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Saturday, 14 January 2017

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With 2016 coming to an end and a lot of books left to read in order to meet my reading challenge goal, December was supposed to be my best month for reading yet. Everything started out so well, I had planned to read a book every 4 days and was on target until I hit book number 3. That book stopped me from reaching my goal and ultimately made me resent myself for purchasing it. This is a major first world problem so I expect no sympathy.

I’m technically lying as book number 3 wasn’t the only one that deterred me from my reading goal. I started December off by reading Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris. I decided to read it as it was nominated for a Goodreads award and, although the description made me cringe, I figured if it was nominated it couldn’t be that bad.

Behind Closed Doors. The Secret. Killing Floor.

Behind Closed Doors is about a relationship that looks perfect from the outside but shockingly it’s not so great “behind closed doors”. I bet you didn’t see that one coming! It follows the story of a girl who managed to talk her way into a brilliant job at Harrods while taking care of her sister who was born with downs syndrome. She meets this amazing man whom she marries within 6 months and then discovers while on her honeymoon that her fairy-tale is a total lie. The man is a douchebag and does everything in his power to torment her and later reveals he only married her to get to her sister.

The story is just all too convenient. There’s a new friend who just happens to be suspicious of the relationship, the husband is a lawyer who defends victims of abuse so of course, no one would ever believe that he could be abusing his wife and the ending is so ridiculously perfect my eyes almost fell out of their sockets due to rolling them so hard. I know a lot of people love this book but I personally thought it read like a bad Lifetime movie. The only time I felt anything towards the story was when the puppy died. I think that sums my feelings up rather well.

Fortunately, the second book I read in December was significantly better. The Secret by Kathryn Hughes was initially difficult for me to get into but once I was passed the first couple of chapters I was hooked.

The Secret follows the story of a group of people who decided to travel to Blackpool for the day but various things occur that will change their lives forever. Some of the characters stories are cut short due to an accident while others receive exactly what they’ve always wanted. The plot was quite easy to figure out but despite that, I was still intrigued. The Secret isn’t going to become my favourite book anytime soon but if you’re looking for an easy read, I’d highly recommend it.

Behind Closed Doors. The Secret. Killing Floor.

Finally, we have the dreaded third book; the book that hindered the entire challenge and made me want to punch myself in the face. Killing Floor by Lee Childs was almost thrown across the room several times due to how painful it was.

I’ve never read a book I’ve hated so much. I couldn’t handle the way it was written. It was literally written like this. Like a primary school child. It made me read it like I was learning English. There were too many short sentences. There were also too many “shrugging” actions. He shrugged. She shrugged. Every bloody character could not respond in any way beyond shrugging. That sentence was too long.

Ok back to normal. Killing Floor is about Jack Reacher, an ex-military man turned drifter who just happens to end up in a sleepy town when a murder occurs. Of course he’s blamed for the murder, of course, he’s not guilty and of course, he just has to get involved in the case (while also getting involved with the hot female cop because why wouldn’t he?). Jack Reacher can do things that only Arnold Schwarzenegger can do in movies and everything just happens to fall into place while he does them. He could’ve turned into King Kong and climbed up a building and I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid as everything was beyond ridiculous.

I’m trying very hard to find a redeeming quality here but it’s proving extremely difficult. I have been informed that the other books in the Jack Reacher series are better but, based on a description I was given of one, I’m not sure I believe that.

My reading challenge was not completed; it was probably a long shot anyway but I was determined until book number 3. I’ve since started a new challenge for 2017 and this time, I’ll know to steer clear of books whose descriptions make me cringe and books that start with too many short sentences. Wish me luck!

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