Kat Von D Mercy Lipstick Review

Friday, 27 January 2017

While the rest of the UK seemed to fall over themselves at the Kat Von D makeup coming to the UK announcement, I somehow managed to stay upright. I wasn’t overly excited due to the fact I own 3 Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes and have found each eyeshadow to be a hit or a miss. I’ve never really found the Kat Von D makeup brand to be consistent quality wise so I refrained from purchasing anything straight away. Curiosity did get the better of me in the end so I decided to give the brand one more chance in the form of a lipstick.

Kat Von D Mercy Lipstick

I browsed the colours from the “Studded Kiss” lipstick collection but I wasn’t taken by the majority of shades. The ones that did catch my eye were completely wrong for my skin tone and I was about to give up all hope until I found Mercy.

Mercy is a beautiful deep plum shade with small flecks of glitter. It applies evenly and easily and has a creamy consistency. The creamy consistency made me rather happy as that usually means the lipstick won’t dry out my lips too much but, although my lips held up well, I could feel them drying out towards dinnertime and lip balm didn’t save them.

Kat Von D Mercy Lipstick

While Mercy initially goes on evenly I find myself constantly having to reapply it throughout the day. Mercy puts up a good fight when I’m eating and drinking but it seems to rub off my top lip so I’m left with just my lipliner and the faint remains of Mercy. In order to maintain the deep plum shade, reapplication is a must otherwise it turns rather muted and becomes more of an opaque shade as opposed to something that makes me look like I should be listening to HIM. Damn my hideously pale skin and black wardrobe.

Kat Von D Mercy Lipstick

I’d be lying if I said Mercy has completely won me over; it’s made me want to try more makeup from Kat Von D but at the same time I’m still apprehensive. I don’t think Mercy is the greatest lipstick out there but I am happy enough to wear it as often as I can without my uncle referring to me as a goth. The studded packaging is pretty badass though so I may be tempted into buying another lipstick just because of that.

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