Lush Skin Drink Review

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Winter wreaks havoc on my skin and when you throw in how often I sneeze and blow my nose, you can pretty much guarantee that my skin is forever red and flaky. A good moisturiser is required throughout the colder months and Lush is the only brand I trust to do the job. Celestial is usually my go to moisturiser when it comes to my face but then I stumbled upon Skin Drink on my fiance’s side of the bathroom. Relationships are for sharing Lush products right?

Lush Skin Drink Facial Moisturiser

Skin Drink is what I would describe as a typical Lush product. It has a very subtle and very natural scent, it’s thick and luxurious and it will last for absolutely ages. I say this a lot when talking about Lush products but a little really goes a long way with Skin Drink.

You can probably guess based on the aforementioned sneezing that the skin on my nose is the place that requires the most TLC and Skin Drink really delivers the goods. It keeps the majority of the flakiness at bay and it really helps calm down the redness of my nose after a solid 5 hours of blowing it. Skin Drink also does a wonderful job on the other dry areas of my face.

Lush Skin Drink Facial Moisturiser

I do prefer to use Skin Drink at night as it leaves behind a slightly greasy feel (or a protective layer if you want to style it up like Lush) so trying to put on makeup shortly after using it is no easy task. I do have a slight worry that the heaviness of Skin Drink will eventually clog my pores if I fail to keep up my skincare routine so, for that reason, I would not recommend this to anyone who suffers from oily skin.

Skin Drink will be added to the repurchase list when we manage to get through this tub but I think it will be kept solely for winter. It feels a little too heavy for summer especially with the worry of it clogging my pores and causing my skin to go into meltdown. For as long as winter dries out my skin, Skin Drink will be applied to my face at night and I will continue to wake up free of any sign of a major sneezing session the night before.

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