way I can eliminate the icky smell off of my skin after using this shower gel is to slather myself in very strong smelling moisturiser.

Lush Don't Rain on my Parade shower gel

Maybe my sense of smell isn’t as highly developed as one would like but I cannot smell anything beyond the herbs and violet. The vanilla and blueberry don't make much of an appearance which is a shame as I think they would really neutralise the strength of the violet. On the plus side, Don’t Rain on my Parade doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves me squeaky clean. At least there are some positives to an otherwise hideous shower gel.

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