Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Soap and Glory and I met around this time last year. I was kindly given 3 of their body butters in a bloggers Secret Santa and I've been hooked ever since. I haven't managed to try an awful lot of Soap and Glory's products due to how long they typically last so when I spotted a massive Christmas gift set of theirs on sale for £30 (down from £60) I picked it up without giving it a second thought. You're allowed to give yourself presents around Christmas right?

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot

There are 10 Soap and Glory products in total in this cute little suitcase and, with the exception of the Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss, they're all full size. Let's have a look at what's inside!

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot

Face Soap and Clarity - This is a 3 in 1 facial wash that I feel like I should've bought ages ago. I've been borrowing all of my other half's skincare products (don't tell him) so I'm happy to have something that will do everything in one go. I'm getting very lazy with my skincare routine these days.

The Righteous Butter - I actually received a mini version of this body butter in the Bloggers Secret Santa last year so I already know I love it. The Righteous Butter smells amazing and it does a wonderful job at moisturising my skin.

Hand Maid - I'm not the biggest user of hand sanitizer but I like having it around when I have a cold. Hand Maid smells great so I may be tempted into using it more than usual.

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot

Sugar Crush - 2 weeks before I bought this gift set, I purchased this shower gel but I'm not complaining as it's lime scent is delightful. I already know how long Soap and Glory shower gels last so I'm set for a while.

Speed Plump – My regular moisturiser is coming to an end so this is a welcome addition. I am slightly worried about this “moisture plump” idea, though. My face doesn’t really need much plumping at the moment as I’m still carrying baby fat that just won’t go away.

Hand Food – I remember reading a review for Hand Food on Ellis Tuesday and I always meant to buy it but never did. Now I have absolutely no excuse to avoid using hand cream as Hand Food smells so good. The temptation to slather it all over my hands as I write this is becoming too much.

Soap and Glory The Whole Glam Lot

Smoothie Star Body Milk – I technically have tried this but in body butter form and I’m really not the biggest fan of the smell. It’s not repulsive but it’s just not as drool worthy as other Soap and Glory products.

Thick & Fast HD Mascara – Genetics blessed me with long, dark eyelashes (it’s really the only thing genetics blessed me with) so I don’t bother with mascara and will probably never use this. I’ll probably hoard some items for a giveaway and throw this into it so stay on the lookout for that.

Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss – There’s been a lot of talk over the years of how great this lipgloss is but, like mascara, I just don’t wear it. I much prefer lipsticks so again you may see this in a giveaway at some point in the near future.

The Scrub of Your Life – If you recall the last time I bought a Soap and Glory exfoliator, some ignorant person had written their initials in it so I’m happy to have a scrub that hasn’t been touched by a random person. I’ve been really bad at using exfoliators recently so hopefully The Scrub of Your Life will encourage me to make my skin silky smooth again.

Sadly, I think this gift set has gone back up to £60 and with the usual 3 for 2 offer that’s on Soap and Glory, I don’t think I would pay full price for it. Despite the odd decision to put it back to its original price this close to Christmas, I think this is an amazing gift set and I would just like to thank myself for choosing to buy it for me. Now that I’ve finished writing this I can slather my hands in Hand Food!

Books of November

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Books to read

If my sudden push at attempting to reach my Goodreads challenge doesn’t show what kind of student I was, I don’t know what will. We’re fast approaching the end of the year and I still have quite a few books to read but November was my most productive month to date. Usually, I barely get through 2 books each month but, with the challenge ending soon, I got through 4. It really should’ve been more but that trip to Iceland made me lazy.

Roald Dahl’s Cruelty was the first book I finished. It’s a collection of short stories that depict how cruel human beings can be to each other. A few of the stories involved the characters getting their comeuppance while others focused on selfishness. Every story screams Roald Dahl and, although this is aimed more at adults, I think I would have enjoyed this as a child.

The Circle by Dave Eggers was devoured next. Seriously, I could not get enough of this book purely because of how much I could relate to it. The Circle is about a woman called Mae who lands a job at a prestigious internet company, oddly enough called The Circle. The Circle is like Facebook gone mad and that’s what makes it disturbingly relatable. Everyone is encouraged to put every little detail of their lives online in this book. It even progresses to the point where politicians go “transparent” and start wearing cameras to broadcast their lives online.

Books to read

The Circle encourages Mae to also go transparent which causes her parents to cut ties with her and something disastrous happens to her ex-boyfriend as her desire to prove how amazing The Circle is intensifies. Reading The Circle just reminds me of how much people put online and how weird I’m beginning to find it all. I don’t think The Circle is for everyone, for example, I wouldn’t recommend it to my other half who barely uses social media, but I would recommend it to anyone who spends a bit too much time on the internet. It’s an amazing wake-up call and a downright enjoyable read.

Guy Martin Worms to Catch was the third book I finished. I’ve loved all of Guy Martin’s books so far but I particularly enjoyed Worms to Catch. As Guy Martin is a motorbike racer his previous books have involved a lot of motorbike talk and, while I understood some of it, it got a little confusing for me at times and took away some of my enjoyment. Now that he’s basically given up racing motorbikes there’s less motorbike talk and more cycling talk.

Books to read

Guy Martin also discusses some of his TV ventures including the live Wall of Death record breaking attempt and his trip to Latvia. He also touches upon the latest series of Speed but it’s his attempt to cycle from Canada to Mexico that really takes the spotlight. Just reading about his attempt made me tired so I don’t know how he managed it but I think it’s safe to say he’s not really one for giving up. Worms to Catch actually made me want to go for a bike ride and I’m not even sure I have a bike anymore.

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult was the fourth and final book I read. This is probably one of the best books I’ve read in a long time and, like The Circle, it was disturbingly relatable but in an entirely different way.

Small Great Things focuses on racism in the modern age. The story is of a black nurse who happens to be on duty when the baby of white supremacists dies. She’s quickly accused and is suspended from doing her job. Small Great Things is about her fight for freedom, her attempt at pointing out casual racism and her desire to not be a “black” stereotype. The lives of the white supremacists are intertwined with the story and it is so unbelievably frustrating I almost threw the book across the room. It was easy to forget that the story was set in present times and the current references were very poignant. I wanted to force this story back to the early 1900s but it just kept creeping back into 2016.

Thanks to the 4 books I got through in November, I have 11 books to read by the end of December. Am I optimistic? Don’t be silly but I sure am looking forward to hopefully finding some rather fantastic books. I don’t think anything will top Small Great Things as that book will be with me for a long time but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Maybe I’ll read significantly shorter books in order to reach my goal.

We're Engaged!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

He told me a few months prior that he wasn’t going to do it and I believed him; I even told people when they asked that it wasn’t going to happen. I guess you can imagine my surprise and utter confusion when I turned around and there he was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand.

Ernest Jones Engagement Ring

David and I have been together for 2 and a half years. We met at work in 2014 despite the fact we actually went to school together and had been friends on Facebook for years. He knew of me, I didn’t know of him. I thought he was adorable, he liked my butt so after he sat on my head while we watched 8 Mile (in a completely non-sexual way might I add, we’re just really strange people) we suddenly ended up together.

While I’ve had a few long-term relationships, I’ve always struggled with them because of how bored I get of hanging around with the same person on a regular basis. Spending more than a day with someone has a tendency to irritate me and I don’t mean it in a spiteful way; it’s just I like the balance of being around people and also being alone.

With David, I don’t have that struggle and I think it’s that reason that made me realise he was “the one”. There was no romantic or dramatic moment, it was literally just me noticing one day that I wasn’t fed up with him. Dear god, I sound like a douchebag.

Ernest Jones Engagement Ring White Gold

It was that knowledge that made me comfortable enough to book a holiday 10 months in advance. David wanted to see the Northern Lights and I thought there would be no better place to see them than in Iceland. Let’s just ignore the fact they were visible over Scotland 2 months after I booked this holiday.

I had been working some odd hours prior to us leaving for Iceland so I barely got to see David before we went. It turns out he was using the time away from me to ask my parents – more so my dad – for my hand in marriage and also to hunt down an engagement ring. My mum had hidden the ring for him and handed it over to him the day we left for Iceland. He put it in his hand luggage with the intention of proposing to me in front of the Northern Lights.

His plan didn’t quite work out however as our Northern Lights tour was cancelled 2 nights in a row. As far as I’m aware, David didn’t have a backup plan but things came together perfectly for him. We were driving around the Golden Circle on Friday, our last full day in Iceland, when he saw a sign for what he thought was a waterfall*. He turned off the road we were supposed to be on and started driving with no real clue of where we were going. As we drove down this incredibly quiet road, we saw this beautiful patch of water that was so still, it was reflecting the sky clearly.

Iceland Proposal Spots

We pulled over to marvel at the view and just as I finished taking some photos I heard David say “I guess now is a good time to do this”. I turned around to find him down on one knee and making the most amazing David sounding speech imaginable. I genuinely couldn’t believe it was happening so I asked him a good 20 times if he was serious before I finally said yes. I was still looking around for Ashton Kutcher convinced I was being Punk’d for the rest of the day.

To top the most incredible day off, our Northern Lights tour went ahead that night and we finally got to see the lights. We were so lucky as our tour bus was actually about to leave just as the lights appeared. We’d been standing in the dark and cold for 2 hours and saw nothing but, thanks to our tour guide losing his bag and delaying our departure, we got to see the lights. I’m so happy David chose to propose where and when he did as I don’t think the Northern Lights would have been as romantic as it sounds. We were with about 20 other people and it was pitch black, if he had tried to propose then I wouldn’t have actually seen it.

It's been a month since we got engaged and I'm still in shock it actually happened. We have no real intention of getting married for a few years as we want to be a little more financially secure beforehand but I’ve already had meltdowns over various insignificant details. I have absolutely no idea how to plan a wedding and I think this is where the differences between how David does things and how I do things is going to show. I plan everything to a T whereas he’s a bit more spontaneous. I shall be a bridezilla and he’ll just have to deal with it. After all, he’s the one that put the ring on it!

*The waterfall he thought the sign was for was actually 100KM away. Thank goodness for sat navs.
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