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Monday, 1 May 2017

Before I became a Lush addict, I would always become extremely overwhelmed in Lush. There are so many products for a rookie to choose from that it’s difficult to find the best item for your skin or hair. I was put off Lush thanks to the first product I ever tried being completely wrong for me and it took me a long time to start making my way through the sea of Lush goodness. Now that I’ve pretty much become a self-proclaimed Lush veteran, I’ve got my firm favourite products and I rarely want to stray from them. It’s hard to know where to start during your first Lush experience but my Lush starter kit is all you need (and a bottomless bank account because your money is going to be spent hard).

Best Lush products

I’m going to level with you here, Ocean Salt is arguably Lush’s greatest product but it’s too rough for sensitive skin and it tastes disgusting (I don’t intentionally eat it). That being said, if your skin can handle the abrasiveness I’d tell you to purchase Ocean Salt immediately. It smells fresh, it looks awesome and it leaves your skin looking and feeling incredible. I only use it on my face as opposed to my whole body so a small tub lasts me for a long time but if you plan on exfoliating the hell out of your body, get a big tub and go nuts.

Continuing with the sea salt theme is Big shampoo. Big is my favourite hair product from Lush for 2 reasons: a small amount of product leaves my hair squeaky clean and it smells so good. Like Ocean Salt, it smells fresh and it leaves your hair with a subtle yet delightful scent all day. I’d ignore the small tub of Big and go straight to the big (ha) one because you’re going to want to use this stuff every single day.

Best Lush products

I suppose once you’ve washed your hair you’re going to want something to wash your body with right? Well, Dirty Springwash is your shower gel for such a task. As much as I like trying all of the shower gels Lush has to offer, I can’t stay away from Dirty Springwash. It has a beautiful mint scent that is strong enough to wake you up in the morning but mild enough to not make any parts of you burn (why do so many mint products do this? We’re washing sensitive regions here!). It’s also a rather nice shade of blue so if that’s not a reason in itself to try Dirty Springwash, I don’t know what is.

So you’ve washed your hair and body and you’ve scrubbed your skin silly, now what you need is a good body lotion. Sympathy for the Skin is the body lotion from Lush that you have to try. I’m an eczema sufferer and have tried almost all of the Lush moisturisers for some assistance and Sympathy for the Skin is the one that helps every time. It’s a very light moisturiser which soaks into the skin quickly and it has a beautiful vanilla scent to it. Sympathy for the Skin also lasts an extremely long time as you only need a small amount for your entire body.

Best Lush products

I guess the only other part of your body that needs a product assigned to it is your face. Skin Drink is something I recently came across in Lush and it is quite possibly the best face moisturiser I have ever tried. I used to swear by Celestial but it has a very clinical scent to it so Skin Drink wins this round. It’s a thick moisturiser so it isn’t really suitable before makeup application but it’s a great night-time product. It takes a while to soak into your skin but if you use it before bed, you’ll wake up with a very smooth, very hydrated face. A 45g tub will set you back £14.95 but you only need a small amount for your whole face so a tub will last a long time.

I could honestly go on and on about what products a Lush rookie should try but I think 5 will make a nice dent in your bank balance so I’ll stop gushing over everything (if you fancy a bubble bar though you need to get The Comforter). If you are going to Lush for the first time and become a little overwhelmed, just ask for help; the staff are honestly the friendliest and most knowledgeable people I’ve ever come across in a store before and, as an added bonus, they all use the products too!

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